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At Long Last: With Robert Irwin in Marfa, 2016 and Good Talk: Weschler and Irwin in Conversation at Chinati in Marfa, October 1, 2007

Radcliffe Bailey, Artist Who Found Black History in the Everyday, Dies at 55 of Brain Cancer; Learn More About Him

Brice Marden: Larry Gagosian Celebrates the Unmatched Life and Legacy of Brice Marden

Yoko Ono and the Women of Fluxus Changed the Rules in Art and Life

The Landscape Painters Who Invented Norway

Peter Plagens: ‘Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living’ Review: Hitching a Ride With California Artists; Hammer Museum’s sixth iteration of its survey show includes painting, sculpture, weaving and even a tour of Los Angeles neighborhoods in an old Volvo

Julia Rooney 'Blueprint' at Band of Vices

Carolina Miranda: Studio Visit with Painter Tidawhitney Lek

Kim Fay in Detroit: Adnan Charara and Dalia Reyes at Detroit Contemporary

Why Is Gen Z So Obsessed With Fran Lebowitz? Explores the enduring and intergenerational appeal of the 73-year-old writer and consummate New Yorker

Ayaan Hirsi Ali : Why I am Now a Christian; 'Atheism Can't Equip Us For Civilisational War'

Art d’Egypte and the Rise of ‘Big Desert Art’; Public exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza offers sun, sand and monumental landscapes with a dash of Burning Man

Marie Laurencin’s Portraits of Sapphic Pleasure; “Why should I paint dead fish, onions, and beer glasses? Girls are so much prettier,” said painter Marie Laurencin (1883-1956)


Artist and Engineer Xin Liu Generates a Digital Universe of Entrancing Flower-Like Forms for The Dalmore; In a prelude to Frieze London, the artist is unveiling her digital flora as part of the whisky maker’s new Masterpiece of Tomorrow platform

Experiential Spaces Are Turning NYC Into An Immersive Playground

A Night at the Gargoyle, London’s Forgotten Den of Debauchery Decked out in Matisse’s Masterpieces; Bright Young Things

Art acquired by the late ‘Ghostbusters’ director Ivan Reitman could fetch more than $60m at Christie’s New York; Collection is led by Pablo Picasso’s 'Femme endormie' (1934) which the auction house estimates will sell for between $25m and $35m


Collector Oleg Guerrand-Hermès Explains How He Discovered the ‘Vulgar Side’ of the Art World; French collector Oleg Guerrand-Hermès reveals his six-step process for discovering his favorite new pieces and artists

Philanthropist Pete Scantland Goes Running With Artists and Dreams of Camping Out at the Met; Billboard baron has cultivated a vast treasure trove of contemporary art, including works by Derek Fordjour, Jenna Gribbon, and Tau Lewis


Anti-Oil Protesters Artsy-Fartsy Smash & Glass; Velázquez Painting Ruined

How Velázquez's 'Rokeby Venus' became a symbol of public pride—and political protest, This week's attack by climate protesters is the third time that the National Gallery masterpiece has been recruited to articulate contemporary social or cultural concerns


The Observer's Most Influential People in the Art World Today; Pulse of the Art Market; Unflinchingly Optimistic; You'll Be Shocked!


Gordy Grundy: A Quick Announcement, We Are Suspending Publication Through the Holidays. Why?


Darren Aronofsky to Direct Elon Musk Biopic for A24; "Emperor"?

Our Chief Film Critic Justin Tanner is trying the find the flavor of “The Holdovers,” a holiday cookie by the great Alexander Payne. The confection is well-decorated but the cookie crumbles

New Wave! Richard Linklater Set to Shoot French Film Next March, Story About Godard and the Making of “Breathless”

Interview: Samy Burch Wrote the Film ‘May December’ (Directed by Todd Haynes) To Get An Agent & May End Up An Oscar Nominee

Auteur David Fincher Believes Netflix is the Future of Cinema

83-Year-Old Filmmaker James L. Brooks Sets Return to Directing with Ella McCay Starring Emma Mackey; Will 86-Year-Old Jack Nicholson Step Out of Retirement?

‘The Curse’: Writer/director Benny Safdie, Emma Stone & Nathan Fielder Interrogate Altruistic White Privilege In Hilariously Cringe & Excruciating Series

Rob Reiner’s “Albert Brooks: Defending My Life” Is the Documentary Film We Need Right now

Interview: ‘I Am All For Strangeness’: Tilda Swinton on Artistic Integrity, Acting and The Afterlife

Must Read! Christopher Nolan Refuses to Watch Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Aviator’ After His Howard Hughes Film Was Shelved; "So in some ways, the script, yes, it took me a few months, but it was really a culmination of 20 years of thinking"

The Classic Film That Alfred Hitchcock Called "Almost Perfect"; F. W. Murnau's 'The Last Laugh'

Obsession, Jealousies and Joséphine: Has Ridley Scott’s New Film Captured The Real Napoleon? Love or loathe him, Bonaparte is central to French identity. Good luck to Hollywood in turning existential angst into an epic; Napoleon in Films

'Napoleon' Polarizes Critics

Edith Piaf AI-Generated Biopic in the Works at Warner Music

See Best of Current World Cinema Here!


Review: The South’s truth and reality blur in High Museum’s ‘A Long Arc’ exhibit

Pup Art: The 2023 Dog Photography Awards In Pictures

Former News Photographer Takes Up the Practice of Civil War Era Photography

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 Winning Images Range From Fighting Goats To A Hippo Nursery

Striving for Indigenous Inclusion In Photography History

My Best Shot Photography: Madonna Throws a Riotous, Decadent Feast... Luigi & Iango’s Best Photograph

Dalí Or Not Dalí? The Uncanny Eye of Hiroshi Sugimoto – In Pictures


Don’t Look to Writer Natasha Stagg for Answers; Author of Surveys and Sleeveless: Fashion, Image, Media, New York 2011-2019 opens up about her new collection, an incisive foray into our self-obsessed age

Noema: The Emptiness of Literature Written For The Market: To meet consumer demand for instant gratification, writers have increasingly adopted the neutered rhetoric of brand management

Book Reviews: Multi-Generational Gee’s Bend Story, Told by One Quilt; Stitching Love and Loss narrates the history of the Pettway family, the community of Gee’s Bend, and the entwined tragedies of slavery and Indigenous dispossession

How to Exclaim! The Textual Version Of Junk Food. The Selfie Of Grammar. The Exclamation Point Attracts Enormous (And Undue) Amounts of Flak

Douglas Murray: When the World Went Mad; World War I poet Edward Thomas symbolized the breakdown of stability

Speaking in Tongues: On Don DeLillo

Down and Out: A Woman Excised From Her Eminent Husband’s Story; 'Wifedom: Mrs. Orwell’s Invisible Life'


From the Beatles to Britney Spears, a History of Hidden Messages in Songs

Noema: The Sounds Of Invisible Worlds; Like the microscope and the telescope did centuries ago, new technologies to capture and analyze sound are leading to startling discoveries about what the eyes cannot see

Interview: It’s Giving Peggy Gou

Video: Peggy Gou, (It Goes Like) Nanana, Official Video

New Book: Willie Nelson Shares How He Wrote 'On the Road Again': 'The Story Of My Life'

Doug Bielmeier on His New Album "Music for Billionaires"

Paul McCartney on Writing “Day Tripper”; In an excerpt from The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, the Grammy Award winner reminisces about the inspiration behind the Beatles hit.

Archive Archaeology: The Seventies Success and Demise of Mama Lion

Video: Mama Lion, 'Give It Everything I've Got' 1973 (Full Album)

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Vishaan Chakrabarti’s Reimagining Of The Old Domino Sugar Refinery In Brooklyn Is The Building New York Didn’t Know It Needed

Designs for Fashion Designer Stella McCartney’s Sleek, Secluded Home on the Coast of Scotland Have Sparked Local Ire

Inside L.A.'s Love Affair With The Modern Box House

Opsis Architecture "Breaks With Convention" For Mass-Timber Idaho Arena


‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ to be Exhumed Off Colombia with $20B Sunken Treasure

Euclid Telescope Dazzles With Detailed First Images of Our Universe


Broadway: David Byrne’s Remarkable “Here Lies Love” Will Close November 26th Despite Rave Reviews

'Spamalot' on Broadway: Meet the Knights of the Round Table in an Exclusive First Look, Vanity Fair brings you the first look at the cast of Spamalot in costume, chain mail and all

Celebrity Sexpot Megan Fox Has Written a Book of Poetry: What a Time to Be Alive!

At Rehearsal, Danny Boyle’s 'Free Your Mind' remixes 'The Matrix'; Immersive production inspired by the 1999 sci-fi film is the opening show at Manchester’s Aviva Studios – take a first look at rehearsals


Interview with WILD STYLE; 'I don't live by anyone's rules, but my own'

Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week

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