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What Ought We to Do With Great Art Made by Monstrous People?

Is It OK To Love the Art of a Morally Repugnant Artist? 'Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma' By Claire Dederer Review

Australia’s Richest Art Prize, Ramsay Art Prize 2023: Ida Sophia Wins $100,000 For ‘Deeply Emotive’ Video Work

A Rear View of Art History; New exhibition offers a sensitive and probing critique of what it is like to both view and occupy a contemporary female body

Tate Britain’s Rehang: A Zombie Social Art History

Have We Reached the Endpoint of Revivalism? Art has long looked to the recent past for inspiration, but might the return of post-Internet art just be too much, too soon?


The Best Booths at Frieze New York 2023, From a Jack Whitten Tribute to a Lament for Roe v. Wade’s Overturning

NADA New York Viewing Rooms; Moves to West Chelsea for 2023 Edition

Data Spotlight: Trending Artists to Watch at New York’s May 2023 Fairs

Christie’s Small But Mighty 21st-Century Sale Reached $100 Million, Aided by Larry Gagosian’s Covert Bids and a Strong Showing of Women Artists; Early Jean-Michel Basquiat painting was the top lot of the night

Phillips scores $69.5m in New York evening sale, led by Banksy’s take on Basquiat; Painting by Noah Davis reached more than nine times its low estimate after a 12-minute bidding war

Photographer Ryan McGinley’s Unfiltered Debut Show ‘The Kids Are Alright’ Defined a Generation. 20 Years Later, the Artist Takes a Look Back; Whitney Museum exhibition catapulted the New Jersey skate kid to art world fame

Podcast: An Oral History of Ryan McGinley’s ‘The Kids Are Alright,’ 20 Years Later; Artist Ryan McGinley looks back at his seminal photography exhibition and its lasting impact

Experiential Salon? Immersive Gallery? Inside Luxuny, New York’s ‘Most Bizarre’ Secret Penthouse

Shana Nys Dambrot: Michael Hilsman at Various Small Fires

This is How Willem de Kooning’s “Woman-Ochre” Was Stolen! ’The Thief Collector’ Official Trailer


Texas Artist and Educator Vernon Fisher, 1943 – 2023

In Memoriam: A Personal Recollection of Vernon Fisher


'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse' (2023) Official Trailer

How "Spider-Verse" Forced Animation to Evolve

How Animators Created the Spider-Verse

How 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse' Was Animated

Short Film ‘Yona’ (2023) A Soldier Faces Death in this Impressive CG Animation; Made in France by filmmakers Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin "Teau" Rose

Julia Friedman: Nudity and Nonconsensual Viewing: The question of whether an artwork is offensive is now determined by the least generous interpretation of the most sensitive viewer.

Yau: New York Has Something to Learn From San Francisco; The city could use more political public murals like those of the artist known as Rigo 23

Artists Petrit Halilaj and Álvaro Urbano Have Filled a 9th-Century Venetian Church With a Fantastical Menagerie—Crowned by a Giant Floating Egg; San Lorenzo di Venezia, burial place of Marco Polo, is currently home to the installation "Lunar Ensemble for Uprising Seas."

Kang Seung Lee 'The Heart of A Hand' at the Vincent Price Art Museum


Rebuilding Jerusalem

The saying that people can more easily imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism has been attributed to several people. Frederic Jameson among them. I have no idea. But it is true. Frederic Lordon’s book The Willing Slaves of Capitalism begins his gloss on Marx (in a sense) with Spinoza.

“Spinoza calls ‘conatus’ the effort by which ‘each thing, as far as it can by its own power, strives to persevere in its being.” Frederic Lordon (Ibid)

Spinoza is undergoing a kind of renaissance these last ten years. Or maybe twenty. And this is probably a good thing. *Conatus* is not an easy or simple concept. It is in essence the basic energy that comes with existential awareness. It is that which sets Being in motion. Lordon says it is that fundamental energy that sets bodies in motion. But I think it is meant as something even more an elemental — that which makes it possible to speak of bodies in motion, to be aware. The energy from which comes awareness, perhaps.

Say Congrats to the New 2023 Guggenheim Fellows!

Step Inside Gajin Fujita’s Echo Park Studio, Where the Artist Blends Edo-Era Japanese Imagery With L.A. Street Art

The Secret to Owen Wilson's Infinite Chill? Art. And Lots of It!

Emily Colucci Broke the Story: ’I Started a Sh*tstorm or Contemporary Art Journalism Is Embarrassing'; On the Tom Sachs Scandal and Lazy Journalists

Kim Fay in Detroit: Group Show Dedicated to the Creative Life of Detroit; 'Get Together' at Reyes | Finn


When Life Imitates a Wes Anderson Movie; Photographer Ava Williams’s TikTok video of an Anderson-style train ride unleashed a new cinematic subgenre on the platform

Call John Waters! VR ‘Smell-O-Vision’ May Enable Users to Detect Dozens of Odors

Quilters of Gee’s Bend Head to the Blockchain, Collaborating With a Young Generative Artist on a Series of NFTs

The Digital: Consumer vs. Appreciator

Emily Dickinson’s Apple Computer House; The 19th-century poet, whose verse still resonates with its open-ended sense of how language produces meaning, is a model for a group of Brooklyn coders inventing a more humane computer

Is Crafting ‘Super Prompts’ for A.I. Generators the Art of the Future? Probably Not; A.I. Clement Greenberg would like to have a word

Harry Potter by Balenciaga Via AI

Star Wars by Balenciaga Via AI

The Office by Balenciaga Via AI

Molly Crabapple Has Posted an Open Letter by 1,000 Cultural Luminaries Urging Publishers to Restrict the Use of ‘Vampirical’ A.I.-Generated Images; Letter pulls no punches, saying generative A.I. 'sucks the lifeblood' from living artists’

‘Cool Time To Be Making Sh*t’: Why Artist Illma Gore Is Optimistic About The Rise of AI

The Andy Warhol Copyright Case That Could Transform Generative AI; US Supreme Court’s upcoming decision could shift the interpretation of fair use law—and all the people, and tools, that turn to it for protection

Bari Weiss: Is AI the End of the World? Or the Dawn of a New One? Bari Weiss converses with Sam Altman, the man behind ChatGPT, about the risks and responsibilities of the artificial intelligence revolution

Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation Presents The Feminine in Abstract Painting


Prominent Art Advisor Lisa Schiff Has Been Hit With a Second Lawsuit, Alleging She Embezzled Nearly $3 Million; Suit spells out details of alleged art fraud on more than a dozen transactions

Blucifer, a Towering, Terrifying Demon Horse Isn't Even The Weirdest Part of the Denver International Airport; Flat-Earth Conspiracy Theory? Illuminati Headquarters? Roswell? Gargoyle Breeding Grounds?

Billionaire Hubert Neumann arrested during bitter family feud over ‘world-class’ art collection reminiscent of HBO hit ‘Succession’

Woman Who Wrote A Book on Grief After Her Husband’s Death Is Charged With His Murder

In August 1911, the Shocking Theft of the Mona Lisa Appeared to Have Been Solved 28 Months Later, When the Painting Was Recovered. In an Excerpt From Their New Book, the Authors Suggest that the Audacious Heist Concealed a Perfect, and Far More Lucrative, Crime!

"Master!" Is a Brazilian Art School Actually a Cult? Former students of the Atelier do Centro have come forward with horrific allegations of abuse by Rubens Espirito Santo, the man they once called “Master”

Spanish Police Have Seized Five Fake Goya and Velázquez Paintings Supposedly Worth a Collective $84 Million; Works will go on view in an exhibition of seized forgeries curated in conjunction with Spanish police

Ghosted by East Village Gallery, Artists Demand Answers; Several artists say the curator of the East Village Art Collection disappeared after charging them participation fees for an exhibition that never happened

Angela Catherine Hamblin the Dealer Who Fled the U.S. After Being Convicted of Selling Fake Art by Franz Kline and Milton Avery Has Just Been Extradited After Hiding in Scotland; Sold $400K of Paintings

Confession of Rape! Backlash Mounts Against David Choe, the Muralist Who Painted Facebook’s Headquarters, After an Interview Clip of Him Describing a Rape Resurfaced Online

Stories of Art History’s Detectives; Provenance researcher must be a detective, figuring out alternative ways to get at information that major participants in the trade are often unwilling to disclose

Most Valuable Object to Sink With the Titanic Was a Colossal Neoclassical Painting. Here’s the Painting’s Unusual Backstory; Brought onboard by a Swedish businessman, Merry-Joseph Blondel's little-known 19th century work had the highest insurance claim of any single item


Introducing our new sister site devoted to cinema, film and movies! Click Here!

Our lead film critic Justin Tanner reviews "Sanctuary", starring two admirable actors Margaret Qualley (”Stars at Noon”) and Christopher Abbott (”Possessor”). He writes, "The premise — before it gets lost in an avalanche of preposterous developments — is actually a good one: A long time submissive wants to end his relationship with his dominatrix. And she doesn’t take it very well."

[Cannes 2023] Asteroid City Review: A Top-Tier Wes Anderson Original With A Magical Sci-Fi Edge

Director Alfonso Cuarón Reacts to Martin Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon"

'The Flash' Final Trailer

Raunchy? Sexy? Depraved? ‘The Idol’ Makes Cannes Debut: Propulsive, Eerie, and Ready for the Discourse; After the buzzy premiere, an emotional Sam Levinson explained that his intentions were sincere

The Plot Details of ‘The Idol’ Are as Wild as Everyone Expected — and Then Some; “He’s so rapey.” “I kinda like that about him.” That’s just one exchange in this fever dream of a series

We Will Miss Him: Quentin Tarantino Announces the Death of ‘Once Upon A Time’ Character Rick Dalton; Died at home in Hawaii; Age 90

Quentin Tarantino Expands Rick Dalton’s Backstory: John Carpenter Turned Him Down for ‘The Thing’; The auteur expanded on the lore of Leonardo DiCaprio's recently deceased Dalton, claiming the movie star appeared in TV's "Mission: Impossible" before getting rejected for the 1982 sci-fi thriller

A24’s Nazi Drama ‘Zone of Interest’ Is a Cannes Sensation With 6-Minute Standing Ovation

Cannes 2023: Finding the Truth in Jessica Hausner's Film 'Club Zero'

Jessica Hausner’s ‘Club Zero’ Gets Booed at Cannes

'Club Zero,' from director Jessica Hausner [Cannes Clip]

Cannes critics drool over French 'food porn' love story; Kitchen of a 19th-century French chateau is home to an endless gastronomic feast in "The Pot-au-Feu", an ode to food with a simmering love story at its heart which left Cannes critics drooling

The Musical 'The Color Purple' Official Trailer; Produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones

From 'Decision to Leave' to 'RRR', These are the Best International-Language Movies of 2022

Quentin Tarantino recreating 70s movies for his final film The Movie Critic, says Director Paul Schrader

How Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer Recreated A Nuclear Explosion Without Using CGI

Enshrined in the Cultural Zeitgeist for All Eternity, Christopher Walken’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Watch Monologue Means More Than You Think; "The way your dad looked at it, this watch was your birthright."

Kenneth Anger, Pioneering Experimental Filmmaker, Dies at 96; Admired by some, scorned by others, he courted controversy with his fetishized films 'Fireworks' and 'Scorpio Rising' and his scandalous 'Hollywood Babylon' books

The Brilliant, Contradictory Vision of Kenneth Anger

72 hours in André Balazs’ Chateau Marmont with Kenneth Anger

The Fire is Gone: Kenneth Anger (1927-2023)

Sixteen Short Films of Kenneth Anger on YouTube

The Rotting World of ‘Decision to Leave’; Park Chan-wook’s detective noir, which premiered at Cannes one year ago, corrodes the boundary between image and the ‘real’ world

'Problemista' Official Trailer; Written and directed by star Julio Torres, with Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton, RZA, and Isabella Rossellini


Cool Visuals! "Mars and Beyond"; History and the Stars; Episode of Disneyland which aired on December 4, 1957; Directed by Ward Kimball

A German Man Just Learning How to Use a Metal Detector Uncovered a Hoard of Buried Byzantine Jewelry and Silver Coins; Discovery was made in what once was a Viking Age trade settlement


Van Gogh's Suicide: Ten Reasons Why The Murder Story Is A Myth; All The Evidence Suggests It Was The Artist Who Fired The Fatal Shot

Half of Van Gogh’s most expensive paintings have sold to Chinese collectors; Burgeoning growth of the East Asian market pushes up prices for the artist’s work

Van Gogh stars in 'After Impressionism' show at London's National Gallery


Filmmaker Joel Coen Puts His Spin on the Photos of Lee Friedlander; Working in his California home 3,000 miles away during Covid, the director struck a sympathetic chord with the venerated photographer. A book and two gallery shows resulted

NPR Talks With Photographer Boris Elgadsen: Photograph or... 'Promptograph?' Artist Questions Implications of AI Generated Images

The Camera Never Lies? Boris Eldagsen, Creator of AI Image, Rejects Prestigious Photo Award

Fifteen Seconds of Fame: Hollywood Extras

Eadweard Muybridge: Remember that time the Motion Picture was Invented (and Everyone was Naked)?


NYC Exhibition Extols the Charm of Restaurant Menus; Henry Voigt, a member of New York City’s Grolier Club, curated A Century of Dining Out from his personal collection of over 10,000 historical menus

Essential Design at Auction: Newson, Noguchi, Pearson, Eames and More!

Discarded Tatami Mats are Reborn as Contemporary Furniture

From Brooklyn to Chris Stapleton: Moch Hahn’s Roadtrip to Design

Gorgeous 20th Century Carpets at Auction


Review: Indigenous Artists Tell the Story of Hawaiian Surfing at the Heard Museum, Phoenix

First Time in Seven Years; The Glory and Chaos of the Eddie Aikau Invitational in Photos

Must See! Absolute Poetry: Mitch Parkinson Steals Joel Parkinson's Board After Drop In

Part One: In the Middle of the Pacific
Part Two: Cheerleading the Arts

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Unknown Landscapes Jessica Taylor Bellamy Explores the Wetlands

Theology is making a comeback as an important tool for interpreting art; The Visual Commentary on Scripture, an online resource bringing theology and art together, is collaborating with two major museums on “Unlocking Christian Art” and “Interfaith Discussions” projects

George Pocari “Things: A Story” at as-is.la


'A Bad Day for the Young Composer' and 'Work Begins on a Slave Ship'

In Pictures: Tate Modern Pairs Abstract Art Pioneers Hilma af Klint and Piet Mondrian—Who Never Met in Life But Shared a Love of Nature; Show includes more than 250 paintings, drawings and archival objects

The Tribe That Inspired Frida Kalho

An L.A., Watchmaker Joshua Shapiro, crafted a $70,000 timepiece. It could revolutionize the U.S. watch industry; American resurgence; 'Doing things differently'

'Anselm' Review: Wim Wenders’ Reverent 3D Portrait of Artist Anselm Kiefer

[Editor's Note: This warehouse is aspirational. Imagine!] 'Anselm' New Clip Official, Cannes Film Festival 2023

Alex Garner: Thornton Dial at Blum & Poe


Drummer and heavyweight boxer Stan Levey played with the best. According to the LA Times, he influenced the 'Cool School of Modern Jazz'

Drummer Stan Levey and Lighthouse All-Stars

Acting as Curator, David Salle Teaches Us How to See Anew, This Time Using a Private Collection Rich with Centuries’ Worth of Treasures

Butler Busts Out! Hammer Museum Chief Curator Connie Butler Chosen to Lead MoMA PS1

Kim Fay in Detroit: Zoe Mcguire at Library Street Collective

Did Claude Monet Learn His Extraordinary Use of Color From His Brother, a Pigment Chemist? A New Show Looks at the Influence of Léon Monet; Show includes never before seen paintings by Monet, as well as his adolescent sketchbooks


William Poundstone: Panoramas and Sara Velas

Doug Harvey's Less Art: Panoramarama


Gaudy Cartoon Cars Craze Turn Heads in Japan

Low-Key Collector Kept 230 Classic Cars Hidden Away in a Dusty Old Church. The Astonishing Trove Could Fetch Millions at Auction; Previously unknown collector amassed the stunning automotive collection over four decades

Stromberg: 10 Art Shows to See in LA This May: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vaginal Davis, Carlos Rosales-Silva, collaborations with AI, and more

Kim Fay in Detroit: Brenda Goodman 'Back on Willis Street' at Simone Desousa Gallery

Yau: Matt Bollinger, Painter of the Forgotten; By dealing with class in his art, Bollinger touches on the strain infecting the current “us and them” situation in the United States

Essay: The Ether Dreams of Fin-de-Siècle Paris; Sipped or Sniffed Ether and Chloroform in the 19th Century


This Week: Jazz Trumpeter (and Comedian) Jack Sheldon, Click Here!

Jack Sheldon on Cocaine! Pharma-Pure Laughs!

Let’s Use Jazz To Push Back Against Russia — It Once Worked Before! “Psychological Warfare.”


AI ‘Hot Or Not’ Tool Rates Celeb Faces: Sydney Sweeney And More Shocking Results

See their 'HotChat 3000' Click Here


This Anime Dating Game From the Art Collective MSCHF Wants to Make Filing Your Taxes Sexy (and Free); Tax preparation sim game will be available for free from April 4

Hammer Announces "Made in L.A. 2023" Artists

Rare, Beautiful Gustav Klimt Lake Landscape To Make Auction Debut; Around $45M

LACMA Collectors Buy 10 Works: Max Ernst, Theaster Gates and More!


Freeze Magazine:

Jerry Gogosian:

Review: Depravity and Delights in Nicole Eisenman’s Prints; If God (and the Devil) are in the details, the craft of printmaking proves a powerful outlet for exploring Eisenman’s most enduring themes

Augustina Wang at Sow & Tailor, Los Angeles

Explore Hundreds of Thousands of Japanese Woodblock Prints in a Ukiyo-e Archive

What is Sfumato in Art? (Italian for ‘gone up in smoke’, or ‘faded away’); 4 Key Examples

Click to See the Short Video!


The Healing Power of the World’s Most Valuable Scent; Attending the artist CHOKRA’s performance introduced me to oud’s original purpose as a sacred healing tool that helps one recover from illness, mentally and physically

Exploring the Ephemeral Appeal of Scent as Art; Scope of olfaction in art


First-Ever AI Fashion Week Debuts In NYC: ‘A New Realm Of Creation’

Theory of Style: What is style? It’s not fashion, exactly; Captured only beyond or around the rules

Artful Hats by Bes-Ben (American, 1898-1988)

The Button-Pushing Impresario of Balenciaga; How Demna engineered the rise—and near-fall—of the luxury fashion house

Evan Holloway in conversation with Julia Friedman


‘You’re Present for All of It’: Artists Open Up About Centering Sobriety in Their Creative Practices and How It Changed Their Lives

How Art, Music and Dance Affect Your Brain and Body

Our New PSA Video: 'You're Present for All of It"



Kim Fay: Putting Detroit Art in The Spotlight; Real Art Detroit, an arts journal, Finds an Unexpected Champion in Art Report Today


Can You Buy the Time of a Political Prisoner? Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, who remains behind bars at the Guanajay maximum security prison, talks to Claudia Genlui Hidalgo about his latest — and unconventional — project

Steven Spielberg: ‘No film should be revised’ based on modern sensitivity; Director has criticised the practice of re-editing older films while expressing remorse over removing guns in a later edition of ET

The Long Invisible Arm: Hong Kong Arts Funding Body Pulls Grants For Two Projects Over Concerns They May Have Violated National Security Law

How Fascism (Right or Left) Steals Our Lives and Souls: The Ten Most Disturbing Details in the Pop Film 'Starship Troopers': State Media, Perpetual War, Propaganda Aimed at Children... And More!

Months of Unrest in Iran Have Made It Even Harder for Artists and Galleries to Thrive. Here’s How They Are Still Fighting for Ideas

Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Defines "Woke"

Uh-Oh! Beware the Rise of Anti-Anti-Colonialism

J.K. Rowling Addresses Her Critics; As more people burned her books over the weekend, the author confronts the idea that she is ‘dangerous’ and ‘transphobic’

Agatha Christie Books Get Woke Makeover, Join Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming

New Yorker Cartoons of the Week: See Them All!


Fluorescent Photographs by Tom Leighton Highlight the Remarkable Complexities of Plants After Dark

Radical Examination of Monument Valley's Representation; Navajo Land, White Ideals; Alexandre O. Philippe's 'The Taking' Doc Trailer

Reel-to-Reel Recorder Animates Wildlife Automata Using Carl Sagan’s Warning of Climate Disasters

Director Oliver Stone as he reveals the true history of nuclear energy and its potential to solve climate change; Trailer for 'Nuclear Now', a Documentary

‘I’m After Something More Sublime’: Artist Sam Falls on Making Art Out of Nature to Capture the Nature of Time

‘Bonsai Is One of the Few Art Forms That Is Really About Time’


Don’t Miss These 7 Artist x Sneakers Collabs; From Keith Haring to KAWS; Available on Stock X

Artist Daniel Arsham, Hublot’s New Brand Ambassador, Just Installed a Giant Crystal Sundial High in the Swiss Alps

Ruinart Champagne Has Tapped French Artist Eva Jospin to Create Her Signature Large-Scale Baroque Cardboard Sculptural Environments

Video: "Cénotaphe" with Eva Jospin


Contemporary Showcases the International Impact of a Mexican Ceramics Factory; Pair of exhibitions brings Mexican ceramics to the Dallas Contemporary

Simon de Pury on How Technological Innovations Have Led to the Art World’s New Craze for Ceramics; How technologies from photography to blockchain have broadened collecting appetites

Traditional Design Meets Modern Function in Natura Ceramica’s Elemental Earthenware Vessels


Could the man jailed for John Lennon's murder be INNOCENT? New documentary says a SECOND gunman could have fired fatal shots and questions whether killer Mark Chapman was brainwashed by CIA

Review: The Doc 'Little Richard: I Am Everything'

The Doleful Minimalism of Max Richter; The composer is everywhere on film and television soundtracks, promising that we will dissolve in mist before the apocalypse arrives

Dorothy Ashby Was The Pioneer Harpist Who Opened Up The Instrument To Black Musicians Like Me

John Lennon’s Lover May Pang Recalls Being Set Up By Yoko Ono

Intro EDM! Einmusik b2b Jonas Saalbach live at Preikestolen in Norway for Cercle


Salman Rushdie Makes First Public Appearance Since Attack, Praising ‘Heroes’ Who Saved Him; Surprise Speaker At The Pen America Gala, The Author Said ‘If It Had Not Been For These People, I Most Certainly Would Not Be Standing Here’

British Writer Martin Amis Dies Aged 73; His death announced as the Cannes festival showing of a film based on his 2014 book "The Zone of Interest"

Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter; Collaborating on his memoir, “Spare,” meant spending hours together on Zoom, meeting his inner circle, and gaining a new perspective on the tabloids

Paris Review: Distinctly Emasculated; Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Sexual Anxiety

Douglas Murray: The Poet Who Captured Immortality, Stephen Spender was not a great poet. But he came close to greatness when he wrote about those who were

Congrats Jason Farago and Andrea Long Chu! 2023 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism

A Brief (and Fading) History of Literary Cohorts; Granta’s 'Best of Young British Novelists'

'Loving Highsmith' Trailer

Douglas Murray: Shakespeare’s Lesser Known Masterpiece; The Song From The Poet’s Play ‘Cymbeline’ Inspires Both Joy—And Sorrow

How The Poet Jorie Graham — Living With Cancer, Reeling From Her Mother’s Death — Wrote The Best Book Of Her Long Career

The Oddballs and Odysseys of Charles Portis; In “True Grit,” and other novels, Portis displayed a genius that went beyond character in the strictly literary sense

Writer Gary Indiana Doesn’t Travel in Any Circles

Short Fiction from Nobel Laureate Annie Ernaux: ‘The Young Man of Venice’ A thirty-year-old memory, a one-night stand and an art exhibition featuring this newly translated piece by the prize-winning author


‘You’re Present For All Of It’


New Film! 'Lessons in Chemistry' First Look; Based on the best-selling novel; Early 1960's, early feminist and reluctant star of America’s most beloved cooking show 'Supper at Six'

What Is Coronation Chicken? The History Behind the Dish. This curried chicken salad recipe with a regal history is well worth making for coronation watching and beyond

All Consuming: Art and the Essence of Food

Artist Georgia O'Keeffe's Personal Recipe for "Indian Pudding"; She adds, "Serve hot! If barbaric, top with vanilla ice cream!!"

Artist’s Palate: Mexican Architect-turned-Artist Jose Dávila’s Chocolate Fudge with Pecans

Artist Helen Pashgian’s Recipe For Summer Corn

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A Clear-Cut Win for Artists or a Stifling Effect on Artistic Creation? How Copyright Law Experts View the Supreme Court’s Warhol Decision

Supreme Court’s Warhol Decision Transforms Law of Fair Use by Emphasizing Importance of the “Purpose” of the Works at Issue

Andy Warhol estate loses US supreme court copyright fight over Prince paintings; Late artist’s estate has lost a court battle against photographer Lynn Goldsmith over his Orange Prince series; Justice Kagan vs. Justice Sotomayor

Artillery's Alex Garner: Tania Franco Klein "Break In Case Of Emergency" at Rosegallery

Couple pays over $240K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’

Tiffany Heng-Hui Lee at Heidi Vaughan Fine Art, Houston

The Work of Painter Shannon Cartier Lucy (b. 1977, Nashville, TN) Makes Us Laugh, Giggle or Groan, Only in a Good Way

Frida Orupabo Reconfigures Black Female Sexuality


"It's a Beaut!" A Hockney For the Huntington

A hot pink tree sculpture sprouts amid New York's leafy High Line

‘One Hundred Famous Views of Edo’: Hiroshige’s Seminal Series of Woodblock Prints Gets a Vibrant New Reprint



Concertgoer lets out a 'loud full body orgasm' while L.A. Phil plays Tchaikovsky's 5th

Climate protestors attack Degas sculpture at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C

Aussie Climate Protester who Defaced Frederick McCubbin Painting Fights Counter-Terrorism Charge

Milan authorities must hire conservationist after struggling to clean statue damaged by climate activists; Italian officials have approved draft bill to bring in tougher sanctions for protestors who target heritage

South Korean Art Student Eats £96,000 Artist Maurizio Cattelan's Banana Duct Taped To Wall 'Because He Was Hungry'

Italy’s New Bill Will Impose Five-Figure Fines on Climate Activists and Others Who Deface Cultural Heritage Sites

Asian-American Acquisitions at the Huntington

TikTok Madness! Mysterious ‘Fairy Doors’ Popping Up All Over City Has Residents Baffled in Brisbane; In the US We Call It Street Art!

Vaginal Davis at Marc Selwyn Fine Art

See Inside Mike Nelson’s Eerie and Remarkably Ambitious Takeover of London’s Hayward Gallery; One of the most technically demanding exhibitions the institution has ever staged

Carolina Miranda: The Long and Winding Road of a Sculpture Shown at LACMA That Ended Up on Craigslist. Then a DJ Turned It Into A Sound Studio

See the Exhibition Catalogue for Trey Hurt's Solo Show "Foundation" at Band of Vices

"You Are The Subject: Richard Serra at Glenstone", New Short Film


Gordy Grundy: CALL ME CUSTER!


The Problem of Abundance; Solution to Our Nation’s Great Depression Isn’t More Stuff. It’s Adventure!

Kim Fay in Detroit: New Works by Matthew Hawtin, Sylvain Malfroy-Camine and Benjamin Pritchard At David Klein Birmingham

Sotheby’s Glitch Art Sale, Which Was Paused Due to Online Backlash, Has Relaunched With a Newly Diverse Lineup of Artists


Get Serious About Purpose; We have become a treatment-resistant Prozac Nation. But the practice of believing in something — anything — can pull us out


Egypt Might Sue Netflix Over ‘Black Cleopatra’; “Race-Swapping”

Internet Perplexed by Netflix’s Black Cleopatra; Critics say producer Jada Pinkett Smith and the streaming platform should center the stories of historical Black women instead of rewriting history

Aboriginal Artist Seeks Body of British Person to ‘Sacrifice For Past Sins’

‘It’s Heartbreaking Work’: How Kehinde Wiley Recreated the Light of Renaissance Art to Reflect on America’s Dark Legacy of Racism

How Kehinde Wiley Is Reshaping the Monumental

See Highlights From the Smithsonian’s Epic ‘Afrofuturism’ Show, From Octavia Butler’s Typewriter to Parliament-Funkadelic Costumes

Suffering From Anxiety? Try Visiting a Museum; New study discovered that going to museums can have myriad health benefits, such as improving feelings of depression, easing chronic pain, and decreasing the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia

Wynnie Mynerva’s Bloodbath Art at Gathering, London

Finding Awe Amid Everyday Splendor; New Field of Psychology Has Begun To Quantify An Age-Old Intuition: Feeling Awe Is Good For Us


Google’s New Immersive Show, Created With Artist Lachlan Turczan, Uses Sound and Light to Reflect on Our Connection With Water; 'Shaped by Water' marks Google's third exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano

Björk Teamed Up With DRIFT, the Experiential Artists, for Coachella Set

Give Me the Full Immersive! Submitting to the Maximalist Spectacles That Are Encroaching on Real Museums’ Turf

Illuminating Remote Landscapes, Rune Guneriussen Tells a Story of Nature and Transformation

Tom Brady Enjoys Miami Art Gallery Outing at Superblue with Son Ben and Daughter Vivian

The Not-So-Lost Experiential World of the Parisian Salon; A History and Stunning Architectural Examples


20th Century Japanese Poster Art; In Pictures

Remembered for bringing levity to Transcendentalism, C. P. Cranch’s Very Literal Illustrations of Emerson’s Nature (ca. 1837–39)

'Sign Painters' Official Trailer (2014)

Kongkee Resurrects an Ancient Chinese Poet in an Energetic Cyberpunk Vision of Asian Futurism


What’s the Secret to Dealer Charles Moffett’s Success? For Starters, He Pays On Time; As the gallery celebrates 5 years in business and expands, artists tell us what sets him apart

KAWS wins nearly $1m in damages in counterfeit lawsuit; Artist Brian Donnelly first filed the lawsuit against Dylan Joy An Leong Yi Zhi in 2021

On Balance: Art Basel Hong Kong and Singapore’s ART SG; Kusama's Foot Traffic; Industry Moves: Sophia Penske, Artist Rebecca Morris and More!

An Argument: Rob Art Blockbuster Peter to Pay Alternative Artist Paul; Balancing the art that sells with the art one wants to do

Vermeer Fever: Documentary On Blockbuster Rijksmuseum Show Reaches Record Number Of Uk Screenings; Film, 'Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition', Will Be Shown In Over 300 Cinemas Across The Country

Data Spotlight: Trending Artists to Watch at New York’s May 2023 Fairs

All Cats, All the Time! Vienna’s Tourism Board Is Using Cat-Themed A.I. Spin-Offs of Famous Artworks to Urge People to Go See the Real Thing; These new A.I. versions of Austria's most iconic artworks all feature cats

See the Cat Art that Made AI Art Possible

Arts Grantmakers Must Change Their Ways; Nonprofit industrial complex in the US has failed artists

Philanthropy in Almost Every Sector Is Moving Toward Unrestricted Funding—Except in the Arts. Why Is It So Hard to Trust Artists? Arts strategy director of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation argues why we must move toward trust-based philanthropy

Masterworks’ fractional art sales getting the brush off; Scrapped a funding round; Regulatory scrutiny concerns

Art Market and Beyond: Industry Moves; Auction Consignor Bonanza: Who’s Selling What This Month

Art Market Eye: New York’s art splurge; Gagosian's ChatGPT press release "It was 9the artist's) idea"; Chinese auction house Poly Auction expands across the globe; And more...

Damien Hirst’s New A.I. Project, Which Asked Collectors to Generate Their Own Paintings, Earned Him $20 Million in Nine Days; More than 5,000 'Beautiful Paintings' were sold

Art Industry Trends 2023; Increasingly hybrid art world; Abstract paintings lead; Online sales are a key revenue driver; Inflation = Prices up


Joan Agajanian Quinn speaks with leading West Coast Graffiti artist Jose “Prime” Reza

New Book: It’s All About The Writers: “City Of Kings: A History of New York City Graffiti” Educates

Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week

'Revenge Of Nature' Orakle and Atmo Paint a Dam in this Haunting Video

Fabio Petani Battles Climate Change with “Ozone & Carnegiea Gigantea” in Rome


Celebrities Like Beyoncé and Jay-Z Have a New Obsession: Tadao Ando, an 81-Year-Old Japanese Architect

Who Is Using Who? The Architect-Patron Fame Game; Kim Kardashian has hired legendary architect Tadao Ando

Architect’s Alphabet: ’D’ Is For Diapering, A Repeating Decorative Brick Pattern

50 Norman, designed by Schemata Architects to showcase three Japanese brands, opens in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Buried in Sand for a Millennium: Africa’s Roman Ghost City

The Mexican Architect Making Sublime Modern Buildings Out of Clay and Pine Needles

Dubai’s next big thing? Perhaps a $5 billion man-made ‘moon’ as the city’s real estate market booms

"The hollowness of 'Architects Declare' should serve as a warning to the industry"; Has failed to live up to its ambitions and now represents a cautionary tale about setting sustainability commitments

Vanished Murals From The Empire State Building Rediscovered

Designed by Architect Shigeru Ban, the New Simose Art Garden Villa: Where Art & Hospitality Meet at the Sea in Hiroshima

"Now where in the hell is my studio?" Olson Kundig Architects Places Movable Studio On Rail Tracks In Washington State

[Editor's Note: Some ideas are best left on the drawing board.] Detachable Studio on Rail Tracks

Mike Davis’s ‘Ecology of Fear’ Is Still a Ticking Bomb; Twenty-five years since its publication, the correlations between power, wealth and ecology depicted in Davis's book remain utterly relevant

Acclaimed Film Director Catherine Hardwicke Could Have Been An Architect; Told She Was ‘Too Wacky’ For Architecture

Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan's First Female Architect, Wins 2023 RIBA Gold Medal; Lari is renowned for her humanitarian work and emphasis on sustainable design

Inside an Iconic $21,000,000 Mansion in the Hollywood Hills Once Owned By Madonna

Immersive Architecture of Aquariums

The 12 Most Unique Bus Stops Around the World; If you think that a humble bus stop can’t also be an architectural gem, these structures will challenge those assumptions

Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles

Portrait of Architect Vladimir Ossipoff: Tropical Modernism

Masterworks Video: Buckminster Fuller's Inventions

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a Massive, Newly Restored 1929 Frank Lloyd Wright Mansion Is Up For Sale; 10,000-square-foot Mansion Sits on 1.5 acres

With Its Serene Japanese Garden in the Middle of Paris, the Famed Home of Fashion Designer Kenzō Takada; Step inside the designer's space, which renowned architect Kengo Kuma revamped in 2018

Profile: Mies van der Rohe: The Architect Who Thought Less Was More

Highly Talented Charlotte Perriand's Apprenticeship with Le Corbusier Didn’t Go Quite as the Great Architect Expected


Creative Director Dennis Freedman on His Never-Ending Quest for Avant-Garde Italian Design; Exhibition highlighting more than 50 pieces from his collection will open April 20 in New York City

Danish Dealer-to-Curator Jens Faurschou on the Most Impractical Artwork He Owns; Involves Traditional Japanese Morning Exercises

Engineer Howard Tam on the Painting That Turned Him Into a Collector, and What He’s Looking for Next

Miami’s Michou Mahtani and Thomas Fuchs on Their Artist-Featured Dinner Parties and Their Wall of Dog Paintings

Inside Collector Takeo Obayashi’s Sanctuary for Art in Tokyo

New Criterion: On Some of The Great Collectors of The Twentieth Century

What I Buy and Why: New York Collector Larry Warsh on His Early Eye for Basquiat, and the Octogenarian Artist He’s Coveting Now


Review: Star Studded Audience Turns Out for Sean Hayes’s Sensational Broadway Play, “Good Night Oscar”; Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall are Producing; Based on Oscar Levant, a 1940s and '50s Bon Vivant Troubador

Rex Reed Review: Sean Hayes Is a Miracle In ‘Good Night, Oscar’

'New York, New York' Forgotten Scorsese Film Flop Gets A Second Chance, On Stage, On Broadway and Flops!; See the Trailer

‘Summer, 1976’ Review: Laura Linney, Jessica Hecht a Perfect Pair on Broadway

Jessica Chastain, Daniel Radcliffe, and More Welcome Us Back to Broadway

Silent Opera, Anyone? ‘Vixen’ Breaks Barriers And Puts A Modern Hong Kong Spin On A 1920s Czech Tale

'Smash' Musical Adaptation Headed to Broadway With Steven Spielberg Producing; The short-lived Hit series is finally heading to Broadway; See the Teaser Trailer

A New Immersive Production of Guys And Dolls in London Is An All-Around Delight

‘Life of Pi’ review: Eye-popping Effects Make A Splash on Broadway

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