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Most Breathtaking Photographs of the 2024 Solar Eclipse; You didn’t need to be in the path of totality to be awed

Rommelman: Tales from the Eclipse; It Wasn't Meant to Be Life-Changing. Or Was It?

Must Read! Meet Richard Eurich, Artist Who Inspired Ruscha's Fire Paintings

More on the Talented Richard Eurich (1903-1992)


Julia Friedman: A Freestyle Biennial; On What To Expect From The Upcoming Whitney Biennial

It’s Bye Boomers, Hello Millennials at This Year’s Whitney Biennial; 81st edition of the renowned exhibition is younger, more geographically diverse, and not so male anymore, Hyperallergic’s analysis shows

The ‘Dissonant Chorus’ of the 2024 Whitney Biennial Lost Me; What do the politics of this show add up to?

Ready for the Biennale, Renowned Irish Novelist Colm Tóibín Observes Venice Through the Eyes of its Artists and Writers; Wanders the City's Streets, Immersed in its Cultural Offerings With One Rule: No Idling

The Unmissable Off-Site Exhibitions in Venice

Rainey Knudson: Maiden and Matron: Simone Leigh in Texas

Kim Fay in Detroit: Diana Alva at Detroit Contemporary

Devin Osorio and Joaquín Stacey-Calle 'Delicadeza Óptica: Cada Vez Que Te Hablo Estamos Cocinando' at Charlie James Gallery

Jess Valice’s Blank-Eyed Figures Are Taking the Art World by Storm; The neuroscience student turned art world wunderkind's first of two solo shows with Almine Rech is currently on view in New York

Future or End of Filmmaking? Chat GPT Version of a 1950's Styled 'Dune' Trailer

Why Picasso Carried a Revolver? Picasso inherited a revolver from a famous playwright, loaded it with blanks, and used it on his admirers

Low Inventory; Two Works by Rare-to-Market Painter Florine Stettheimer Head to Christie’s

On The Edge: Los Angeles Art From The Joan and Jack Quinn Family Collection; Laguna Art Museum

We Finally Know How Much Money Meta Makes From Instagram; IG brought in more than a quarter of Meta's revenue in 2021

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp: The Artist As Wordsmith: The Ed Ruscha retrospective at LACMA—Now Then—takes on big questions about the passage of time and the march of civilization


Calvin Tomkins’s Profile of Sculptor Richard Serra in Which He Presents a Man Seemingly Inured to Criticism and Indifferent to Acclaim

Discover Richard Serra's Most Iconic Sculptures

Richard Serra Made Us Giddy and Afraid; Artist, Dead at 85, Offered a Strange – And Strangely Intimidating – New Way to Think of Sculpture

'Conversation with an Artist: Richard Serra'

The Richard Serra Sculpture That Was Just Too Much for Paris; How did the artist’s massive “Clara-Clara” (1983) end up in the backyard of a former water treatment facility on the city’s outskirts?

Richard Serra, Minimalist Sculptor Whose Steel Creations Awed Viewers, Dies at 85

Molten Magnificence: How Richard Serra’s Giant Steel Sculptures Bent Time and Space; American’s mighty masterpieces – straight, curved or set at thrilling angles – sucked everyone nearby into their mysterious gravity. Our critic pays tribute to art’s legendary man of steel


Disgraced Art Dealer Inigo Philbrick Is Out of Prison—and Planning a Comeback; 'I'd like to get re-established as an art dealer," he says in a splashy new Vanity Fair feature

Vanity Fair: The Saga! Episodes 1-6! The Confessions of Inigo Philbrick, Art Fraudster Extraordinaire; Pleaded guilty as part of the largest art fraud in US history. Now out of prison and “wearing the scarlet letter,” he’s searching for a second act.


The Phantasmagoric Allure of Leonor Fini; As Surrealism's centennial nears, its dark star Leonor Fini's legend is peaking. Her life was as idiosyncratic as her daring, sensuous work

Touch the Future: Outstanding Student Photographers; These Five Emerging Talents Have Earned Recognition from the Photo London x Hahnemühle Student award

Painter Jamian Juliano-Villani Talks About Her Current Show at Gagosian

Introducing Richard Bernstein, Creator of the ‘Interview’ Covers; New Show Revels in the Celebrity-Studded Culture of the 1980s

How Artists’ Personal Brands Bring in Big Bucks; From Marina Abramović’s Longevity Method skincare line to Jeff Koons’ limited-edition BMW 8 Series, licensing can be marketing gold and a money-making machine for artists

Viral Pranksters MSCHF Secretly Replaced a Sink at the Met Museum; "Met’s Sink of Theseus" is one of the works now on view at the collective's new show at Perrotin L.A.

'MSCHF Stole a Sink from The Met, but Don't Worry, They Replaced it With Their Own!'

A Short History of Artists Sneaking Their Work Into Museums


Patti Astor, Founder of Downtown New York’s Legendary Fun Gallery, Dies at 74

Bomb Magazine (2013): Patti Astor Talks About Her New Book And Her Role In The New York Art Scene of the 1980s

Patti Astor’s True Story of the Fun Gallery and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Newly Revealed Archive of East Village Eye Newspaper Gives Unusual View Into Forgotten NYC Arts and Music Underground; Defined by Artists Like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons and Keith Haring

Rocco Ritchie (Son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie) Has a New Show Titled "Pack a Punch." He Has Quietly Been Building a Body of Work as a London-based Artist

Painter Rocco Ritchie, Son of Madonna, Takes a Bow with Miami Pop-Up; From a young age, art 'gave me a place to escape,' the artist says in an interview

Review: The Art World and the American Hustle Meet in 'Problemista'; Julio Torres’s directorial debut takes a fantastical approach to depicting the very real trials of immigration and creative work

Trailer: 'Problemista' TIFF 2024

Little (Jasper) Johns Literally


Long, Yet Valuable Read: The New Science Of Death: ‘There’s Something Happening In The Brain That Makes No Sense’

Art Critic and Novelist John Berger Lost His Eyesight to Cataracts and Learned to See

Takashi Murakami’s New Works Fill His First Japanese Exhibition in Eight Years; “Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto” will run until September 1; 170 works, the vast majority are new


JR Punches a Tunnel Through Milan’s Central Railway Station In Latest Optical Illusion
The Street Artist’s New Public Art Commission Coincides With Milan Design Week

Graffiti ‘Takeover’ Roils Downtown Los Angeles

Art Report Today Has Been Publishing for 5 Years! (or 1,825 12-Hour Days!) Wish Us 5 More by Forwarding This News Platform to 5 Friends!

For Our Birthday Celebration, Join Us as We Sing Along with the Dark Bob, Now in the Smithsonian Collection!

“Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Happy Birthday!” by LA Performance Artist Pioneer, The Dark Bob

Julia Friedman: Me, Myself and Art History, Narcissism for All! Forty-five years ago, Christopher Lasch identified what has become a defining feature of modern activism: “the ever-present, neurotic need to be recognized and affirmed.”

Art Review: ‘Art in Saudi Arabia’: The Black Gold Rush

Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe’s Intimately Textured Portraits Challenge the Weight of Performance

Kim Fay in Detroit: Jim Chatelain at Paul Kotula Projects

Vivian Greven and Benjamin Houlihan Embrace Fragmentation; Inspired by a theory of the mind, ‘EGOSTATE’ brings together two artists who mirror each other in their dislocation

Sargent Claude Johnson, a Major Black Modernist, Emerges Anew in His First Survey in Decades

June Edmonds “Meditations on African Resilience” at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

How the Late Italian Painter Salvo Went From Also-Ran to Market Star; His dreamy landscapes have inspired Nicolas Party; smart management of his estate has helped earn new admirers

What is the Charlie James Gallery Showing at the Dallas Art Fair?

The Secret Pop-Up Exhibition, a Kunsthalle at LA International Airport, Surveys Light & Space

The Art of Sutherland Macdonald, Victorian England’s “Michelangelo of Tattooing” (ca. 1905)


Semaine de la Mode, Partie 5


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Must Read! Hills Snyder Review: Georganne Deen’s “When I Was a Riot of Spring” at Bale Creek Allen Gallery, Fort Worth

“The Greatest Collection of California Art that Nobody has Seen”

Art Market Expert Magnus Resch "How to Collect Art" with Jerry Gogosian

End of the Line? Saudi Arabia ‘Forced To Scale Back’ Plans For Desert Megacity; Crown prince’s pet project was sold as a 105-mile-long city of the future, but finances may have led to a rethink

Yau: When Paris Was the Center of New York’s Art World; Americans in Paris at the Grey Art Museum highlights the vibrancy and openness of the Paris scene for Americans


A “Civil War” Conversation; Is it Propaganda Masquerading as Neutral Drama? ... ... First 65% of “Civil War” Is Gripping But Also Relationship-Driven in a Spotty, Not-Great Way ... ... The Movie 'Civil War' is Live-action Role-playing Games for the Ladies of The View; You won’t find many negative reviews for 'Civil War' on Rotten Tomatoes ... ... Civil War: What Is It Good For? Absolutely nothing

'Civil War' Official Final Trailer

Evangeline AdaLioryn “Her Labyrinth” at Sebastian Gladstone

Art, Media, and Two Centuries of Avant-Garde Efforts, Part One of Two

Art, Media, and Two Centuries of Avant-Garde Efforts, Part Two of Two


Rex Reed: ‘Coup de Chance’ Is Woody Allen’s Best Film in Years

WSJ: Opinion: Woody Allen’s Cancellation Is a Crime Against Culture; Great director made his 50th film far from Hollywood, which has unjustly shunned him

“All the Romance of Filmmaking is Gone” Woody Allen on Paris, Cancel Culture, Retirement, and “The Whole Mortality Question”

Author Patricia Highsmith Was Almost as Twisted as Her Character Tom Ripley; She never murdered anyone—as far as we know—but the iconic author’s diaries and biographies reveal that the devious Highsmith had a lot in common with her most infamous character.

The Phantasmagoric Allure of Leonor Fini; As Surrealism's centennial nears, its dark star Leonor Fini's legend is peaking. Her life was as idiosyncratic as her daring, sensuous work

Sisters Roselyn and Alexandra Mathews Shed Light on Their Family’s Illustrious Art Collection; Prominent Texan family provides state-of-the-art lighting to top art institutions around the world, and has built an enviable collection to boot

"Christopher Marlowe’s Life Lasted For Twenty-Nine Years and Three Months, That Is, About 10,670 Days, and More Attention Has Been Paid To The Last Day Of It, Wednesday, May 30, 1593, Than To Any Other" A Review of Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life

From Raucous to Revelatory: The Unflinching Eye of Frans Hals; Just how aggressively did the artist booze?

‘We Were All Artists’: An Oral History of Times Bar; Moving to Berlin; Revisiting the Short-Lived but Legendary Artist-Run Bar in Berlin

“The Substantiality of Spirit” Georgiana Houghton’s Pictures from the Other Side'; First exhibited her abstract paintings in 1871

Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio Captures the Materiality of Disappearance and Resistance

How The Pit Became the Off-the-Beaten-Path LA Gallery Everyone Won’t Stop Talking About

Seance? Celebration? Christeene and her Fukkn Band Presents a Risqué Tribute to Sinead O'Connor


New Yorker Cartoons for the Week!



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Antoine Predock, Architect who Channeled the Southwest, Dies at 87

New Project From Annabelle Selldorf, the Art World's Favorite Architect, Plays Against Type

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13 Books to Read This Month; From a nostalgic comfort read to a jazz history, here are the books—brand new and backlist; Vanity Fair staffers can’t stop thinking about

'Poor Things,' the Weird Movie, Was A Weird Novel First

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Ezrha Jean Black: Acaye Kerunen Finds Purpose and Community in a Scarred Landscape; at Blum

Asher Liftin: 24-Year-Old Art World Darling, Whose Fans Include David Geffen, Stages His First Solo Show In New York City

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Oculi Mundi: Explore Old Maps of the Earth and Skies; Huge Resource

The Artificial Glacier Growing In The Desert

‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ to be Exhumed Off Colombia with $20B Sunken Treasure

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A Collection of Record Label Logos

Two Drawing Shows Dazzle at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

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More Fabric and Textile Arts, Click Here

Meet Basil Kincaid, the Artist-Quilter Making a Splash in Miami Beach; For the residency's twelfth year, the Rubell Museum leans into textile art

Aerial Embroidery by Victoria Rose Richards

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Backstory: How Gagosian’s Blockbuster LA Basquiat Show Happened; Stars and billionaire lenders had to align for the mega-gallery’s museum-quality show of the late artist’s work, currently on display in Los Angeles

I Speak for the Rainmaker; Performing the Fundraiser Role In The Nonprofit Art World

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Politics On a Plate: How Ceramics Became A Tool For Satire And Protest; New Exhibition Celebrates The ‘Trojan Horse’ Of The Decorative Arts

Ceramic Artist Toshiko Takaezu Is Getting A Posthumous Reappraisal, Thanks To Her Devoted Acolytes — And Major Shows Highlighting Her Poetic Forms

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Inside the Artist's Mind with Lee Ufan and His New Illy Design

Crafted in Wood

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The Gallery of the Future: Navigating the Evolving World of Digital Art; People will always crave a personal connection to art, and the value of in-person experiences will likely rise, not diminish, with digital access

The Prophets: Marshall McLuhan

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Investors and Banks Hoping to Cash in on the Success of ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ Are Pouring Funds Into Art Experiences for Klimt, Kahlo, and More; Immersive art experiences are proliferating around the globe, despite the often high price of tickets

Rihanna’s One-Time Cover Artist Is Opening an Immersive Museum in New York; Created by Roy Nachum, Mercer Labs occupies the former Century 21 building

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Incredible Maps Reveal Where In The Body Different Types Of Music Are Felt - From Sad Songs In Your Chest To Happy Tunes In Your Toes

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” Turns 100; Champion of the great American songbook reveals how Gershwin’s brother, Ira, shaped a musical masterpiece

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Here’s How to See Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli on Broadway

Review: John Douglas Thompson and Alfred Molina’s clash of titans transcends dated ‘Inherit the Wind’; Director Michael Michetti

Office’ star Steve Carell is headed to Broadway; Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”

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An Up to Date Overview: Empty Frames and Other Oddities From The Unsolved Gardner Museum Heist

FBI Boston Special Agent Describes Return of Okinawan Artifacts; Taken at the end of World War II

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New Trailers, Film Reviews, News!

Official Teaser Trailer 'Joker: Folie à Deux'

Going Gaga! Lady Gaga Puts on Showstopping Performance in First Trailer For 'Joker: Folie À Deux' As Fans Say ‘Peak Cinema Is Back’; Lady Gaga has an impressive Academy Award-nominated filmography

See More World Cinema, Click Here!

We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

How a fake Van Gogh Encouraged Barbra Streisand To Buy The Real Thing; Star's autobiography reveals her admiration for a “self-portrait” owned by a Hollywood producer; "This was the first time I realised that some people could actually buy a great painting and have it in their home. That was amazing to me.”

Inside a Family-Friendly, Art-Filled Manhattan Home; Yana Peel, the global head of arts and culture at Chanel, wanted something urban, sexy, arty, and design focused

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Touch the Future: Outstanding Student Photographers; These Five Emerging Talents Have Earned Recognition from the Photo London x Hahnemühle Student award

Introducing Richard Bernstein, Creator of the ‘Interview’ Covers; New Show Revels in the Celebrity-Studded Culture of the 1980s

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Amazing Mother Nature, Click Here

20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

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JR Punches a Tunnel Through Milan’s Central Railway Station In Latest Optical Illusion
The Street Artist’s New Public Art Commission Coincides With Milan Design Week

Graffiti ‘Takeover’ Roils Downtown Los Angeles

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