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by Gordy Grundy, Editor-in-Chief

June 30, 2024

Dear Art Lovers,

At Art Report Today, our hive never stops buzzin', now with a new announcement. "Cats, like, Feline!"

There is a big difference between the polite, monied and oft-used 'sustainability' and its cousin 'survivability.' These are difficult times with distinct and dire outcomes.

In the art world, the cognoscenti are hyping the grease fire arts economy as a 'mere contraction.’ Like a polite burp. Others call it a 'volcanic eruption.'

Deep in the field, knocking on doors, hoping to sell an ad, I see every gallerist, art advisor and auctioneer pulling out their empty pant pockets like bunny ears. In this inflationary no-spend economy, Art Report Today is scrambling to keep the landlord happy, lights burning, bellies filled, cocktails jolly and Art Report Today free for all subscribers. Arts for All! is our spirit.

Looking outside the box for revenues, we have the first of two fascinating new announcements. Today I wish to introduce, our platform for gallery art shows and Art Drops Editions. Much more to come!

Today, we introduce our first gallery show in this new era, a beautiful and very sexy show 'Feline,' devoted to the love and admiration of the graceful cat. Artist Wendy Furman has shared with us the very last 13 original Prismacolor pencil drawings, from a suite of 50 pieces.

Each 20 x 27 inch, hand-varnished work is on Arches Oil Paper, 140 lbs., with deckled edge. The handiwork is a brilliant showing of the motion and movement of the sensuous feline. Take a peek!

Please share this link with a cat lover! We expect these original drawings to sell out quickly!

Thanks for your support!

Gordy Grundy

GORDY GRUNDY is a visual artist, arts columnist and Editor-in-Chief of the international Art Report Today.



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