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At Long Last: With Robert Irwin in Marfa, 2016 and Good Talk: Weschler and Irwin in Conversation at Chinati in Marfa, October 1, 2007

Kim Fay in Detroit: Adnan Charara and Dalia Reyes at Detroit Contemporary

Why Is Gen Z So Obsessed With Fran Lebowitz? Explores the enduring and intergenerational appeal of the 73-year-old writer and consummate New Yorker

Betye Saar Commission Debuts; Betye Saar, 'Drifting Towards Twilight', 2023. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

Video: Betye Saar: Drifting Toward Twilight

Ayaan Hirsi Ali : Why I am Now a Christian; 'Atheism Can't Equip Us For Civilisational War'

See the Work in Sydnie & Haylie Jimenez 'Southern Hospitality' at Charlie James Gallery

Art d’Egypte and the Rise of ‘Big Desert Art’; Public exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza offers sun, sand and monumental landscapes with a dash of Burning Man

Marie Laurencin’s Portraits of Sapphic Pleasure; “Why should I paint dead fish, onions, and beer glasses? Girls are so much prettier,” said painter Marie Laurencin (1883-1956)

'Benevolent Beings: Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from South and Southeast Asia', at the Norton Simon Museum

Inside the 2023 LACMA Gala, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, and More of Hollywood’s Art-Loving Royalty; The Los Angeles museum’s annual fundraiser has become an A-list must-hit and this year was no different. So how did it get here?

Kim Fay in Detroit: 'Curiosities' at Annex Gallery

Photographer Eirik Johnson 'The Light That Gets Lost', an exhibition accompanied by a sound installation by the Seattle-based artist at Koplin del Rio, Seattle

Matt Stromberg: Ben Caldwell, an LA Renaissance Man, Gets His Due; KAOS Theory: The Afrokosmic Ark of Ben Caldwell takes readers on a vibrant tour through the life of the filmmaker, activist, and transmedia futurist

Exhibition: 'We’ve Been Dreaming About a Magical Jungle' Group Show with Clayton Campbell

Julia Friedman: Ballet is Woman; On 'The Rite,' choreographed by Lincoln Jones and performed by American Contemporary Ballet

'68/99' by Robby Herbst


Threads of Potential – The Market For Textiles By Women Artists

East Sussex institution hails the pioneering queer couple who changed textiles; Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is displaying an exhibition that pays homage to the unsung influence and secret history of Hilary Bourne and Barbara Allen

John Waters at the Academy Museum


The Observer's Most Influential People in the Art World Today; Pulse of the Art Market; Unflinchingly Optimistic; You'll Be Shocked!

Radcliffe Bailey, Artist Who Found Black History in the Everyday, Dies at 55 of Brain Cancer

Brice Marden: Larry Gagosian Celebrates the Unmatched Life and Legacy of Brice Marden

Ed Ruscha Bigger than Actual Size; Sassy, Reverent, Diffident, Disarming: An Unprecedented Survey of The Artist’s Career Is An Enticement Into Looking At The Unremarkable

Yoko Ono and the Women of Fluxus Changed the Rules in Art and Life

Painter Anj Smith on Plumbing History to Make New Art; On the occasion of her show with Hauser & Wirth in New York, the British painter discusses the process of making art

The Landscape Painters Who Invented Norway

Peter Plagens: ‘Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living’ Review: Hitching a Ride With California Artists; Hammer Museum’s sixth iteration of its survey show includes painting, sculpture, weaving and even a tour of Los Angeles neighborhoods in an old Volvo

Julia Rooney 'Blueprint' at Band of Vices

Carolina Miranda: Studio Visit with Painter Tidawhitney Lek

Julia Friedman: Faking Hope: AI Art as Propaganda; There is a new contender for the most effective weapon in the propaganda wars: photorealistic, generative AI art

Book Review: 10 Years Later – “Banksy in New York” at MCL in Berlin

Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week


Braving Oppression: Cuban Artist’s Message of Defiance From Prison: “There rises within me a rebellious spirit, that does not allow me to resign myself,” says Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara ahead of the third anniversary of the Cuban government’s crackdown on the San Isidro movement

Kay WalkingStick's Art Powerfully Asserts an Indigenous Presence in the American Landscape

Thin Strips of Colorful Vinyl Spill Over Derrick Velasquez’s Wooden Sculptures

Kim Sweeney: Saturated Collisions, Honolulu New Painting Invitational 2023

All the New Yorker Cartoons of the Week!


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Gordy Grundy: A Quick Announcement, We Are Suspending Publication Through the Holidays. Why?

Ezrha Jean Black: Kim Jonesat “Walking Home" at The Box

The Man Behind 250 Masks; Inside The Sizable Collection Amassed By The Artist Marcel Dzama, Whose Work Plays With Disguise

How Artist Marcel Dzama Brings Surrealism to the Stage; Ahead of his commission for the Performa biennial, artist Marcel Dzama spoke to Artnet's art critic Ben Davis


Sizzling Hunks, Street Smash-Ups And Kabuki Rebels: The Dazzling Photography of Daidō Moriyama

Major Daido Moriyama Retrospective In London Highlights His Early, Influential Experiments


Gar Is the Most Influential Modernist Artist You’ve Never Heard Of; Doug Meyer’s new show about a fictional artist includes an extensive backstory and a life’s worth of work. At what point does invention intersect with reality?

Chinese Artist Chen Ke Celebrates the Women of Bauhaus in a Colorful, Mixed-Media Paris Debut; Artist's Paris gallery debut "Bauhaus Gals—Theatre" is on view at Perrotin

How Georgia O’Keeffe’s Brief Refuge in Bermuda May Have Inspired Her Fateful Move to New Mexico; O'Keeffe created 14 drawings during her stay on the island, two of which are in the collection of Masterworks Museum


Monsieur Nouar: Le Bon Mariage, Cliquez Ici!



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Interview: Thomas Heatherwick’s war on boring buildings: ‘I’ve never gone against the whole industry before’, Designer says architecture is gripped by a ‘blandemic’ that isn’t merely blotting our streets, but making us miserable, ill and violent. So what’s his solution?

NEOM: The Saudi Mega City Neom is Currently Under Construction; Scroll Pics!

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The 8 New Art Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall; From an ambitious survey of Indigenous contemporary art to, E

Book Reviews: Multi-Generational Gee’s Bend Story, Told by One Quilt; Stitching Love and Loss narrates the history of the Pettway family, the community of Gee’s Bend, and the entwined tragedies of slavery and Indigenous dispossession

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Decades Before Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party,’ Virginia Woolf’s Sister Made a Set of Dinner Plates Celebrating 50 Historic Women

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2,700-Year-Old Sculpture of Assyrian Deity Unearthed in Iraq; Since its first excavation in 1992, the remarkably well-preserved lamassu sculpture has survived multiple attacks on cultural heritage in the region

‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ to be Exhumed Off Colombia with $20B Sunken Treasure

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Illustrator David Plunkert Shares His Passion for Color and Shape

Lithographs of Mushrooms, from M. E. Descourtilz’s Atlas des Champignons (1827)

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Threads of Potential – The Market For Textiles By Women Artists

East Sussex institution hails the pioneering queer couple who changed textiles; Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is displaying an exhibition that pays homage to the unsung influence and secret history of Hilary Bourne and Barbara Allen

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On Balance: What a Difference A Year Makes In Auctionland; Industry Moves

Activist Artist Lauren Halsey Becomes Part of Gagosian Gallery

The Van Gogh Museum Has Scrapped Its Pokémon Card Giveaway Due to Unmanageable Crowds; Cards have been selling on secondary markets for hundreds of dollars

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Artist Brock DeBoer Painstakingly Recreates Ordinary Objects in Beautiful Porcelain

In ‘Blend In,’ Calvin Ma’s Ceramic Feathered Figures Yearn to Belong

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El Anatsui Stitches Thousands Of Metal Bottle Pieces For Hyundai Commission At Tate Modern

Undercover’s Jun Takahashi Lights up Paris Fashion Week with Glowing Terrarium Dresses

Evolution of Meiji Era Craftsmanship, On Full Display in Tokyo

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Coachella for the .01 Percent; Power Trip is a new heavy-metal music festival that descends upon the California desert. But with $4,000 tickets, whiskey tastings, and air-conditioned bars, it’s a vastly different experience

Wind Animates Vibrant Fabrics in Thomas Jackson’s Ephemeral Environmental Installations

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Video: 'They Shot The Piano Player' Official Trailer (2023), Celebratory Origin Story of the Bossa Nova movement

Yoko Ono: Her 20 Greatest Songs – Ranked!

Yoko Ono ’I’m Not Getting Enough, (From Life)’ (Dave Aude Club Mix)

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‘Lempicka,’ New Musical About Art Deco Artist, to Open on Broadway

At Rehearsal, Danny Boyle’s 'Free Your Mind' remixes 'The Matrix'; Immersive production inspired by the 1999 sci-fi film is the opening show at Manchester’s Aviva Studios – take a first look at rehearsals

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Elderly Couple Sold a ‘Worthless’ African Mask for $157. Now They Are Suing the Buyer Who Auctioned It for $4.4 Million; Couple has accused a local antiques dealer of cheating them out of a fair price for the rare object

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New Trailers, Film Reviews, News!

Our Chief Film Critic Justin Tanner is trying the find the flavor of “The Holdovers,” a holiday cookie by the great Alexander Payne. The confection is well-decorated but the cookie crumbles

New Wave! Richard Linklater Set to Shoot French Film Next March, Story About Godard and the Making of “Breathless”

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We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

Collector Oleg Guerrand-Hermès Explains How He Discovered the ‘Vulgar Side’ of the Art World; French collector Oleg Guerrand-Hermès reveals his six-step process for discovering his favorite new pieces and artists

Philanthropist Pete Scantland Goes Running With Artists and Dreams of Camping Out at the Met; Billboard baron has cultivated a vast treasure trove of contemporary art, including works by Derek Fordjour, Jenna Gribbon, and Tau Lewis

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Chimeric creature descends on the Whitney Museum in new augmented reality commission; Nancy Baker Cahill’s augmented-reality work explores the climate crisis and interdependence between humans and nature


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Polluted, Violent and Ablaze: The Real Brazilian Rainforest; In Pictures; Eco-Noir

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 Winning Images Range From Fighting Goats To A Hippo Nursery

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20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

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Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week

Book Review: 10 Years Later – “Banksy in New York” at MCL in Berlin

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