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Hosted by Curator and Writer Helen Molesworth, New Podcast Asks, Did Lee Krasner Basically Create Jackson Pollock?

See the Show! James Hayward 'Monochromes' at Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach

Saga of the Dramatic Restoration of ‘Las Meninas’: A Cleaning Marked By Controversy

Jens Haaning Reaches Settlement with Danish Museum; Famed work 'Take the Money and Run' becomes part of the collection

Video: Institute for Art and Olfaction: Carrie Paterson and Christopher Michno in Conversation


Wittgenstein and Buster Keaton; Robert Goff’s “Mobility and Vision In Keaton And Wittgenstein”; Wittgenstein on Language Games

My Husband, Yves Klein: As a new exhibition draws the crowds in New York, the artist’s widow Rotraut reflects on why his work still resonates

Exhibition of Sonia Delaunay’s Work Holds a Mirror to a Life Lived in Art; Painter, designer of textiles, furniture and autos; (1885–1979)

Rainey Knudson: Theaster Gates and the Aesthetics of Activism

Jenny Holzer’s Facile Guggenheim Museum Show Fails to Meet Our Moment


What Can We Learn About Artists From Their Gardens?

The Stunning Garden of Painter JoAnne Carson in All Seasons

Women Artists of the Bloomsbury Group Channeled Their Creativity Into Gardens, Too; The Garden Museum's new exhibition features the fertile grounds beloved by Virginia Woolf, Vita Sackville-West, Vanessa Bell, and Lady Ottoline Morrell

Artists and Their Monumental Gardens

Interview with Devon Tsuno; The Crime and Poetry of Camellias at Descanso Gardens


Ming Smith Moving Through Shadows; From Smith’s art, we glean a picture of an artist transformed by risk, by a willingness to wander toward obscurity

See the Show! 'Fraenkenstein' Jeffrey Fraenkel & Jordan Stein discuss Fraenkenstein’s creation; Works by Diane Arbus, Bruce Conner, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar, Christian Marclay, Hiroshi Sugimoto, John Waters and many others

Reviews: FotoFest Houston’s Power Lies in What Remains Unseen; For some artists, erasure is a way to restore dignity

Carol Kino’s Forthcoming Biography of Frances McLaughlin-Gill and Kathryn Abbe, the Identical Twin Sisters Who Blazed New Trails i n The World Of Photography

Philanthropist Lisa Saltzman Is Launching an Annual Prize for Emerging Photographers; New award will recognize emerging photographers without restrictions on age or nationality

‘Russia’s Cartier-Bresson’: How Dmitry Markov Captured Beauty Amidst The Brutality Of Putin’s Regime; Photographer, Who Has Died Aged 41, Took The Nation’s Most Vulnerable People As His Subject, And His Soulful Images, Shared On Instagram, Earned Him Comparisons With The Greats


Carl Andre Was Lucky To Have A Friend Like Frank Stella; The scramble to get Carl Andre out of Rikers after he’d been arrested for the death of his wife

Frank Stella, Trailblazing Artist Who Pushed Abstraction to Its Limits

Frank Stella, American Artist Moved from Proto-Minimalism to Extreme Abstraction

Artforum 1966: Shape As Form: Frank Stella's New Paintings

Gagosian Quarterly: Frank Stella in conversation with art historian Megan Kincaid; Stella reflects on his life in art. The two speak about friendship, formalism, and physicality

First Trailer for Jean-Luc Godard's Final Film 'Scenarios'


Constance Debré Finds Beauty in Cruelty; In her latest book 'Playboy,' the author addresses the unfair power dynamics that come with narrativising your life; 'Playboy' coming from Semiotext(e)

Living at the Home of Truth: Emma Kemp Blends History with Memoir in Marie’s Place; After living at an abandoned commune in rural Utah for eight years, author Emma Kemp blends history with memoir in her forthcoming book

Former Vanity Fair Chief Graydon Carter Goes Retro Cool, Opens a Classic Newsstand in NYC’s West Village

Brave New Huxley; On Aldous Huxley’s Letters

Going Out to the Cinema in 1913, Ashcan School Painter John Sloan's 'Movies'

Doc Trailer: Made In England: The Films of (Michael) Powell and (Emeric) Pressburger; Narrated by Martin Scorsese

Yau: Painter Suspended Between Beauty and Waste; Something about Phillip Allen’s visual preoccupations speaks to the viewer’s mind and eye, the connections and ruptures between physical and visual sensations

Based on a Short Story Written by the Artist Leonora Carrington; Watch Animated Short 'The Debutante'; From animation filmmaker Lizzy Hobbs; Amusing story of a woman in the 1930s who persuades a hyena from the London Zoo to take her place at a dreaded dinner dance

The Sculpture Garden at Castle Howard: Stage Set For Bridgerton and Brideshead, and Now Sculptor Tony Cragg; The Liverpool-born sculptor's 50-year engagement with organic, layered, forms works in natural harmony with the Yorkshire treasure house and its Arcadian grounds

Stephen Seemayer 'Dark Side of Paradise' at Bermudez Projects

Review: John Forse’s Exploration of Rough-and-Tumble Houston

Kim Fay in Detroit: The Grand Opening of The Shepherd; Library Street Collective Co-Founders Anthony and JJ Curis Present Their Ambitious Neighborhood-Wide Cultural Revitalization Effort In The East Village Neighborhood of Detroit, Known As Little Village; First Show is Charles McGee 'Time Is Now'


Julie Mehretu’s BMW Art Car Fuses Glitches and Blurs; Sees a 2D image transformed into a 3D vehicle; Car will compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Video: Walton Ford: Birds and Beasts of the Studio

Live From The Gagosian Platform; Gagosian’s ability to present work by younger Black artists in the context of their white elders who are also represented by the gallery

Upcoming Film ‘The Electric State' Based on the Artworks of Swedish Artist Simon Stalenhag Cost $320 Million to Produce

'General Rules Do Not Apply' A Group Exhibition at M Contemporary Art, Detroit

See the Show! Patrick Martinez 'Histories' at Dallas Contemporary

One of the Most Unusual Art Heists in America Seems To Be Unfolding at Taco Bell; Huge Resale Market; 'They made it sound like they were talking about the Mona Lisa'

'Cinema Before 1300 AD’ and the Medieval Stained Glass at Chartres Cathedral

Nate Freeman: What Does the Future Hold for Frieze? Those in the know found themselves preoccupied with one potential sale in particular: that of the art fair itself

Interview with Orlando Whitfield, Author of 'All That Glitters: A Story of Friendship, Fraud and Fine Art' The Inside Story of Inigo Philbrick's Biggest Art Fraud In American History

Collector and Comedian Steve Martin in the New Yorker: Looking at Art with Peter Schjeldahl; Recalling a Friendship with the Late Art Critic


Magiciens De La Terre: I.) See Buster Keaton do his own stunts! II.) Hear Sound Effects Genie Fred Newman channel a new poem by Garrison Keillor

Best of Buster Keaton's Greatest Stunts

Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice Presents Jean Cocteau: The Juggler’s Revenge; Largest retrospective ever organized in Italy dedicated to Jean Cocteau (1889–1963)

Video: 'Jean Cocteau: The Juggler’s Revenge'

Why Frida Kahlo Hated the French Surrealists; Was Frida Kahlo a Surrealist? She didn’t think so. And she hated them

When Frida Kahlo Met Josephine Baker; In Paris in 1939, they admired each other, all the way to the bedroom

'Museum-Worthy' a Short Comedy with Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo Contend with Clients and Dealers


Woody De Othello Is on a Quest to ‘Simplify Sculpture’

American & European Art Pottery at Auction

An Artist Asked Her Community for Yonic Imagery. The Result Is on View at Hauser & Wirth; Jennifer Rochlin's new show "Paintings on Clay" melds intimate and communal narratives on terracotta canvases, featuring her standout piece Honey Pot—a collaborative celebration of femininity

As The World Turns, Doc Director Deborah Stratman Gazes Into the Abyss of Time

Peggy Guggenheim’s Favorite Painting; Grace Hartigan's lush ode to Ireland occupied a prime spot on the great patron's walls

Jónsi’s “VOX” at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

“This is New York: 100 Years of Art and Pop Culture" highlights the many ways in which the city has served as a potent muse to artists and creatives

To Be ‘Silent and Invisible’: How Gemini G.E.L. Cofounder Sidney Felsen Got Up Close to Artists Over 50 Years


Iranian Authorities Sentence Mohammad Rasoulof ‘The Seed of the Sacred Fig' Director to 8 Years in Prison and Flogging; Asking the director to remove the film from the Cannes Festival


Meow Wolf Co-Founder Departs Organization to Launch Immersive Sensory Art Spa in Austin ... ... The Submersive Website

Barcelona’s Casa Batlló Gets Lit With Sofia Crespo’s A.I.-Generated Projections. See It Here

Tipping Point: How New Immersive Institutions Are Changing The Art World; Digital Art Venues Are A Global Phenomenon, Attracting Massive Audiences With Radical New Forms Of Immersive Experiences. Are They A Threat Or An Opportunity For Traditional Galleries And Museums?

Must Read! Marion Maneker: Art Fraudster Inigo Philbrick Rehabs Himself; Timothy Chalamet with Red Hair? Hilarious!

See Inside Christoph Büchel’s Provocative and Symbol-Laden Show in Venice

Alex Da Corte 'THE DÆMON' at Matthew Marks Gallery


Jessica Gelt: LACMA Goes to Las Vegas; Govan Speaks! How exactly will that arrangement work? And Why?

Christopher Knight Commentary: LACMA finally is getting its satellite space. Regrettably, it’s in another state; "As bad art museum ideas go, this one is right up there."

William Poundstone: Loathing Las Vegas; 'My half-serious theory is, this is all about Elaine Wynn. Or Francis Bacon'

Yau: The Quiet Urgency of Barbara Takenaga’s Paintings; Her paintings are searching for materially rooted forms while simultaneously reaching for something unfixed and uncontainable


Le Français Buster Keaton: On the Runway for Fashion Week; Part 2


Remember That Time When the Motion Picture was Invented by Eadweard Muybridge and Everyone was Naked?

On Maurizio Cattelan: 'Sunday' Painter and His First Solo of New Work at Gagosian


Leda and That Nasty Swan, Throughout Art History; Seduction or Rape?

History of Breasts In Art: ‘A wild cocktail of emotion, politics and desire’: From lactating Madonnas to disembodied orbs, a new exhibition surveys the depictions of breasts and asks – what about the women who own them?

In an Old Tropical Plant Nursery, Lauren Quin Explores Kaleidoscopic Abstraction; Sought-after L.A. painter is letting her 'frenetic' new works play freely in an exhibition at 125 Newbury

Film School: Our Critic Justin Tanner Recommends You See This Classic!
‘The Claim’ directed by Michael Winterbottom in (2000) is a great adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s “The Mayor of Casterbridge,” set during the gold rush of the 1850s.
Peter Mullan plays a prospector who sells his wife and infant daughter in exchange for a mining claim, then strikes it rich and builds a thriving community in the mountains of Northern California.
Twenty years later, his grown daughter (Sarah Polley) and ailing wife (Nastassja Kinski) return, setting in motion a series of emotionally wrenching events that turn the prospector’s world upside down.
Gorgeously shot by Alwin H. Küchler, and with a stirring score by Michael Nyman (The Piano), ‘The Claim’ is a rollercoaster of heartbreak and redemption, with an ending that had me weeping into my popcorn. ~Justin Tanner

Trailer: ‘The Claim’ (2000) Starring Peter Mullan, Milla Jovovich, Wes Bentley, Nastassja Kinski and Sarah Polley


Wayfarers Chapel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, will be disassembled as land movement in the area continues

Cold, Hard Tour of Brutalist New York City; With stops at the Salt Shed and the Tribeca Synagogue, the tour was among the highlights of Jane’s Walks, an ongoing series of curated strolls across the city

Podcast: The Lost Subways of North America; What went wrong

What Happens When an Award-winning Architect Designs a Watch? The Lebond Souto Moura

Zaha Hadid Architects Designing Al Khuwair Waterfront Development in Oman

MAD Architects Unveils the Design for Lishui Airport in Zhejiang

Heatherhill Beach House: A confluence of Danish materiality and form; Designed by Norm Architects, the beachside holiday home preserves the rustic Danish barn typology while incorporating contemporary innovations in terms of materiality

Dubai Unveils World’s Biggest Beach Project To Build High-Tech Bio Domes and Turn 45 Miles Of Coast Into Mangrove Reefs illo dubai-coastline

Man Ray’s Beguiling and Bemusing Filmscapes; Artist's 'Return to Reason' film series anticipated the extent to which the motion picture would inform how we curate and call up memory

The ‘Psycho’ House Was Modeled After This Hopper Painting; Both artists explored the loneliness that results from modernization


Must See! First Teaser Trailer! 'Megalopolis' Says the Director Francis Ford Coppola, "Our new film 'Megalopolis' is the best work I've ever had the privilege to preside over"

Jordan Ruimy Review: Cannes: ‘Megalopolis': Boos, and Some Cheers, Greet Coppola's Ambitious WTF Statement; “Staggering in its passion”; “to redefine how a movie can be told and seen”

(Hit Job Article?) ‘Has This Guy Ever Made a Movie Before?’ Francis Ford Coppola’s 40-Year Battle To Film 'Megalopolis'; Some of His Crew Members Are Questioning His Methods; “Old School” In His Behaviour Around Women

‘Megalopolis’ Producer Addresses Report of Francis Ford Coppola Trying to Kiss Extras on Set: ‘I Was Never Aware of Any Complaints of Harassment’


Video: Meet the collectors: Eugenio López Alonso

10 Well Heeled New York Collectors to Know

Collector Alex Abedine Balances His Life in Law With the Joyful Chaos of Art

Why I collect: Amélie Huynh; Paris-based jewelry designer on her entrepreneurial endeavors and approach to collecting

Earth Art Pioneer Alan Sonfist on Galvanizing a New Generation of Land Artists; Key figure of the environmental art movement addresses the fragility of our natural world

Podcast: Jerry Gogosian's Art Smack: Hosts Jerry and Annie Discuss: TEFAF, New York City's Beauty Queen of Art Fairs; Their love of art in honor of Mother's Day; A rabbit hole of other trade shows including Private Jet Shows, Yacht Shows, and gun shows!


The Last Sleepover: Artist Farah Al Qasimi presents 'Desert Dreamscape,' a surreal portrait of contemporary anxiety

Live Video: Farah Al Qasimi’s Desert Dreamscape: Magical Mirage Cozy Bedroom, Sandstorm Ambience Day to Night; from Hyundai Artlab

Film Comment Interview: Radu Jude on 'Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World'

Hilarious Trailer 'Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World'

See the Show! Arghavan Khosravi 'At Her Fingertips' at M+B



New Yorker Cartoons for the Week!





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A’s New Las Vegas Ballpark Renderings Lack Key Details, Take On Mother Nature

Supermarket Design and Shopping Strategies

Video: How 'Dune' Replicated Real-Life Ancient Architecture

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Douglas Murray: The Fight to Recover What Has Been Lost; Between two world wars and a mental breakdown, T.S. Eliot still believed in the possibility of restoration

‘Bitter Crop’ Review: Billie Holiday’s Swan Song; In final year of her life, Holiday continued to perform in spite of fast-declining health; Turned to friends such as Elizabeth Hardwick, Sonny Rollins and Frank Sinatra; Spoke with them about her pride in her career—and her premonition of her own death

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Ezrha Jean Black: Acaye Kerunen Finds Purpose and Community in a Scarred Landscape; at Blum

Asher Liftin: 24-Year-Old Art World Darling, Whose Fans Include David Geffen, Stages His First Solo Show In New York City

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A Collection of Record Label Logos

Two Drawing Shows Dazzle at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

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More Fabric and Textile Arts, Click Here

Meet Basil Kincaid, the Artist-Quilter Making a Splash in Miami Beach; For the residency's twelfth year, the Rubell Museum leans into textile art

Aerial Embroidery by Victoria Rose Richards

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Backstory: How Gagosian’s Blockbuster LA Basquiat Show Happened; Stars and billionaire lenders had to align for the mega-gallery’s museum-quality show of the late artist’s work, currently on display in Los Angeles

I Speak for the Rainmaker; Performing the Fundraiser Role In The Nonprofit Art World

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Politics On a Plate: How Ceramics Became A Tool For Satire And Protest; New Exhibition Celebrates The ‘Trojan Horse’ Of The Decorative Arts

Ceramic Artist Toshiko Takaezu Is Getting A Posthumous Reappraisal, Thanks To Her Devoted Acolytes — And Major Shows Highlighting Her Poetic Forms

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Inside the Artist's Mind with Lee Ufan and His New Illy Design

Crafted in Wood

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The Gallery of the Future: Navigating the Evolving World of Digital Art; People will always crave a personal connection to art, and the value of in-person experiences will likely rise, not diminish, with digital access

The Prophets: Marshall McLuhan

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Investors and Banks Hoping to Cash in on the Success of ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ Are Pouring Funds Into Art Experiences for Klimt, Kahlo, and More; Immersive art experiences are proliferating around the globe, despite the often high price of tickets

Rihanna’s One-Time Cover Artist Is Opening an Immersive Museum in New York; Created by Roy Nachum, Mercer Labs occupies the former Century 21 building

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Incredible Maps Reveal Where In The Body Different Types Of Music Are Felt - From Sad Songs In Your Chest To Happy Tunes In Your Toes

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” Turns 100; Champion of the great American songbook reveals how Gershwin’s brother, Ira, shaped a musical masterpiece

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Here’s How to See Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli on Broadway

Review: John Douglas Thompson and Alfred Molina’s clash of titans transcends dated ‘Inherit the Wind’; Director Michael Michetti

Office’ star Steve Carell is headed to Broadway; Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”

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Speak, 'Muse;' Tell Us the History of the Brancusi; An Angry Widow, Unscrupulous Dealer, Rape and Murder

Andrew Crispo, Disgraced Manhattan Gallery Owner, Dies At 78; Long series of tabloid-worthy scandal; “It was a horror show”

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New Trailers, Film Reviews, News!

New Yorker: In Forty-Five Years of Making “Mad Max” Movies, George Miller Has Learned That Audiences Are Seldom Wrong, and His Wife Is Always Right; His youth in a small town in Australia; Art of film editing, “You are tyrannized by time.”

Cannes 2024: Director Hu Guan's 'Black Dog' Film is One of the Best of the Fest; "Ranks as one of the best dogs movies ever made"

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We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

How a fake Van Gogh Encouraged Barbra Streisand To Buy The Real Thing; Star's autobiography reveals her admiration for a “self-portrait” owned by a Hollywood producer; "This was the first time I realised that some people could actually buy a great painting and have it in their home. That was amazing to me.”

Inside a Family-Friendly, Art-Filled Manhattan Home; Yana Peel, the global head of arts and culture at Chanel, wanted something urban, sexy, arty, and design focused

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Touch the Future: Outstanding Student Photographers; These Five Emerging Talents Have Earned Recognition from the Photo London x Hahnemühle Student award

Introducing Richard Bernstein, Creator of the ‘Interview’ Covers; New Show Revels in the Celebrity-Studded Culture of the 1980s

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20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

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JR Punches a Tunnel Through Milan’s Central Railway Station In Latest Optical Illusion; The Street Artist’s New Public Art Commission Coincides With Milan Design Week

Graffiti ‘Takeover’ Roils Downtown Los Angeles

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