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Matt Stromberg: See the Artworks! LA Art Show Has Some Hidden Delights; Despite some out-of-touch-uncle vibes, LA’s longest-running fair has a robust non-commercial section, affordably priced prints, and other delights

Revelations! Inside the Art Fraud Feud of the Century: An Explainer About What Exactly Went Down In That Manhattan Courthouse; Russian Businessman Dimitry Rybolovlev and Sotheby's

The Various Futures of Art Writing

Must See! Moonlight Etchings of the Forgotten Artist Martin Lewis who Taught Edward Hopper

Careful Now! Walking Backward Into Paintings! Art Insurer Warns Museums of an Unsuspected Threat: Selfies!

Reviews: When Museums Become Instagram Bait; Many of the works in When Forms Come Alive are irredeemably superficial, as colorfully lightweight as they come

Brooklyn Rail Interview with Paul Pfeiffer and His Pioneering Moving-Image Work

Artillery: Paul Pfeiffer “Paul Pfeiffer: Prologue to the Story of the Birth of Freedom” at The Museum of Contemporary Art

Why Culture Has Come to a Standstill; Times Critic Jason Farago Argues That Ours Is The Least Innovative Century For The Arts In 500 Years. That Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing

New Yorker: Video: Roger J. Carter’s Toy Soldiers and Black Revolutionaries; Justin Fairweather’s Short Film “Roger J. Carter: Rebel Revolutionary” Shows How The Artist Arrived At His Innovative Way Of Making Portraits of Black Figures

Bibliophile and Artist Richard Prince Takes On the Jokes of Milton Berle; In 2013, Prince Bought His Joke Files

See the Astonishing Artworks Planted in the Saudi Arabian Desert; Latest Desert X AlUla Biennial Features 15 Newly Commissioned Pieces That Explore The Unseen

AI Companies Take Hit as Judge Says Artists Have “Public Interest” In Pursuing Lawsuits; Federal judge rejected arguments from Stability AI, Midjourney and DeviantArt that the suit is intended to suppress its free speech

NPR Podcast: How The Art World Excludes You and What You Can Do About It; On Bianca Bosker and hrt tell-all about the art world's confounding, exclusive ecosystem; Borderline hostile

Surrealist Painter René Magritte Was a Master Forger, Too; Not only did he create fakes of artists such as Titian and Picasso, he also forged 100-franc bills; Saboteur of the bourgeois


Not a Lunar Pop-up Gallery! SpaceX Rocket Carrying Jeff Koons’s 125 Moon Sculptures Finally Takes Off; Koons Not Personally Aboard

Video of Rocket Lift-Off! Koon Remains on Earth; Sends Art Instead; On Instagram


Video: Parachuters Leap From Roof of Abandoned Los Angeles Skyscraper; Graffiti Hot Spot, Floor by Floor

Matt Stromberg: Artists “Make LA Graffiti History” by Painting on Abandoned High-Rises; “A Skyscraper Playground,” Said One Artist Who Helped Tag At Least 27 Stories Of An Unfinished Luxury Development


New York Could Make Graffiti a “Hate Crime”; Governor Kathy Hochul voiced her support for a bill that would apply the designation to several offenses including graffiti

Hochul Pushes Plan To Expand Hate Crimes To Include Graffiti, Arson And Rape After Wave Of Bias Incidents

Pissed Off They Had to Lip-synch on the Ed Sullivan Show, Michelle Phillips Ate a Banana; The Mamas & The Papas Perform "California Dreamin'" (September 24, 1967)

Five Highlights from Mexico City’s Material Art Fair

Artist Elbridge Ayer Burbank (1858-1949); Sketched and Painted More Than 1200 Portraits of Native Americans from 125 Tribes

GQ: How Anna Weyant Became The Most Talked About Painter In The Art World

Ozzie Juarez “OXI-DIOS” at Charlie James Gallery

Brit It Girl! 'Pauline Boty I am The 60s' Teaser Trailer; Boty (1938 - 1966)


Russian Artist Charged With Showing ‘Extremist Imagery’ Faces Four Years In Prison

Life Imitates Art As A 'Master And Margarita' Movie Stirs Russia; Celebrated Stalin-era satire, unpublished in its time, is partly a subversive sendup of state tyranny and censorship — forces bedeviling Russia once again today

Groovy David Bowie Sings 'Fame' in 1975 on Soul Train


Susan Barry on a Deaf Student’s Acquisition of Hearing and Ralph Leonard on Israel/Palestine

Kim Fay in Detroit: Andy T’s Urban Vision 2001-2024 at Stamelos Gallery

Airplane Mode: Seven Artists Who Were Bonkers for Aviation

When Modern Art Was Fascist

Deciphering Durer: The Mystery Object in a Famous Albrecht Dürer Print; What Might The Truncated Polyhedron Represent?

Who Painted the First Still Life?

The Stout Scarab: The World's First Minivan?

The Artist Holding Valuable Art Hostage to Protect Julian Assange; Using a Thirty-Two-Ton Swiss Bank Safe, Andrei Molodkin Says He Will Destroy Works By Picasso, Rembrandt, And Warhol If The Wikileaks Founder Dies In Prison

Could 16 Artworks Save Julian Assange's life?

Kenny Schachter in LA, Part II: Our Bon Vivant Falls in Love with L.A., Opening His Show While Dueling New York Neighbor; New Elon Musk Creation, An Art-Filled Boutique, And Big-Dollar Deals


One of Britain’s Most Celebrated Abstract Painters, Frank Bowling Sells Signed Prints To Buy Art Supplies For 100 Schools; Abstract Painter Hopes To Inspire Young People With Fine Art After Government Cuts Made It The ‘Preserve of The Elite’

At 89, Painter Frank Bowling Is Still Pushing the Art of Landscape Painting Forward; Two concurrent West Coast exhibitions, the British-Guyanese painter shows the breadth of his approach to landscape painting


A Triptych on The Lived Experience of Perceptual Reality (Ad Reinhardt, Robert Irwin, and “Stereo Sue” Barry) and a Riteous 4-Handed Stravinsky Chaser

Samson Tsoy & Pavel Kolesnikov: Stravinsky, 'The Rite of Spring' (Four Hands)

“The Shape of Time: Korean Art After 1989” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Which A-List Movie Star Donated a Mark Bradford to MOCA?

Inspiring Read! ‘Statues are of Dead Blokes. This is a Living Woman Kicking Arse’: How We Made The Fourth Plinth’s Alison Lapper Pregnant


On the Runway for Fashion Week; Part 2


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‘I Want Her To Be Known As Her Own Artist’: Who Was The Real June Carter Cash? New Documentary Aims To Add Depth To The Story Of The Singer-Songwriter Who Was Often Just Referred To As The Wife Of Johnny Cash

'June' Official Trailer; New Doc of June Carter Cash

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” Turns 100; Champion of the great American songbook reveals how Gershwin’s brother, Ira, shaped a musical masterpiece

Miron Schmückle and Hortus Conclusus "Nature Studies" at Setareh; See the Show!

These Beats Are a Beautiful Place to Be: Stavroz "Smile This Mixtape, No. 3'


A Love Story: Destiny United Christo And Jeanne-Claude to Wrap the World; Collaborative relationship—and a division of tasks according to their respective strengths—made each of their larger-than-life artworks manageable

Francis Bacon’s Tribute to Love Heads to Auction With a $25 Million Price Tag; Bacon created the work to commemorate the love of his life, Peter Lacy

9 Powerful Couples Who Moved Beyond the Binary of Artist and Muse; Here are romantic partnerships that have spawned creative collaborations, spanning from the the early 20th century to today's art world

15 Art History-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

New Images: ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’

The Spellbinding Totality of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy’s Love; New monograph hones in on the artist-couple’s collaboration

Brazilian Police Are Seeking the Arrest of Brent Sikkema’s Ex-Husband; Case Suspect Has Testified That Daniel Sikkema Paid Him $200,000 To Commit Murder

Street Artists Say Guess Is Copying Their Tags; In a lawsuit, the brand is accused of printing “verbatim reproductions” of Bates and Nekst’s signatures on articles of clothing without the artists’ consent

There Is No Original Past to Redeem: A Letter to Ana Mendieta

Interview with Co-Founder and Director Brett W. Schultz; Mexico City’s Material Fair, Known for Its Line-Up of Cutting Edge Galleries, Celebrates 10 Years!


New Yorker Cartoons for the Week!



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9 Black Modernist Architects And The Landmarks They Designed

Three Inspiring Visions Compete as 2024 Forge Prize Finalists

Inside Taiwan's Architecture Studios Through The Lens of Architectural Photographer Marc Goodwin

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How To Write A Comic Book; from Film Courage

10 Books That Every Surfer Should Read; On 'Wave Woman,' If this book had come out in 1963 it may have changed the entire direction of the sport

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Ezrha Jean Black: Acaye Kerunen Finds Purpose and Community in a Scarred Landscape; at Blum

Asher Liftin: 24-Year-Old Art World Darling, Whose Fans Include David Geffen, Stages His First Solo Show In New York City

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Oculi Mundi: Explore Old Maps of the Earth and Skies; Huge Resource

The Artificial Glacier Growing In The Desert

‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ to be Exhumed Off Colombia with $20B Sunken Treasure

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Edel Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid to Live With the Consequences; Political artist drew some of the most provocative images of the Trump presidency. “Worm,” his new graphic memoir of emigrating from Cuba to the U.S., skewers the powerful once more

'The Seven Lady Godivas': Dr. Seuss’s Little-Known “Adult” Book of Nudes

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Threads of Potential – The Market For Textiles By Women Artists

East Sussex institution hails the pioneering queer couple who changed textiles; Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is displaying an exhibition that pays homage to the unsung influence and secret history of Hilary Bourne and Barbara Allen

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Off the Court and Field, Top Athletes Become Players in the Art Market; Sports figures are increasingly becoming serious collectors, helping drive interest in contemporary art and particularly in artists of color

In Los Angeles, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Opens a Bar That Transforms as the Night Wears On; With the help of advanced projection and audiovisual work, the whiskey brand has invented a new kind of night out

On Balance: Hauser & Wirth and Nicola Vassell Unveil New ‘Collective Impact’ Model for Small Galleries; Industry Moves

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Gravity-Defying Sculptures Shatter Traditional Notions of Pottery; Inspired by the Dutch tradition of Delft blue pottery that imitated Chinese porcelain, Patrick Bergsma incorporates handcrafted bonsai trees into his exploding works

Neil Brownsword: Exploring Exchanges Between China And The West Through Ceramics

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Inside the Artist's Mind with Lee Ufan and His New Illy Design

Crafted in Wood

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Artist Duo Drift Will Open a Museum in Amsterdam to Showcase Their Epic Installations in Their ‘Full Glory’; The Drift Museum—featuring an indoor harbor, no less—is slated to open in 2024 or 2025

Scent of Eternity’: The Smell of Egyptian Mummies Is the Focus of a Denmark Museum Exhibition; To recreate the embalming scent

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Incredible Maps Reveal Where In The Body Different Types Of Music Are Felt - From Sad Songs In Your Chest To Happy Tunes In Your Toes

In An Ancient Church In Germany, A 639-Year Organ Performance of a John Cage Composition Is About To Have Its Next Note Change

‘I Want Her To Be Known As Her Own Artist’: Who Was The Real June Carter Cash? New Documentary Aims To Add Depth To The Story Of The Singer-Songwriter Who Was Often Just Referred To As The Wife Of Johnny Cash

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” Turns 100; Champion of the great American songbook reveals how Gershwin’s brother, Ira, shaped a musical masterpiece

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National Theatre at 60, from Hamlet to Dear England; In Posters!

'The Hunger Games' Stage Play Is Coming to London in 2024

At Rehearsal, Danny Boyle’s 'Free Your Mind' remixes 'The Matrix'; Immersive production inspired by the 1999 sci-fi film is the opening show at Manchester’s Aviva Studios – take a first look at rehearsals

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Perk of the Job? Italian Politicians Call On Government To Sack Culture Minister Involved in Art Theft Case; Vittorio Sgarbi Has Been Accused of Laundering A Stolen 17Th-Century Painting Attributed To Rutilio Manetti

At Rybolovlev Trial, the Creator of FBI's Art Crime Team Explains How to Spot a Dirty Art Adviser

Spanish Police Make Mass Arrest of Climate Activists Following Museum Demonstrations

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New Trailers, Film Reviews, News!

'A Quiet Place: Day One' Official Trailer (2024); Third film in the blockbuster series; Written and directed by Michael Sarnoski; Director of the excellent “Pig” (2021) with Nicolas Cage

'Baltimore' Trailer; Starring Imogen Poots; Based on the infamous true story of the English heiress who became an Irish revolutionary; Filmmaker duo Joe Lawlor & Christine Molloy

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We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

Art acquired by the late ‘Ghostbusters’ director Ivan Reitman could fetch more than $60m at Christie’s New York; Collection is led by Pablo Picasso’s 'Femme endormie' (1934) which the auction house estimates will sell for between $25m and $35m

Philanthropist Pete Scantland Goes Running With Artists and Dreams of Camping Out at the Met; Billboard baron has cultivated a vast treasure trove of contemporary art, including works by Derek Fordjour, Jenna Gribbon, and Tau Lewis

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Exposed: Meta’s $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction

Edith Piaf AI-Generated Biopic in the Works at Warner Music

AI-Generated Actor Jimmy Stewart Narrates A New Bedtime Story For Calm App 25 Years After His Death; Family Gave Permission

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Ocean Photographer of the Year Contest Highlights the Stunning Sights Above and Below the Surface

Photographs at Auction, a Survey of Historical Greats

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20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

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Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week

‘Nice Surprise’ Street Art Festival Re-Cap

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