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Maurizio Cattelan’s Armed Art Helpers; To create the gold-plated steel panels now on sale at the Gagosian gallery, the Italian artist hired licensed shooters to riddle them with bullets, in front of spectators like Jeff Koons

Artist Anthony James Shoots Maurizio Cattelan a Legal Missive Over Near-Identical Works; Both consist of sheets of shiny metal pockmarked with bullet holes

Are We Supposed to Believe Maurizio Cattelan Is Sincere Now? “Dismissed as a Prankster”

Marianne Wex (1937–2020) 'Let’s Take Back Our Space' at Tanya Leighton

Blood: Medieval/Modern at the Getty Museum

Based on a Short Story Written by the Artist Leonora Carrington; Watch Animated Short 'The Debutante'; From animation filmmaker Lizzy Hobbs; Amusing story of a woman in the 1930s who persuades a hyena from the London Zoo to take her place at a dreaded dinner dance


Iranian Authorities Sentence Mohammad Rasoulof ‘The Seed of the Sacred Fig' Director to 8 Years in Prison and Flogging; Asking the director to remove the film from the Cannes Festival

Is Contemporary Art a Pleasure-Free Zone?


Meow Wolf Co-Founder Departs Organization to Launch Immersive Sensory Art Spa in Austin ... ... The Submersive Website

Barcelona’s Casa Batlló Gets Lit With Sofia Crespo’s A.I.-Generated Projections. See It Here

Tipping Point: How New Immersive Institutions Are Changing The Art World; Digital Art Venues Are A Global Phenomenon, Attracting Massive Audiences With Radical New Forms Of Immersive Experiences. Are They A Threat Or An Opportunity For Traditional Galleries And Museums?

War Photographer Lee Miller Taking a Bath in Hitler’s Tub for Vogue

From David Hockney to Salvador Dalí: 10 Artists Who Were Inspired by Their Pets; Some artists turn to their animal companions for inspiration, others for comfort

Yau: Painter Suspended Between Beauty and Waste; Something about Phillip Allen’s visual preoccupations speaks to the viewer’s mind and eye, the connections and ruptures between physical and visual sensations

At 92 Years Old, Photorealist Painter Audrey Flack is Having a Moment

New Book Explores M.C. Escher’s Lesser-Known Works; Previously unpublished pieces from the artist’s oeuvre trace the origins of his unique perspective

To Be ‘Silent and Invisible’: How Gemini G.E.L. Cofounder Sidney Felsen Got Up Close to Artists Over 50 Years

Dystopian Filters: Ethel Lilienfeld Considers the Nuances of our Virtual Selves

Saltz Sez: Taxi Driver Was Always About Race; On Arthur Jafa

Frames Matter, See How! Jan van Eyck’s ‘Arnolfini Portrait’ Gets a New Frame, Polarizing Social Media Users

Colby Chamberlain, 'On Collaboration'; “Collaboration is a patchwork process of working with rather than working against, of temporary solutions and improvised repairs.” Thanks to

The Inspired and Revolutionary Pairing of Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore; "Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore: Giants of Modern Art" at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the juxtaposition of the artists' works provides added depth and dimension

The Sculpture Garden at Castle Howard: Stage Set For Bridgerton and Brideshead, and Now Sculptor Tony Cragg; The Liverpool-born sculptor's 50-year engagement with organic, layered, forms works in natural harmony with the Yorkshire treasure house and its Arcadian grounds

Peggy Guggenheim’s Favorite Painting; Grace Hartigan's lush ode to Ireland occupied a prime spot on the great patron's walls

Jónsi’s “VOX” at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

“This is New York: 100 Years of Art and Pop Culture" highlights the many ways in which the city has served as a potent muse to artists and creatives

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Our Film Critic Justin Tanner Recommends This Classic!
In 'The Oxbow Incident' directed by William Wellman, Henry Fonda and Harry Morgan get caught in the crossfire when an angry posse, out for blood, decide to play judge and jury to three men accused of a crime they didn’t commit.
But it’s the relatively unknown William Eythe, as the sweet-natured son of a vicious military man, that carries the emotional heft of the film. When his martinet father snaps “I'll have no female boys bearing my name,” the look of quiet anguish on Eythe’s face resonates like a physical blow.
And keep the tissues handy for Fonda’s heartrending final monologue ~Justin Tanner

Trailer 'The Ox-Bow Incident' (1943)

Fritz Lang’s Private War; Adaptation of Graham Greene’s ‘Ministry of Fear,’ Fritz Lang showed it was just as important to fight Nazis on the home front as it was on the front lines

Documentary Delves into the Bizarre Fate of a Historic and Much Beloved Video Collection in New York's East Village; What did Italy’s Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi want with 55,000 VHS tapes from a defunct Kim's Video store?

Who's Buying Up All Our Food & Water? 'The Grab' Doc Official Trailer

Jesse Plemons and Emma Stone Run Wild in Poor Things Follow-Up 'Kinds of Kindness'; Plemons’s initial reaction to Yorgos Lanthimos’s new movie: “Oh my God. What?”

First Images from Richard Linklater's ‘Nouvelle Vague'; First project shot entirely in French. The film will reconstruct the story behind the creation of the Nouvelle Vague movement in French cinema and focus on the production of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1959 groundbreaker, “A Bout de Souffle” (“Breathless”)

Official Trailer: 'Good One' Critically acclaimed film from 2024 Sundance Film Festival; Filmmaker India Donaldson

'Green Border' A Film by Agnieszka Holland; Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2023 Venice Film Festival

Trailer: 'Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person'

Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Paul Schrader: 'New Hollywood' Swansong Set for Cannes

Sex in Cinema; Progressive Attitudes Towards Sex Are Pretty Damn Incoherent Right Now

Actor Michael Douglas Says Use of Intimacy Coordinators 'Feels Like Executives Taking Control Away From Filmmakers’; “Basic Instinct" star also says that he's "past the age where I've got to worry about that."

Greg Araki to Direct ‘I Want Your Sex,' Starring Olivia Wilde; His First Film in 10 Years

Lights! Camera! Sit! A-List Animal Trainer Prepares a Great Dane for His Film Début; Trainer Bill Berloni has worked with pigs, geese, and butterflies. He recently prepared Bing for his starring role in the adaptation of Sigrid Nunez’s “The Friend.” (National Book Award Winner)

New Trailer: 'The Count of Monte Cristo'

Doc: A History of Entertainment Made By North Korea

Interview with Rose Glass, Director of 'Saint Maud' and 'Love Lies Bleeding'; ‘Like every director, there’s a god complex somewhere’

Fascinating Read! The Roots of Neorealism: Films from Italy and Beyond Prefigured The Themes and Formal Innovation Of Neorealism, A Style That Would Become One Of Cinema’s Most Influential Movements

Auteur Director S. Craig Zahler's ‘The Bookie & the Bruiser’ to Star Vince Vaughn & Adrien Brody

Trailer 'Firebrand' Starring Jude Law and Alicia Vikander; Marriage intrigue in the kingdom of Henry VIII

Video: A Study of Narrative Film Without Dialogue

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Skyhaven Residence / BLANKPAGE Architects

Video: How 'Dune' Replicated Real-Life Ancient Architecture

Photos: Wanna Buy a Mid-Century Modern Cabin Designed by a Pioneering Architect? Located on a secluded Lake Vermilion peninsula, the property known as 'Thunderhead' was dreamt up by famed Minnesota architect Lisl Close

An Art Museum with a Defining Collection of Southern California Architecture & Design; UC Santa Barbara’s Art, Design & Architecture Museum Offers a Unique Approach to Both Disciplines

Video: How Walt Disney Concert Hall Was Designed To Have Pitch Perfect Acoustics

Oyane-san (Affectionately Known as “Honorable Roof”) Blending Tradition with Modern Technology in Japan

Neom: Saudi Forces 'Told To Kill' To Clear Land For Eco-City

What Do You Mean You’ve Never Heard of the Lost Civilization of Great Tartaria? It’s only one of the weirdest architectural conspiracy theories going

The Supertalls Have Walled In Central Park

A Custom-Built Glass Façade for the David Geffen Galleries at LACMA

Downtown Los Angeles Places Another Big Bet On The Arts


Henri Matisse’s Eldest Daughter Was His Muse, Cataloguer, and a War-Time Resistance Fighter

I’m an Art Expert; I Use AI to Expose Sellers of Fake Paintings on Sites Like eBay

Courbet’s Famous Painting of a Vulva Tagged With “MeToo”; “The Origin of the World” was one of several artworks targeted in a performance by artist Deborah De Robertis at the Centre Pompidou-Metz

The Gang That Preyed On America's Small Museums For A Long Time

Was Edgar Degas Actually Jack the Ripper? This Dogged TikToker Has a Theory ... ... The TikTok Theorist

The British Museum’s Blockbuster Scandals; While facing renewed accusations of cultural theft, the institution announced that it had been the victim of actual theft—from someone on the inside

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