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The New MLK Sculpture Is Officially a Laugh Riot Meme

Julia Friedman: Boring Art, Impotent Politics; Mixing aesthetics and activism does a disservice to both

Art Critic and Comedienne Leslie Jones Critiques 'The Embrace," the New Memorial to Martin Luther King

What Do Bostonians Think of the New MLK Monument? 'Lacks Context' 'Like a Different Sex Act, Hole, or Bodily Function from Every Angle'


Anna Delvey signs deal for unscripted series ‘Delvey’s Dinner Club’; Partnering with Jimmy Kimmel's Wheelhouse Ent; Her dream guests would be Alejandro Mayorkas, Madonna, Elon Musk, Marina Abramovic and Cyrus Vance

Book Review: 'The Creative Act' by Rick Rubin; Life lessons from the bearded beat master; Artistic wisdom that is both gnomic and pertinent; 400-odd pages can read a little like “the 73 unexpected practices of successful creatives”

All of Life and the Elephant Who Was Death

‘It’s Less Scary, More Attractive:’ Artist Every Ocean Hughes on Her Unflinching Work That Gives People Another View of Death; On view “Alive Side” at the Whitney

Catalina Ouyang “To Forgive Everything” at Night Gallery


"Afro-Atlantic Histories" at LACMA

A Black Aquatic: An Artist Explores the Relationship Between Black People and Water

Reframing A Ritual: Allana Clarke Wrestles New Meaning into Hair Bonding Glue

Beautyful Migrations: The Diaspora According to Njideka Akunyili Crosby

When Black Characters Double-Deal To Make Ends Meet, It's Never Enough

10 Trailblazing Artists with Must-See Museum Shows in 2023; From Carrie Mae Weems, Martin Wong, Cecily Brown to Isaac Julien

Yau: Abstract Art Did Not Begin With Paul Cézanne; Odili Donald Odita challenges the long-held belief that abstract art is a purely Western tradition

Morris Hirshfield Worked Most of His Life as a Tailor—Here Are 3 Things to Know About the Self-Taught Artist Who Was Revered by the Surrealists and Is Now a Museum Star

Kusama and Louis Vuitton: Who is signing on the (polka) dotted line for artist's mega-brand deals? Signature style is currently adorning 400 objects in a collaboration with the French luxury fashion house — but it is not clear how involved she is

19 Year Old Pax Jolie-Pitt Becoming an Artist Under Pseudonym 'Embtto'; Upcoming Show in Tel Aviv

Monumental Munch Painting, Hidden From the Nazis in a Barn, Will Hit the Auction Block at Sotheby’s; 13 Foot Large-scale painting, which has a remarkable history

1962, Edward R. Morrow Writes "Why Should We Export Culture?" for Art in America

Banksy Ukrainian Print Project Blighted By 'Hostile Attacks from Russia'; Over 1M Online Print Requests and 3,500 Hostile Internet Attacks

British Artist Recreates Stonehenge from Own Kidney Stones


New York is Dotty About Lifelike Yayoi Kusama Robot at Louis Vuitton

Connecting the Dots: A Decade Later, Yayoi Kusama Returns for a Second Louis Vuitton Collaboration

Louis Vuitton New York & Kusama Fifth Avenue 2023

Amplifier of Black Art: Nothing Random with Chance the Rapper's Course

Judd Foundation Launches Online Chronology of Donald Judd’s Life

8 Art Memes That Defined 2022, From ‘I Will Avenge U Mr Van Gogh’ to ‘I Like It, Picasso’

Looking Between the Lines of Max Cole’s Abstract Paintings; In the artist’s exhibition 'Endless Journey', each tiny, delicate mark reads as a meditative act, imbued with rigorous attention, care, and focus

Artists Discuss How Psychedelics Influence Their Work


Signed, Sealed, But Not Always Delivered: Before the Envelope, the Lost Art of Letterlocking

Letterlocking: Catherine de’ Medici’s concealed spiral-locked letter to Raimond de Beccarie (c.1570)

Scarlet Cheng: Fire and Water, The Beautiful Tragedies of Calida Rawles


Virgil Ortiz, the Pueblo Artist Who Brings Kink to Traditional Craft

Evoking Organic Growth, Toru Kurokawa’s Ceramic Sculptures Stretch and Swell into Abstract Forms

Clay and Mud: Recent Ceramics Exhibitions in Dallas

Shanghai ceramics exhibition highlights cycle of energies on earth; Artists from China and Japan


Police Recover Paintings Worth $400,000 by Elaine De Kooning and Others Stolen in Colorado Art Heist; Alongside an enormous stash of fentanyl and methamphetamine

Three gang members admit roles in €113m Dresden jewel heist; One defendant says he and unnamed accomplice broke into the Green Vault and took valuables in November 2019

Brazilian Collector Sues Detroit Museum to Obtain Van Gogh Painting
... Museum Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit

Thieves Stole an Ancient Copper Relic Said to Contain the Blood of Jesus. Then It Turned Up on the Doorstep of Dutch art sleuth Arthur Brand; “Indiana Jones of the art world” has made headlines once again

Sexy Jesus! Italian police widen fraud investigation after seizing Rubens painting from Genoa exhibition; Carabinieri accuse four people of downgrading and illegally exporting the Old Master work


Our lead film critic Justin Tanner has got his dander up! The race for Oscar nominations has gotten very ugly and Tanner speaks his peace with Oscar Diversity: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Sundance Review: "You Hurt My Feelings" Nicole Holofcener delivers another winner; Smart, observant writer-director reunites with a never-better Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a funny and piercing film about honesty in relationships

Where Did the Oscar-Nominated 'To Leslie' Come From? Recap of the out of nowhere campaign to nominate Andrea Riseborough for 'To Leslie'

‘Y’all are weirdos!’ How 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' became sleeper hit of the year; Co-directors and writers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, AKA “the Daniels”, on their madcap sci-fi fantasy, 2022’s indisputable mainstream breakthrough

Director Paul Schrader: New Cinema Language Influenced by Video Games, Multitasking and Digital; Tackling the ADD-driven filmmaking in today’s movies

'Infinity Pool': Brandon Cronenberg Explains the NC-17 Rating Situation

Troubled Madonna Biopic Starring Julia Garner Scrapped, as Singer Embarks on World Tour

Madonna's Casting Bootcamp Was Gruelling, Intense and, It Turns Out, Completely Pointless; Actresses Julia Garner, Florence Pugh, Odessa Young and pop star Sky Ferreira

A24’s ‘Past Lives’ Stuns Sundance; Unanimously positive reviews from Vanity Fair, IndieWire, Variety, Deadline, Screen and The Guardian

Bringing Up Baby Is Screwball Romantic Comedy Perfection

Laura Poitras’s Artist Nan Goldin Documentary Nominated for Oscar

Review: 'Poker Face' Turns Natasha Lyonne Into a Modern-Day Columbo

'Glass Onion' and 'Knives Out' Director Rian Johnson Wanted to Make a TV Show Like the Ones He Watched as a Kid. Enter ‘Poker Face’; A “howcatchem,” identifying the murderer, motive, and method from the start, then following Charlie’s investigation

'Poker Face' Official Trailer

Every Movie Written by 'Yellowstone' Creator Taylor Sheridan, Ranked

Todd Field: Adam Sandler’s Work in ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ Is ‘One of the Great Screen Performances of All Time’

Acclaimed Director S. Craig Zahler's ‘Hug Chickenpenny’ Scrapped Due to Lack of Financing

New 4K Restoration of Jean Renoir's 'Rules of the Game'

'The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic' Official Trailer, 100% Rotten Tomatoes


Here Are 2022’s 12 Most Mind-Blowing Archaeological Discoveries, From Ancient Lice Combs to the World’s Oldest Mummies

Revisit our best stories on the tombs, shipwrecks, and coin hoards unearthed this year

Constructed by a mysterious civilisation that left no written records, the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks are a testament to indigenous sophistication; 2,000-year-old mystery mounds; Spread throughout central and southern Ohio


‘It’s Not a Dying Art Form, Only a Changing One’: Marina Abramović on the Transformative Power of Opera

Opera and Apocalypse: Imagining the World After Humans Have Gone; Experimental opera offers a vision of earth after humans have died out

Legendary Rock Guitarist Jeff Beck Dies aged 78

Ezrha Jean Black: The L.A. Phil’s Tristan Project; Long Day’s Journey Into Night by way of earth, water, fire, air, and the human element

On Hip Hop‘s 50th Anniversary, Here Are the Essential Museum Shows Celebrating the Movement‘s History and Enduring Legacy

Reggae's Beat and How It's Traveled, Influencing People and Places

The 50 Best Albums of 2022: No 6: Arctic Monkeys' 'The Car'

Arctic Monkeys 'There’d Better Be A Mirrorball'


Masters of Photography: Edward Steichen

Winners of the 2022 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest

Joan Didion to David Hockney: Portraits Facing Up to the Art Stars by Photographers Brigitte Lacombe, Catherine Opie and Tacita Dean

In Stylish Photographs, Alberto García-Alix Captured Spain’s Outcasts and Lesser-Known Youth Rebellion

Hapless Hangups and Silly Spoofs Abound in the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Jeff Spirer Details His Dachau Photographs

Zanele Muholi on Photography as Social Practice in South Africa

Monkeys and Magic: Lensculture Black And White Photography Awards

Here Are the Winning Photographs From 'Portrait of Britain,' Britain’s Biggest Portrait Competition; 99 pictures winning the top prize

I’ll Be My Mirror: Sizzling Self-Portraits

Motherly Sacrifices and Aquatic Angst Top This Year’s Ocean Art Photography Contest

Pity the Punk Historian: How to Capture a Moment Designed to Self-Destruct? Spate of new films propose a reckoning between punk artistry and documentary portraiture


New research aims to solve the two mysteries of Van Gogh’s landscape of poplars; Why did Vincent paint “Poplars near Nuenen” on top of an earlier picture of a church?

The story behind the exuberant spring landscape Van Gogh painted just weeks after slashing his ear


First Time in Seven Years; The Glory and Chaos of the Eddie Aikau Invitational in Photos

Surf Inc! Life of the Pros: 'Make or Break' Season 2, Official Trailer

Like Art, Surfing Can Never Slide Far From Its Spiritual Source

Must See! Absolute Poetry: Mitch Parkinson Steals Joel Parkinson's Board After Drop In

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Cadavre Exquis, Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst Teach at the University of Hawai'i in 1952; Tanning Recounts the Hilarious Experience

Re-Imagining an Impossible Future; Marshall Brown Finds Beauty in Dystopia

Two Santa Fe Artists Tap Into a Near-Death Experience and Aspen’s Energy For ‘Lightning Strike’ Series

Artist Jessica Taylor Bellamy and Her Mentor Artist Suzanne Lacy Channel the Topography of Los Angeles

Amid a Feverish Market for Her Prismatic Paintings, Japanese Art Dynamo Etsu Egami Is Keeping a Cool Head; Exploding onto the Global Stage in 2023


Rich, Famous and then Forgotten: Rosa Bonheur Was One of the Most Influential Artists of Her Time. Two Centuries Later, Museums Are Giving Her Remarkable Animal Portraits New Life; Year marks the 200th anniversary of the artist's birth; Eccentric personal life

Five Works to Know by Rosa Bonheur

The Animalier’s Paradox: Rosa Bonheur at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux

Proof of Lesbianism? Who’s Afraid of Rosa Bonheur’s Sexual Identity? In the wake of a new retrospective, some are criticizing the way in which the artist’s relationships with women are being discussed

Kim Fay in Detroit: "Fat, black, queer and femme," Darryl Deangelo Terrell 'I Owe You Nothing, This Is For Me' at Galerie Camille

Lena Moross at “Forgive and Forget” at LA Tate Gallery

Calvin Tomkins: The Raucous Assault of Iranian-American Tala Madani’s Art


Kim Kardashian buys Attallah Cross pendant worn by Princess Diana; Reality star acquired amethyst cross for £163,800 in Sotheby’s royal and noble sale

She Dressed Kate Bush, Need We Say More? Who is Fong Leng?

Celebrating Vivienne Westwood (1941–2022); Michael Costiff, John Foley, Pam Hogg and Princess Julia pay tribute to the pioneering fashion designer and activist

Forget Louboutin, Step into the World of André Perugia, the True Icon behind Modern Shoe Design

Daughter of Diane, Amy Arbus, the Woman who Documented New York’s Super Funky Street Style of the 1980s

The Full List Of Major Art Fairs In 2023, From Marrakech To Miami


Jim Shaw 'Thinking the Unthinkable' at Gagosian, Beverly Hills

“The Present Decline”: Jim Shaw’s Epic Parables

Glenn Hardy Jr. 'Who Am I If I Don’t Represent?' at Charlie James, Los Angeles

'European Vision and The South Pacific' Third Edition; Preempted post-colonialism by mapping the interconnections and crossing of cultural boundaries between Europe and the Pacific

Matthew Wong’s Tenacious Vision

'Bleak Beauty' at Koplin Del Rio, a group exhibition of 13 artists


Ashley Olsen marries artist Louis Eisner in secret wedding ceremony

The Artwork of Louis Eisner on Mutual Art


Only 8% of UK Artists Come From Working-Class Background; New study making waves in the UK finds that people from low-income backgrounds are less likely to become artists — but that’s always been the case

Did Someone With a Trust Fund Paint This? Exhibition in Berlin shines a light on class, showing how social and financial inequality affect how art gets made, sold and displayed; Wall labels highlighting facts like how artists received funding for their work and the professions of their parents

Ed Ruscha 'Tom Sawyer Paintings' at Gagosian, Rue de Ponthieu, Paris

The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World, 2022 Edition; Highlights those who are often rendered powerless in a system ruled by the oversized influence of the super-rich and their courtiers


Uncomfortable Artists Worry Over AI-created Artworks

See the Video: At the Hammer, friends and intellectual combatants scholar Lawrence Weschler and Google Scientist Blaise Agüera y Arcas slug it out over their current, and often divergent, perspectives on the creative potential of artificial intelligence

Artist Banned From Subreddit Over Work Resembling AI Art; Moderator for the popular community r/Art, which has nearly 22M users, told artist Ben Moran to “find a different style.”

Getty Images Is Suing the Company Behind Stable Diffusion, Saying the A.I. Generator Illegally Scraped Its Content; Stock image platform says that the A.I. firm violated copyright laws

‘aBiogenesis’ Reimagines the Primordial Soup Theory in a Mesmerizing Animation by Markos Kay


Kim Fay: Putting Detroit Art in The Spotlight; Real Art Detroit, an arts journal, Finds an Unexpected Champion in Art Report Today

Breaking Rad: The Transcendental Painting Group

10 Artists Who Gained Representation with Major Galleries in 2022

Now Online! Catalogue Raisonné, Franz Kline Paintings, 1950–1962; Thanks to Hauser & Wirth!

WSJ: The Best Art of 2022: Mesmerized by the Modern; Upheavals of modernism and industrialization shaped many of the year’s best art exhibitions, including shows on Matisse, Picasso and Turner


American Publishers Have Lost Their Mojo; Woke Sensativity Readers Call the Shots; The Long Shadow of ‘American Dirt’

In China, Young Women Become Accidental Symbols of Defiance; New generation of novice dissidents, many artists and writers—arrested after demonstrations against pandemic lockdowns is fueled by anger over a clampdown on freedoms and attacks on women’s rights

"This House Believes Wokeness Has Gone Too Far” Konstantin Kisin speaking at the Oxford Union

University Shutters Exhibition Featuring Klan Figures; Several students of color at Arkansas Tech deemed (white) Dominique Simmons’s anti-racism artworks “racially insensitive”

Overwhelmingly, Hamline faculty call for resignation of President Fayneese Miller in response to firing of professor for showing images of the Prophet Muhammad

Russian Artist Flees LGBTQ Crackdown; Shadow of Stalin

‘Now Is a Time for Rage’: on the Bloody, Anonymous Art of the Iranian Protests

Here Are the Artworks Destroyed by Pro-Bolsonaro Rioters in the Storming of Brazil’s Oscar Niemeyer-Designed Capital Buildings

The Long Arm of Chinese Censorship Has Reached Europe, Forcing Artists and Institutions to Watch What They Say Against Beijing

New Yorker Cartoons of the Week: See Them All!


Leafy Subjects Exemplify the Social Life of Trees of Shyama Golden’s Verdant Portraits

Carolina Caycedo’s Spiritual Fieldwork

A startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate; Make Sunsets is already attempting to earn revenue for geoengineering, a move likely to provoke widespread criticism

‘Bonsai Is One of the Few Art Forms That Is Really About Time’


What Experience Was

I want to note that what is different today, and maybe significantly so, is that this is age of the internet, of social media and big data mining. And I believe that the western hegemonic domination of internet platforms has provided a new means to control propaganda but the technology itself has played a role in the manufacturing of a of particular western delusion in its users and audience. It is also, at the same time, manufacturing a new kind of delusional ruling class, and this tiny strata of extreme wealth is more psychologically deformed than any Caligula or Ludwig in history. Imagine the rise of the Third Reich in the age of social media.


Film Legends David Cronenberg, Jim Jarmusch, Pedro Almodóvar, and Abel Ferrara Joins Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring-Summer 2023 Campaign

Dior Collaborates With 11 Artists Around the World to Reimagine Its Iconic Lady Dior Bag; Artists were given carte blanche to create unique visions of the beloved accessory

Sculptor Virginia Overton Reflects on Her Star Turn in 2022, With Major Projects for the Venice Biennale, LaGuardia Airport, and Celine; Artist reveals the messages embedded in her mixed-media works employing found objects


Nate Freeman: Sam Bankman-Fried, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the Spectacular Hangover After the Art World’s NFT Gold Rush; Auction houses and talent agencies thought the Web3 works were a fast track to billions. If it weren’t for a global crypto meltdown, they might have pulled it off

The Crypto Bubble’s Burst. What Will Happen to the NFT Artworld? NFTs will neither save the world nor destroy it, but the fractures in its market reveal critical fixes needed in both the contemporary and crypto art space

Can Two People Who Own the Same Art Print Both Mint NFTs of It? + Other Artists’-Rights Questions, Answered

Podcast: Jerry Gogosian Asks Did Trump End NFTs?

NFT Buyers Are Suing Justin Bieber, Madonna, and Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Founders Over an Alleged ‘Scheme’ to Bilk Investors; Lawsuit claims A-list celebrities promoted products without disclosing the compensation they received



Bret Easton Ellis’s Great Defense of Gen X: ‘The Shards’ parachutes us back into the world before teenagers became so sensitive. ‘We were very, very free to explore things that might hurt us, potentially might damage us.’

A Genius at Suffering; On The Life & Writing of Russia’s Most Underrated Writer Vsevolod Garshin (1855–1888)

New Criterion: The Big O: The Reputation of George Orwell; On George Orwell’s fame

Has Academia Ruined Literary Criticism? Literature departments seem to provide a haven for studying books, but they may have painted themselves into a corner

Vita Sackville-West, the Insatiable Muse of Virginia Woolf

More Than a Muse: A New Biography Casts Kiki de Montparnasse as a Leader in the Heady Art Swirl of 1920s Paris

New Criterion: Martin du Gard’s Monster in a Box; On the author and his unfinished novel 'Lieutenant-Colonel de Maumort'

The Top Art Books Of 2022—Chosen By The Art Newspaper's Books Team

WSJ: The 10 Best Books of 2022; Our selection of the finest fiction and nonfiction of the year


Some of the strangest food (and food-related) products of 2022; You may not crave a ketchup popsicle, but you’re talking about it. And that’s the point

We Predict These Will Be The Biggest Food Trends of 2023

Artist Helen Pashgian’s Recipe For Summer Corn

An Artist and Chef Collaborated to Imagine the Dinner of the Future. It Involves Animation, Virtual Reality, and… Not Being Able to See Your Food; Multi-sensory experience at Superblue Miami lets you dine in virtual reality

I Can’t Believe It’s Butter: 7 Delectable Artworks That Pay Homage to the Beloved Dairy Product

Alison Roman: Chicken Pot Pie


Here Are 6 of the Most Daring Design Shows to See This Month (Think Chainsawed Furniture, Hamburger Vases, and Giant Crystals); These designers are starting the year with a bang

Streamliner Trains that Oozed the Elegance of Old World Travel

Andrew Berardini
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Interview: Jenkin van Zyl on his death-defying art; ‘Setting myself on fire was idiotic. But the shot is amazing’; Could this prosthetics-wearing, jockstrap-clad raver be the UK’s most exciting new artist?

Finding Awe Amid Everyday Splendor; New Field Of Psychology Has Begun To Quantify An Age-Old Intuition: Feeling Awe Is Good For Us

Sculptor and Tapestry Weaver Pae White on Finding the Perfect L.A. Studio and Jorge Pardo, the Artist’s Ex Whose Works Still Fill It

Arspublicata is Online Compendium of Contemporary Fine Art Editions: Click Here for Artists, Click Here for Catalogues Raisonnes, Click Here for Artist Editions

Yau: Seeing Ourselves in Greg Colson’s Quirky Pie Chart Paintings

New Film Takes On ‘The Scream’ Creator Edvard Munch: ‘His Art Is Famous, But Not the Artist’; Four different screenwriters and actors, each focusing on a different period


What Did Ace Critic Jerry Saltz Say at His Recent Lecture at the Dallas Museum of Art?

Organized by Curator Michael Duncan, 'Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group, 1938–1945' at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Ezrha Jean Black: Ten More to Remember and Not Just Because... Postscript to the 2022 Artillery Top Ten

Wow! Making Art with Robots: 13 Questions with Wen Wormhole the text to AI Artist Behind a Glam Rock Alternate Universe

Fabulous Felines: Why Female Artists Love Stroking, Painting and Spoiling Cats: Suzanne Valadon fed hers caviar. Leonor Fini kept two dozen. And when Tracey Emin lost hers, the missing posters fetched £500 each

Pussy Riot Rocks Reykjavík, Iceland: Coursing through 'Velvet Terrorism' is graphic evidence of how these spirited women have been constantly attacked by the patriarchy; Putin considers a serious threat


What Monks Can Teach Us About Paying Attention; Lessons from a centuries-long war against distraction

Victor Davis Hanson: The Coup We Never Knew

Don't Force Anything: Alan Watts

The Stoics: You Can Find Peace

Doug Harvey: A Few of Jeffrey Vallance’s Favorite Things

Party Pics! Our Fave Con Gal Anna Delvey Rings in the New Year With a House (Arrest) Party

ArtNet: 13 Artists Poised to Break Out Big in 2023, According to Naomi Beckwith, Marilyn Minter, and Other Art-World Insiders

Artist Ai Weiwei Reads Dalai Lama's New Letter to the World: 'The Art of Hope'

New Year Honours 2023: Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry, acclaimed artist, John Akomfrah, known for video installations dealing with post-colonialism and migration and Brian May of Queen Have Been Knighted

Kim Fay in Detroit: Vincent Van Gogh at The Detroit Institute of Arts; Turns Everything I Thought I Knew About Van Gogh on Its Head

Tempera Lives at the Huntington

The Ice Floe As Canvas; Finnish Artist David Popa

Christine Rasmussen 'Liminal Transcendence' at George Billis Gallery

Part One: In the Middle of the Pacific
Part Two: Cheerleading the Arts


Meow Wolf Will Open Its Fourth Immersive Art Outpost in Suburban Texas, Where It’s Promising ‘Caring’ Vibes

Review: “Movement: The Legacy of Kineticism” at the Dallas Museum of Art

New York City Ballet Art Series Presents DRIFT’s Shylight

In Mexico City, an Immersive Frida Kahlo Extravaganza Is Running on the Fumes of Her Legend, Trading Art History for Pure Vibes; Like watching the 2002 Hollywood movie 'Frida,' only even less accurate and without plot, characters, or setting

Special Treat for Frida Kahlo Fans: a Virtual Recreation of Her Red House and Personal Belongings; History and Stories

Lazers and Mist Over Wilshire: Rita McBride's Curve of Beauty at Hammer Opens March 26, 2023


Queen Victoria Kept Journals, Illustrating Many of the Entries With Drawings and Watercolours

Detailed Illustrations Brim with Manic Mayhem in Mattias Adolfsson’s Exuberant Sketchbooks

Leaves, Insects, and Human Anatomy Converge in Delicate Pencil Drawings by Amahi Mori

An Evocative Year in New Yorker Illustrations; Collection of some of the most striking images of 2022


Doug Harvey: Coming Ravelled: The Crochet Coral Reef as Outsider Art

Embroidered Snacks and Mass-Produced Food by Alicja Kozlowska Chew On Consumerist Culture

A Centuries-Old Decorative Tradition Inspires Michelle Robinson’s Vibrant Weavings

'Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories' at the Skirball


How the Young, Bold, Guts Gallery Is Reshaping the Art Trade to Make it More Equitable for the Next Generation of Artists (and Collectors); Ellie Pennick's Guts Gallery is an unlikely success story within an art world shaped by elitism

Art Trade Benefits as Wealthy Russians Flock to Sanction-Free Dubai

‘Money Has Never Interested Me’: How Biennial Stars (and Their Dealers) Fund Ambitious Work, Even When Buyers Couldn’t Care Less; One dealer pulls money from a construction business she runs on the side. Artists become grant-application experts. These are the economic realities of the biennial circuit

When Dominating the Art Market Is the Family Business; The Players


New York City Is Under Fire for Whitewashing Tunnel Street a Tunnel Famed for Its Display of Historic Graffiti Art

The 191st Street Tunnel Featured in the Musical Film "In The Heights"

New Trends in Street Art: Photo Realistic, X-Rayed

Wynwood Walls 2022, Wynwood, Miami

Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week

Artist Amok Island; Seeking inspiration via underwater photography

‘I Wanted This Project to Have a Planetary Dimension’: Street Artist Invader on Installing More Than 4,000 of His Mosaic Works Around the World


Artist Digitally Recreates Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unbuilt Masterpieces

John Lautner’s Garcia House Hits the Market; Modernist masterpiece is suspended 60 feet above a canyon in Los Angeles

A Nostalgic Look at When Architects Tried To Make the Office Better; Reviews New Tachen Book "The Office of Good Intentions: Human(s) Work"

A New Photography Exhibit Highlights Paul Revere Williams’ Architectural Influence In Nevada

Zaha Hadid Architects Helped Design a Superyacht for the Royal Family—But It Was Never Built

These 3 Artists Find Inspiration in the Built Environment; Working with cut paper, organic cotton, and oil on canvas, these visual artists reinvent the architectural world as they see it

When Sex & Kitsch Collide: A Brief Compendium of Weird Retro Tubs

Architecture of Transscalarity: In Conversation with Andrés Jaque, Spanish architect of Rambla Climate-House and Reggio School

Rainforest? Turn left after the drawbridge! Inside the Reggio School, Madrid’s eye-popping living school; One of the most inventive schools ever built

Can 3-D Printing Help Solve the Housing Crisis? Standard construction can be slow, costly, and inefficient. Machines might do it better

Wow! Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stunning Final Design Hits the Market; The Circular Sun House is located in Phoenix

A Lifetime of Architecture: Explore The Works of Legendary Architect Jean Nouvel

Behind its undulating lines and swirling excesses, Art Nouveau was far more complex and nuanced than we once believed

Building Mormonism: History and Controversy in the Architecture of the Latter-day Saints

Must Read! Top 10 Architectural Oddities of 2022

Year in Architecture News and Events in 2022


God and Man At Applebee’s In ‘Field of Mars’ at NYU Skirball Center; Riffing on the origin of humanity

Review: Samuel L. Jackson, John David Washington, Danielle Brooks Turn in a Resounding Version of “The Piano Lesson”

Photographer Tristram Kenton’s Best Stage Shots of 2022

From 'Bad Cinderella' to 'Life of Pi': the biggest Broadway shows of 2023, In Pictures!

Broadway: Good News, Bad News as “Funny Girl” Breaks Record, Two Shows to Close

“Merrily We Roll Along” and “Some Like It Hot” Bring Blockbuster Energy to the Stage; Brilliant casting and a palpable sense of joy make old stories feel new

Interview: The ‘Little Theatre’ and Big Personality That Made Justin Tanner a Playwright; Through much of the 1990s, Diana Gibson’s Cast Theatre in Hollywood was Tanner’s personal playhouse, but a new play peeks backstage at the hidden costs of that odd arrangement


Collector Suzanne McFayden on Finding Art That Moves the Soul

How Collector Katrin Bellinger Brings Artists’ Studios into Her Home

Inside an Art Connoisseur’s Carefully Calibrated Paris Pied-à-Terre

Venture Capitalist Jarl Mohn on How He Mounted a Three-Ton Michael Heizer Boulder in His Office; He splits his collections of Minimalist/Light and Space art and pieces by emerging and underrecognized L.A. artists between his New York and Los Angeles homes

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