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‘The More Repellent You Are, the More Attractive You Become’: George Condo on Contemporary Mythmaking; Artist opens up about his minimalist turn at the Deste Foundation, and distancing himself from Kanye West

Rainey Knudson: Hurricane Beryl Frogsong

Of Monkeys and Men; Michaël Borremans’s paintings seem to display a pitiless, if not forbidding, irony, almost studiedly cruel in their level of dispassion

20 Years After Michel Majerus’s Tragic Death, the Pioneering Artist’s Laptop Has Been Restored. Surprises Abound; 'It’s a true virtual studio,' said Cory Arcangel, who's exploring its hard drive in a YouTube series

Kirie Artist Lito Celebrates Tanabata, a Japanese festival celebrating the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi, with Handcut Leaves


Swanky NYC-based Artist Ashley Longshore Has Emotional Meltdown On United Plane, Claims Crew Was ‘Abusive’: Social Media

Financial Times: Ashley Longshore: ‘All the Real Magic Happens After Midnight’

Artist's Website

'Tulips' Group Show at Kapp Kapp Gallery

Adam Gopnik: The Knotty Death of the Necktie; andemic may have brought an end to a flourishing history

New Show Explores Designer Kenzo Takada’s Fashion and Art; By embracing his Japanese roots, the designer Kenzo Takada took the Paris fashion world by storm with his colorful, exuberant vision

Fraudster Scammer Anna Delvey’s Art Work Is On Display On Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ with Real Estate TV Star Ryan Serhant

Spirit of Art Nouveau Awakens in Australia’s Biggest Alphonse Mucha Exhibition; Comprehensive show is on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Yau: Xingzi Gu’s Dreamlike Portraits of Youth; Tension between moments of quiet joy and inevitable calamity in Gu’s ethereal portraits is riveting


First Look at Steve McQueen’s Blitz, Arriving This November; The Latest on This Uneasy Film's History; WWII era with a narrative feature; Film of incredible scale

Hauser & Wirth Artist Harmony Korine Resurrects 'The Trap' as Anime Feature and Sets Up Motion-Capture Comedy

‘To be totally the focus of someone, who was really into sex, was fantastic’: Painter Tracey Emin and rocker Billy Childish on their blazing romance; Never was a couple so combustible, but their relationship in the 80s would influence their entire life’s work

Larry Greenberg’s Circular Path; Larry Greenberg is having a busy moment


For Decades, The Work of Artists Saul Steinberg And Charles And Ray Eames Have Permeated Homes And Pop Culture Alike. Their Mid-Century Friendship

Patrisse Cullors "Between The Warp And Weft: Weaving Shields Of Strength And Spirituality" at Charlie James Gallery

Nan Goldin: 'Sisters, Saints, Sibyls'; Explores the history behind, and power within, Nan Goldin’s video triptych
Interview: All the Beauty and the Tenderness of Nan Goldin; “I’m not so interested in photography anymore,” Goldin told our senior editor. “That should be the headline,” he replied


New Show Celebrates Surrealist Photographer Dora Maar on Her Own Terms; Exhibition of Maar's photographs and photograms brings her out from Picasso's shadow

Hold My Beer! LACMA Collects Women Surrealists
Surrealist Pioneer Eileen Agar's Remarkable LifeMary Cassatt Was More Than Just a Painter of ‘Perpetual Afternoon Tea’; New survey of the artist at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shines a light on women's work; Always clear to her that her painting career would have to pay for itself—and she worked in haste

Artist Deborah Roberts: Remembering Juneteenth "I learned to love Juneteenth long before I became aware of the emancipation of enslaved Black people. I think my father was his happiest on that day; he permitted himself to do whatever he wanted on Freedom Day"

Floria Gonzalez’s Blazing Visions of Destruction and Renewal; Mexico City-based artist paints eerie scenes where past and present collapse

Luis Emilio Romero 'Fortress of Light / Fortaleza de Luz' at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Larry Poons 'One for Baby' at Yares Art

Julia Friedman: The Perfect Trifecta; New attention economy will always privilege the lowest common denominator in performance art, as it does in everything else; Sex sells!

Inside Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s Recipe Collection; Posthumously published cookbook includes directions for making stewed eels, rum punch, and a dessert known as 'The Convent Serpent'



Gordy Grundy: An Incredible Innovation! A Scoop on Our New Loot! Art Drops Superstar Named!

New BLUM Artist: Hiroka Yamashita; Check Her Out

Book Reviews: Where Funhouse Erotics Meet Art History; New volume of Hilary Harkness’s paintings enfolds us into surreal worlds of gender-bending militaries, feminine revenge, and alternative histories

Tasmanian Museum’s Infamous ‘Ladies Lounge’ Has Been Displaying Fake Picassos All Along; Kirsha Kaechele’s installation was meant to ask questions about sexism. Now it poses different questions

Artist Hugh Hayden Should Cut the Crap; Artist’s latest show belongs in the toilet — and that’s exactly where he put it

Lynda Benglis: Knots & Videotapes 1972–1976

You Should Know Linder, the Art World’s Original Punk Provocateur; Retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in London

The Interview: Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot

Interview with Cindy Sherman: ‘Little Girls Play Dress-Up, But I Was Always Trying To Be a Monster Instead of a Fairy’

‘The Meddling Fiend’ by Nicola Turner Connects the Living with the Past; In the Royal Academy Courtyard; Video


How Can a Small Bohemian Town Help Artists Stay Afloat? Historic arts enclaves like Provincetown, Key West, and Taos, and American culture at large, lose when they fail to invest in artists and writers

Museum of Pizza Creator Shares ‘Bonkers’ Story Behind His Nearly Fyre Festival-Level Catastrophe: ‘I Lost A Lot Of Money’


Teresa Lanceta Weaves the Fraught History of Spain; Artist’s solo show is a lyrical investigation into the ways that textiles shaped the country during the 13th and 14th centuries

Pamela Campagna: Following the Thread...

Jeannie Ortiz’s Fiber Art Practice In Her Ancestral Desert Homeland Around Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, Helps Her Fill In The Gaps In Her Family’s History

Review: Marie Watt Creates Care Through Textile Collage; At the core, all of Watt’s work shows a devotion to care and closeness, a desire to make tangible the layers of relations that bind and make us

Al Sadu Textiles Made By Bedouin Women Tell Hidden Stories of the Arabian Gulf


Big Tech Is Using Art as a Dystopian Honeypot

Blumhouse Comes to Video Games with Six Different Indie Horror Projects

Tapping Hanneke Skerath as Director, Marciano Art Foundation Plans Return After Sudden Closure Nearly Five Years Ago

Czech Republic–based Artist Vojtěch Kovařík Scales Painting and Sculpture to the Heroism and Agony of Greek Myths; at the Power Station in Dallas, Texas

Knight Review: Goya Gave Frankenstein’s Monster His Hollywood Face. Now This Museum Shows The Artist’s Larger Power

Sidney Felsen, beloved co-founder of Gemini G.E.L., dies at 99

Artforum: Sidney Felsen (1924–2024)


Illustrator Gianluca Costantini Is Using Art to Change the World; The activist opens up about illustrating Ai Weiwei's new memoir and the transformative power of images

The Work of Paris-based Artist and Illustrator Yukiko Noritake

Julius Paul Poster Collection Goes to LACMA

320 Vintage Classic Film Posters at Auction

Female Transcendental Artists Star in New Santa Fe Exhibition; Presented by Addison Rowe Gallery, "Transcendental and Beyond: The Essence of Art" features the work of more than a dozen women artists

Kim Fay in Detroit: Mighty Real/Queer Detroit at the Scarab Club


These Olympic Surfers Made Their Achievement Permanent With Tattoos

Olympic swimmer captivates Paris 2024 fans with tattoo in a surprising place; Paraguay's Luana Alonso will be looking for glory at this summer's Olympics

You Just Made the Olympics. What’s Next? The Olympic Rings Tattoo; Over the next two weeks, 130 Americans track & field athletes will earn the right to get one of the world's most exclusive tattoos

Good Sport! On “En Jeu!: Artists and Sport, 1870–1930,” at Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris
... ... See the Press Kit


Le Bon Mariage


Experimenting with AI and Film; Trailer 'Gog And Magog'

New Music Video: David Lynch Theater Presents: The Answers to the Questions (Official Video)


The Indomitable Duke Kahanamoku: A Little-Remembered Vendetta By Honolulu’s Business Elite Lasted For Years And Crippled Him Economically
; Duke in Hollywood!

What AI Could Mean for Surfboard Shaping


Architectural Drawings at the Edge of Reality; At the Norwegian National Museum, architects employ the foundational skill of their craft to push against the limitations of contemporary construction

‘Crazed Egomaniacs Who Want to Subjugate Us’; A Brief History of Architects in Film

These 9 Symmetrical Buildings Are (Very) Satisfying; Old or new, these congruent constructions are perfect backdrops for Wes Anderson’s next film

A Brief Compendium of Historical Maximalism

Eight Notable Projects by Late Architect Fumihiko Maki

Live Out Your Desert-Island Fantasies in Sweden

Trailer 'Emmanuelle'; A Film by Audrey Diwan; “Emmanuelle” film franchise is one of the most famous in film history, beginning in 1974

Sensitive Material, Wordsworth Donisthorpe, Blackmail, and the First Motion Pictures; Story of early cinema may have been different had Wordsworth Donisthorpe been better at blackmail; Inventor of a peculiar kind of film camera — and finds a fierce debate about the history of English wool combing

Lowriders at the Petersen Museum


Niji Architects Shapes Family House As Terraced Decks In Crowded Tokyo Neighborhood

Around Chinatown; There Aren’t Many Round Buildings in NYC

Video: California “Progressive” Neighbors vs. New Affordable Housing Project in West Hollywood

Omar Gandhi Architects Balances Cedar House On Rocky Nova Scotia Coastline

Iron Wood House by Earth Lines Architects; A private residence in the awe-inspiring landscape of Bali’s Uluwatu Surf Villas complex


'The Friday Afternoon Club' is Everything An Autobiography Should Be; Griffin Dunne Reflects On His Sister’s Horrific Murder, The Making Of Scorsese’s After Hours, His Friendship With Carrie Fisher, And A Colorful Life In New York And Hollywood

“Luscious Clusters of the Vine”: A Collection of 17-Century Garden Writing (1908)

In 'All That Glitters,' Orlando Whitfield Tries To Understand How His Close Friend Inigo Philbrick Became a Fine-Art Fraudster; On the Lam in the South Pacific

A Reviewer’s Life; The material constraints of writing criticism today

His Way: The Real Frank Sinatra; Biographies of Sinatra, as well as memoirs of those who actually knew him, paint a complex portrait of the man behind the enigma

Fish Tales; An exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Massachusetts, highlights more than 40 delightfully illustrated editions of Herman Melville’s 'Moby-Dick'

Seeking a First Edition of Moby Dick

‘Draw Me Ishmael: The Book Arts of Moby-Dick’ Review: The Big Picture

Doc Trailer 'Scab Vendor'; Look at the life of Tattoo Artist Jonathan Shaw, the son of bandleader Artie Shaw and Hollywood starlet Doris Dowling; Starring Jonathan Shaw, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop

From Fire Hazards to Family Trees, the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps; Created for US insurance firms during a period of devastating fires across the 19th and 20th centuries, the Sanborn maps blaze with detail, shops, homes, churches, brothels, and opium dens were equally noted by the company’s cartographers

The Hunt: A Vincent van Gogh Masterpiece That Was Lost to Conflict; Investigators have put forth several theories about what might have become of the rare canvas


Kim Fay in Detroit: Mighty Real/Queer Detroit at Hatch Art; I’ll Be Your Mirror: Reflections of the Contemporary Queer

‘I Love Thinking of Land as a Living Thing’: Artist Teresita Fernández on Working With Nature as Material; Artist's work will be in dialogue with land works by Robert Smithson at SITE Santa Fe

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New Yorker: Kanye West Bought an Architectural Treasure, Then Gave It a Violent Remix; How the hip-hop star’s beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy turned a beach house in Malibu, designed by the Japanese master Tadao Ando, into a ruin

Exploring 6 Iconic Works of Rem Koolhaas

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Douglas Murray: The Fight to Recover What Has Been Lost; Between two world wars and a mental breakdown, T.S. Eliot still believed in the possibility of restoration

‘Bitter Crop’ Review: Billie Holiday’s Swan Song; In final year of her life, Holiday continued to perform in spite of fast-declining health; Turned to friends such as Elizabeth Hardwick, Sonny Rollins and Frank Sinatra; Spoke with them about her pride in her career—and her premonition of her own death

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Ezrha Jean Black: Acaye Kerunen Finds Purpose and Community in a Scarred Landscape; at Blum

Asher Liftin: 24-Year-Old Art World Darling, Whose Fans Include David Geffen, Stages His First Solo Show In New York City

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A Collection of Record Label Logos

Two Drawing Shows Dazzle at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

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Meet Basil Kincaid, the Artist-Quilter Making a Splash in Miami Beach; For the residency's twelfth year, the Rubell Museum leans into textile art

Aerial Embroidery by Victoria Rose Richards

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Backstory: How Gagosian’s Blockbuster LA Basquiat Show Happened; Stars and billionaire lenders had to align for the mega-gallery’s museum-quality show of the late artist’s work, currently on display in Los Angeles

I Speak for the Rainmaker; Performing the Fundraiser Role In The Nonprofit Art World

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Politics On a Plate: How Ceramics Became A Tool For Satire And Protest; New Exhibition Celebrates The ‘Trojan Horse’ Of The Decorative Arts

Ceramic Artist Toshiko Takaezu Is Getting A Posthumous Reappraisal, Thanks To Her Devoted Acolytes — And Major Shows Highlighting Her Poetic Forms

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Inside the Artist's Mind with Lee Ufan and His New Illy Design

Crafted in Wood

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The Gallery of the Future: Navigating the Evolving World of Digital Art; People will always crave a personal connection to art, and the value of in-person experiences will likely rise, not diminish, with digital access

The Prophets: Marshall McLuhan

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Investors and Banks Hoping to Cash in on the Success of ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ Are Pouring Funds Into Art Experiences for Klimt, Kahlo, and More; Immersive art experiences are proliferating around the globe, despite the often high price of tickets

Rihanna’s One-Time Cover Artist Is Opening an Immersive Museum in New York; Created by Roy Nachum, Mercer Labs occupies the former Century 21 building

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10 More Songs Inspired by Artists That You Need to Know; Max Ernst, Picasso, Debussy, Lou Reed, John Cale, Del Rey and More

Interview: Deep listening; The Haunting Sonic World of Cassandra Miller; Her intimate compositions take existing melodies that she refracts, rethinks and expands into compelling new pieces. Ahead of the premiere of a new work for guitarist Sean Shibe, Cassandra Millers talks about process, pleasures and sleep chanting

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Here’s How to See Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli on Broadway

Review: John Douglas Thompson and Alfred Molina’s clash of titans transcends dated ‘Inherit the Wind’; Director Michael Michetti

Office’ star Steve Carell is headed to Broadway; Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”

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Speak, 'Muse;' Tell Us the History of the Brancusi; An Angry Widow, Unscrupulous Dealer, Rape and Murder

Andrew Crispo, Disgraced Manhattan Gallery Owner, Dies At 78; Long series of tabloid-worthy scandal; “It was a horror show”

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Official Trailer 'Coup!' Class War Comedy

Official Teaser 'F1' Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”) directs; Brad Pitt, Damson Idris and Javier Bardem

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We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

Video: Meet the Collectors: Eugenio López Alonso and His Museo Jumex, a Cultural Landmark in Mexico City

10 Well Heeled New York Collectors to Know

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Water Rises Around Vibrant Architectural Models in James Casebere’s Haunting Photos; At Sean Kelly, New York/Los Angeles

Photographer Rahim Fortune Examines Heritage, Ritual, and Black Culture’s Enduring Traditions in the American South

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Amazing Mother Nature, Click Here

20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

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Brooklyn Street Art: Images Of The Week

Mando Marie “Take Me Down” at Straat Gallery, Amsterdam

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Gordy Grundy