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by Gordy Grundy

July 30, 2023



Hello Art Lovers!

Major Announcement! Today, we are debuting our new remodel and restructure of the Art Report Today arts and culture news platform. Yes, we did fly off the rails with 17 new magazines!

The reconceptualization will focus reader interests, create communities and attract advertisers, which we obviously and desperately need. (And don't kid yourself, the ads to the right are, uh, aspirational window dressing.)

Six weeks ago, we launched our first spin-off film site. The engineering of allowed us to discover solutions to several long-unsolved goals.

This new redesign exemplifies all that we have envisioned for the Art Report Today umbrella. The news site is your ‘one-stop’ ’go-to' for anything related to the arts and culture. Smartly curated, the site is all wheat and no chaff. Organically, we will start to launch our long-weekend travel events, courses and arts programming.

The road to the future points in one direction: We are the open door to the elusive art world. We want to introduce all that we've seen and the fascinating people we have met. We will present arts programming in a completely new way. Onward!

As a native Southern Californian, I am blessed, and cursed, by our indigenous rally cry of 'Gung-Ho!' We are always chasing the miraculous. The new insights that flashed before our eyes demanded 53 consecutive 14-hour days, and now we have our massive new platform, bringing you the best arts + culture news the world has to offer. (To those counting, we have been publishing daily for the last 1,642 days. Damn you, Covid.)

As we debut the new site, we must thank artist Kim Dingle who has made this new edition possible; she has supported this venture from Day One. I must note the value of arts writer Matt Stromberg; he planted some fertile beans when we first launched and those ideas sprouted into the new format. Thanks, all.

Help us survive and grow! Quite simply, we want to be the portal to the arts for the 99 Percent, a predisposed audience.

Who do you know that might advertise with us? Our rates are dynamically low and our product offerings provide smart promotion. Any suggestions? We’re grateful!


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GORDY GRUNDY is a visual artist, arts columnist and Editor-in-Chief of the international Art Report Today.




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Gordy Grundy