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Art Dealer Doug Chrismas Arrested on Federal Charges Alleging He Embezzled Funds from Miracle Mile Art Gallery’s Bankruptcy Estate; accusing him of embezzling more than $260,000

Art dealer and founder of Ace Gallery arrested on embezzlement charges; A history

9 Standout Artists at L.A.’s Felix Art Fair

Christie’s Announces New Hong Kong Headquarters Opening in 2024

Christie’s Asia to hold year-round sales at new headquarters in Hong Kong from 2024

Follow the money: Christie's bets on Hong Kong with vast new headquarters as clients in Asia spend over $1bn so far this year

Black Artists Are Brightening Detroit With Murals
; BLKOUT Walls co-founder and muralist Sydney James

Britney Spears feeling ‘rebellious’ amid ‘a lot of change’ in her life; Painting

Doug Harvey's Less Art: Constance Mallinson: On the Importance of Being Small


Suicide Fave: Teen jumps to death in front of horrified family at Hudson Yards Vessel

Billionaire Developer Mulls Closing NYC Tourist Hot Spot After 14-Year-Old Leaps to His Death “We thought we did everything that would really prevent this,” said Stephen Ross, developer of the Manhattan neighborhood where the attraction sits

MoMA PS1 Reveals Artist List for 2021 Greater New York Show

Shopping for a Kusama!

A New Graphic Novel Tells the Origin Stories of the Superheroes of Feminist Art History—See Images Here

What François Pinault’s Bourse de Commerce Means for the French Artworld

British Art Show 9: ‘A Scene At Once Thriving and Struggling To Survive’

Weaving Together the Story of Dorothy Grebenak a Forgotten Pop Artist and Her Rugs

Gagosian Premieres celebrates "Frank Gehry: Spinning Tales"; An exhibition of new work presented at Gagosian, Beverly Hills

Podcast presented by William Powhida and Paddy Johnson: Explain Me with curator, writer, and former museum director Laura Raicovich: Art and Museums in An Age of Protest


Hunter Biden to art haters: ‘F–k ‘em’

We asked art critics about Hunter's paintings

Podcast: Nota Bene X Felix: An interview with Hunter Biden

A Republican Just Introduced a Bill to Require the White House to Report Hunter Biden’s Art Sales. It’s Called the ‘PAINTER Act’

Inside Hunter Biden’s $20K-a-month Malibu rental with art studio

White House on defensive over Hunter Biden art sales

Trump On Hunter Biden's Paintings: Could You Imagine If My Kids Did That?

Hunter Biden will reportedly meet with prospective buyers of his art; Vetted Guest List

Report: Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Sued for Fraud and Breach of Contract

Podcast: The Hunter Biden Controversy, Explained

Podcast: Art Dirt: What’s Going On With Hunter Biden’s Art?


Discovered: a very early photograph of the trees in Van Gogh’s final picture, painted just hours before he, or another, fired the fatal shot

The Harvest: painted in a single summer's day, here's why this is Van Gogh’s finest landscape; Vincent needed to recover from his intensive work with a stiff drink and his beloved pipe

Five-Minute Tours: Robert Ruello at Inman Gallery, Houston


Brilliant Advice from a SuperModel: Christie Brinkley: The non-negotiable daily habit that gives her energy and focus

Why Doctors Think Art Can Help Cure You; With art lessons and trips to museums on prescription, the links between culture and health are being reconsidered


Tania Bruguera Joins the Growing Ranks of Dissident Artists Being Detained During the Anti-Communist Protests in Cuba; Bruguera was taken from her home this week. Hamlet Lavastida and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara remain in prison

In Their Own Words, This Is What It's Actually Like for Black and Brown People in Cuba; "They're arresting people at their homes."

Art Collective Forensic Architecture Has Teamed Up With Edward Snowden to Investigate a Shadowy Global Spyware Company; The collective believes that "digital violence" is the most important unexamined human rights violation of our time


Yoshitomo Nara and His Auction Market

How Artist Yoshitomo Nara’s Return to Japan After 12 Years Abroad Reshaped His Style—and Supercharged His Soaring Market

How Andy Warhol’s Chrysanthemum Prints Celebrated Japanese Culture; Warhol's "Kiku" series consisted of 300 screenprint portfolios of the flower

See the WORKER show now, Click Here!


'I am honoured to be one of the first Black men to have my work sent to space': Amoako Boafo to paint triptych on rocket; Ghanaian painter speaks about his plans for the work, which will be attached to the head of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket when it blasts into space this autumn

How the Fashion House Valentino Took Inspiration From Jamie Nares’s Paintings for Its Couture Show in Venice; The artist contributed the finale look to the fashion house's couture runway show

Two Major U.S. Foundations Are Giving $5 Million to Latinx Artists, Who Have Long Lacked Dedicated Support; Will give 75 artists $50,000 each


Blasphemy, violence and live turtles: 10 plays that shocked the world; A history of theatre’s most controversial moments, from Jerry Springer: The Opera to Sarah Kane’s ‘unrelenting’ Blasted

Nick Jonas Quietly Filming “Jersey Boys” in Cleveland for Peacock, Hoping for a Disney “Hamilton” Type Success

A father writes to a theater critic who panned his son’s play. The critic responds; Most critics don’t enjoy being criticized. But sometimes an angry email isn’t so much an artistic quarrel as an appeal to something more human

'Sunday in the Park With George' Movie Nearly Hit the Big Screen With Jake Gyllenhaal and Meryl Streep

Los Angeles' Hamilton, Other Pantages Shows, Will Require Vaccines for Audiences

Cheng: Sugar Houses at REDCAT, Rosanna Gamson/World Wide

“The Early Harold Pinter play that Speaks Volume About our Current Moment” by Charles McNulty

Her Pole Performance Has Mesmerized Audiences, Onlookers, and Cynthia Nixon
Meet Donna Carnow, the breakout star of Seven Deadly Sins

A Choreographed Return to Theaters; Dance is back in theaters



The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means; Ceaseless rumble is nothing new, but observing it from the ocean floor could help future research

These Moths Are So Gorgeous They ‘Put Butterflies to Shame'–Pictures!

A rainbow ending in an erupting volcano? What caused phenomenon in Hawaii park?

Planetary heartbeat? Earth has a geologic ‘pulse’ every 27.5 million years

Sharks that glow in the dark? Scientists discover luminous deep-sea predators off New Zealand


Director David Lowery on IMDb

David Lowery on the Strange, Arduous Journey of Adapting 'The Green Knight' for Film

THE GREEN KNIGHT Director David Lowery Re-edited the Whole Film During the Pandemic

THE GREEN KNIGHT Trailer 2 (2021)

Still On the David Lowery Fence

'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' - Official Trailer

A GHOST STORY Official Trailer (2017)


Major museum and art gallery shops duped by fake Indigenous carver

Complications for the Benin Bronzes: Nigeria dispute jeopardises return of artefacts; The King and the Benin Royal Museum Want Them!

The U.S. Government Just Sold the One-of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Album It Seized From Martin Shkreli

Disgraced Former Art Dealer Angela Gulbenkian Has Been Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Fraudulently Selling a Kusama Work

TV Show Debunks Found Henry Moore Sculpture

Hitler’s bronze horses to become government property in legal settlement; Other Nazi sculptures seized in 2015 remain with the private collector who fought to keep them

Foiled! How Advanced Technology Is Stopping Art Thieves, Looters, and Fraudsters From Hatching Their Schemes

Gal Gadot set to play art thief in crime film Red Notice; Wonder Woman actress will appear alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds

Stolen from the waiting room of an Oahu dentist’s office in 1972; After a half century of searching, Hawaii family is reunited with stolen Margaret Keane ‘Big Eyes’ painting

Wealth moving around the art world: What the US government sanctions of prominent Bulgarian art collector Vassil Bojkov mean for the art market; Oligarch is blacklisted as countries ramp up regulation and authorities move yet another step closer to the art world


Carissa Moore and Italo Ferreira Win Surfing’s First Gold Medals at Tokyo Olympics

Everything You Need to Know About Surfing in the Olympics

"Never Meant For Stillness" featuring Filipe Toledo: A Film by Bruno Baroni & Victor Rodrigues; Narrated by Rich Henrich

Joe Quigg, Father of the Modern Surfboard, Has Passed Away

Quite Possibly the Greatest Wedge Video Ever

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Dash Snow Doc: "Moments Like This Never Last" Official Red Band Trailer; New Doc. Notorious figure of New York’s post 9/11 underground, artist Dash Snow ignited a new counterculture movement as his graffiti, art and photography

Olympians' tattoos are out in full force in Tokyo, where the art form has a complex history

Hauser & Wirth's new location on Isla del Rey opens with exhibition by Mark Bradford

Blum & Poe opens the first major U.S. survey of work by Yukinori Yanagi

Goldman: Frank Gehry and Nancy Rubins at Gagosian; To Heaven and Back with Paolo Veneziano

John Knuth’s The Dawn: John Knuth and Writer Matt Stromberg talk Horseshoe Crabs, Manet, Realism and Kids in a Vaccinated World

Frank Gehry & Nancy Rubins at Gagosian

The Artworld: Where the Wild Things Aren’t

Leah Clements and Harun Morrison’s Underwater Revelations

Debilitating Effects: Unica Zürn’s ‘The House of Illnesses’

Lucy Raven’s Concrete Visions

Kandis Williams’s Flourishing Black Feminist Vision

A Look at Artist Colleen Blackard, Images

Anish Kapoor is converting a vast, crumbling Venetian palace into his permanent exhibition space and workshop; The 18th-century Palazzo Manfrin will house a collection of the British-Indian sculptor's work

Exploring New Sides to Performance Art: “Responding to Site” on Marilyn Arsem


A painting or an NFT of it: Which will be more valuable?

This Polish influencer just sold her love as an NFT for $250K

The Rise of the Crypto Writer? On What Literary NFTs Might Mean for the Book World

An Experimental Alternative to the NFT Market Frenzy; On Hic et Nunc, I’ve witnessed artists organize initiatives that push for greater artistic exchange and accessibility

NFTy 50: Fortune ranks the most influential builders, creatives, and influencers on the scene. Meet the NFTy 50

Coca-Cola and Campbell's make a move into NFT scene

Russia’s Hermitage Museum Will Auction Off NFTs of Prized Works by Leonardo, Van Gogh, and Other Artists in Its Collection

An artist died. Then thieves made NFTs of her work; NFTs are unregulated, and in the case of deceased artist Qinni, scammers have been quick to take advantage. Can they be stopped?

Stella Artois Gallops Into The Metaverse With Horse Racing NFTs

NFTs may outlast physical art galleries, says famed British artist Damien Hirst

The Whitworth gallery in Manchester mints a William Blake NFT in aid of community causes

More in our comprehensive NFT Guide


Maybe It’s Aliens, or Maybe It’s Volcanoes; Scientists are still trying to figure out what could be brewing on Venus, the planet next door

Dubai makes fake rain created by 'shocking' clouds to tackle 50C heatwave; As the United Arab Emirates sizzles in temperatures of up to 50C, Dubai has trialled a rain-enhancing technology that sees drones unleashing electrical charges in clouds so they produce rain

New '6G chip' could download Netflix film in 'less than a blink of the eye'

A 'strange signal' is coming from the Milky Way. What's causing it?

Brooklyn Rail: Interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson: Twisted at the New Museum

Renowned artist Kenny Scharf unveils towering mural on LA’s Skid Row; Colorful 66-foot tall mural unveiled at the Los Angeles Mission was donated and painted by the renowned artist Kenny Scharf

Britney Spears, Allegory of the 20th Century? How the Misunderstood Pop Star Has Inspired Visual Artists as an Avatar of the Early Aughts

This and That: Julie Speed, Vija Celmins & Jorge Alegría

Chuck Kelton and Joseph Minek ‘Chemistry and Light’ at Von Lintel Gallery

"Wood Works: Raw, Cut, Carved, Covered: Group Show; Sperone Westwater, New York


Explorer Robert Ballard’s memoir finds shipwrecks and strange life forms in the ocean’s darkest reaches; Oceanographer Robert D. Ballard, who is best known for finding the wreck of Titanic, has written a memoir recounting his biggest discoveries and calling for more ocean exploration

The new age of ocean exploration; Robert Ballard

Move over, Mars: Why the moons of Jupiter and Saturn may be key to finding alien life

Unleash the Hounds: Archeology Edition: Worldwide Discoveries

In the Underwater Egyptian City of Thônis-Heracleion, Divers Have Discovered an Ancient Warcraft; City was rediscovered by underwater archaeologists in 2001


MARUM Presents “MEXPANIA” and Miscegenation in Querétaro

Giulio Vesprini Says Yes to “No Comply” and Painting a Skatepark in Italy

BSA Images Of The Week

“Brooklyn Street Art Images of the Week” by BSA

Artist Asbestos’ Soul and Transitioning Between Levels of Existence in Dublin

'Because it's me, it's Black art:' Four local artists use work to inspire change

Lluis Olive Shoots “The Photographer”: Summer Dispatch from Barcelona

Concreate Urban Art Festival 2021 Launches in Finland


It’s Complicated; Revolutionary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl won the hearts of everyone from Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger to Joseph Goebbels and Roger Ailes

The Country of Others by Leïla Slimani review – a compelling exploration of the past; Bestselling author of Lullaby works her dangerous magic on her own family history in the first of a planned trilogy

The newest self-publishing platform for writers? OnlyFans

Hawaii Review of Books: The Indomitable Duke Kahanamoku

The Beautiful and the Damned; New biography of Dave Hickey argues that the controversial critic belongs in the canon of American letters

In "Art Hiding in New York", you can explore the art all around a city that can't seem to get enough of it

13 Architecture and Design Books to Add to Your Reading List

Fascinated by the Voynich Manuscript? Here are some other mysterious texts you can decode; Take a crack at these other books that have stumped researchers


“The Card Counter” Official Trailer

The Green Knight Is This Summer’s Best Medieval Meditation on Death; Writer-director David Lowery has crafted another transfixing rumination on matters of mortality

House of Gucci Trailer #1 (2021)

“Spencer” Echoes “Jackie”

With ‘Black Widow’ ticket buying suddenly drying up, growing questions for Disney’s Marvel about what did it in

Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ suit fires up fans, but Hollywood stays silent

Hollywood Wars: Scarlett Johansson’s CAA Talent Agent Bryan Lourd Hits Back at Disney

‘Blonde’ Moved to 2022; Director Andrew Dominik and Netflix Battling Over Final Cut

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ - Official Trailer (2021)

Francine Maisler, the Genius Who Casts Your Favorite Movie and TV Ensembles; The go-to casting director for everyone from Adam McKay to Aaron Sorkin to Barry Jenkins looks back on her remarkable career

The Brilliant, Biting Social Satire of “The White Lotus”

"Dune" Trailer 2

Netflix’s Purchase of an Iconic LA Theatre and What It Could Mean. Opened in 1922, the Egyptian Theatre played host to Hollywood’s first-ever movie premiere

"All the Streets Are Silent" A collision between two vibrant subcultures: skateboarding and hip hop; Trailer

'Blue Bayou' Official Trailer

Tarantino Eyed ‘All Black Cast’ for Canceled ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reboot, but It Could Become a Play; The reboot is dead as a movie, but Tarantino said it could find a second life on the stage

Quentin Tarantino Wants To Debut His Stage Play In London's West End


Art Report Today turns the Spotlight on Artillery Magazine: Editor Tulsa Kinney, Columnist Zak Smith and Arts Writer Julie Schulte; Host Gordy Grundy; Parts I and II



Kengo Kuma’s Tokyo Olympic Stadium Reflects His Vision of Everyday Heroism; After years of controversy around Zaha Hadid’s doomed proposal, Kuma’s sober design arrived on time and within budget – only for the games to be postponed tokyo-stadium

An Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Home Lists in Los Angeles; Built in 1925, the Samuel and Harriet Freeman House; Great Pics

10 World Renowned Architects Give Advice to the Upcoming Generation

Two Floating Floors Add Space For Sunbathing Inside Tokyo House By Toru Kashihara Architects

Honeybees are Skilled Architects, New Research Confirms

The Black Architects Who Built New Orleans

Remembering Catholic Architect Thomas Gordon Smith, Who Built Beauty With Classic Style; Prominent Catholic churches

Zaha Hadid Architects Installs 3D-Printed Alis Pavilion At Venice Architecture Biennale

The Biggest Astronomy Museum in the World Is Opening in Shanghai — and We Spoke to the Architect; The design of this cosmic museum is out of this world

From thatched huts to Wakanda, a massive new architectural guide explores Sub-Saharan Africa

Championing Slow Architecture with Manea Kella; A movement that favours crafts, simplicity, locality and sustainable architecture

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Gordy Grundy

Scarlet Cheng: Felix brings the in-person art fair back to Los Angeles; Hosted at the glitzy Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, features 29 L.A. based galleries and is bolstered by the city's own gallery weekend and the Frieze online viewing room



Ghost Riders in the Sky; Johnny Cash

Over 100 Unpublished Katsushika Hokusai drawings resurface in a new exhibition at the British Museum

Richard Hutchins: the homeless artist who became an Oprah-endorsed sensation; He spent years in jail and more on the street but now the 62-year-old’s artwork is selling for thousands to stars like Oprah Winfrey

Spencer Finch: the Art of Describing the Natural World

Koplin Del Rio presents David Bailin

Town & Country editor set straight on $135,000 Man Ray necklace; Where are the lips placed?

Solar Project that Threatened Michael Heizer’s Double Negative Canceled

Akeem Smith on How He Navigates Between Fashion and Art, and His Videos Celebrating Jamaican Dancehall

What My Mentor, Paula Rego, Taught Me About Feminism, Drawing, and the Potential of a Well-Told Story; Critics of Rego's work have failed to engage with it on a meaningful level

Veteran Dealer Marian Goodman Has Named Five New Partners as Part of a Major Gallery Restructure

A Journey to Miami’s Rubell Museum with the BMW Art Guide

A Research Project Zeroes in on the Instability Artists Face in L.A.; Otis College’s annual Report on the Creative Economy

Alice Neel’s Haunting Portrait of Domestic Abuse; Alice Neel: People Come First yielded a work I had never seen and that I will never unsee

The Burning of a Bandit: Brazil Enters the Statue Wars

Tom Eckersley, the man who designed modern Britain

Tribute to L.A. Sculptor Kenzi Shiokava (1938-2021)

Examining the elements of breathtaking art; Weather patterns can help us understand what’s going on in these classic images


Textured Fiber Cement: A More Sensory Architectural Experience

Timber Construction - Knie's Magician’s Hat

Fine Art Conservator Julian Baumgartner on His Most Memorable Restoration Feats; The Chicago art conservator reflects on his time with the family business

Brooklyn Rail: What Happened When Renaissance Artists Prayed While Painting?

Maurizio Cattelan unveils memorial to 9/11 in new Milan show—20 years after witnessing tragedy; Idea for the project was considered "too emotionally fraught" for New York by Guggenheim chief curator


Son of artist Peter Max sues sister in latest court salvo

Damien Hirst laid off 63 people last autumn while claiming £15m in government Covid-19 loans; Job cuts came after major retrospective in Beijing was cancelled due to the pandemic

They Pooled Their Art to Create a Nest Egg. They Say It Was a Mistake. Hundreds of artists entrusted thousands of works to a company, the Artist Pension Trust, on the promise of sharing in sale proceeds, but many say they haven’t heard anything for years

Christie’s Will Quadruple Its Sales Room Footprint in Hong Kong With a New Location—and Triple Its Number of Auctions in the City

A Years-Long Intellectual Property Battle Over a Painting of David Bowie Has Been Dismissed by a Berlin Court; Decision found that Michael Moebius's painting did not infringe on a 1995 photograph of Bowie

Opinion: The Era of the Visionary Museum Director Is Over … or It Should Be The job should be less about fantastical visions and more about defining practical objectives for the entire institution and its constituents

The Seattle Art Fair Will Return in 2022, After a Two-Year Hiatus and a Takeover by Art Market Productions; Art Market Productions was initially a co-sponsor of the event, but will now take over as its sole organizer

LACMA’s Game-Changing Partnership With Mega-Collector Budi Tek Will Kick Off With a Show of Contemporary Chinese Art; The Chinese-Indonesian collector forged the partnership with LACMA in 2018

Andrea Orcel, New CEO Shelves Predecessor’s Plan to Sell UniCredit SpA Bank’s Masterpieces

The Pandemic’s Silver Lining for Artists; If you’re an artist, I challenge you to leverage these new dynamics and not rely on galleries as a necessity to sell your work

Art Handlers, Contract Workers at Galleries Faced Steepest Losses During Pandemic: Survey

Annie Ernaux: ‘The Young Man of Venice’; A thirty-year-old memory, a one-night stand and an art exhibition featuring this newly translated piece by the prize-winning author


Astronomers identify the stars where any aliens would have a view of Earth

NASA Is Quietly Funding a Hunt for Alien Megastructures

The French Sex Cult from Outer Space

The Strangest Encounters With Unidentified Aircraft We've Found In The FAA's Huge Database (Updated)


Ragna Róbertsdóttir’s Landscapes in Lava; Icelandic artist fashions sculptures and wall works from the primary substance of her volcanic and volatile homeland

‘The Work Is So Icelandic’: The Artist Known as Shoplifter on Building a Museum of Fantastical Hair in Reykjavik


The Collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf; Superb works by Jean Dubuffet, René Magritte, Frida Kahlo and Wassily Kandinsky are among the highlights.

Collector Mario and Julia von Kelterborn: Why Not an Artwork Coming as a USB Stick (Plus a Certificate)

How Collector Wojtek Fibak, a Former Polish Tennis Player, Buys the Best Works of the Artists He Likes

Why Jonathan Travis, the Real Estate Broker to the Art World, Collects Only Figurative Paintings

Shnayerson: Remembering Donald Marron: The Art Collector in His Own Words

New York’s Newest Private Museum Is Tucked Away in Brooklyn: Danish Dealer-Turned-Philanthropist Jens Faurschou


Cheng: San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum opens with more cutting-edge projections by teamLab

Frida Kahlo Is the Latest Artist to Get the Immersive Installation Treatment With a New Projected Light Show in Mexico City

Frank, Greek, and Gay: Modernist Painter Yannis Tsarouchis Is Finally Getting His Due


Dark Tunnel: John Divola’s ‘Terminus’

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Day Six – in pictures

The heart of Harlem: Dawoud Bey’s innovative street photography – in pictures

A love from beyond the grave – Kurt Tong on his ‘ghost marriage’ photographs

Who Owns Mike Disfarmer’s Photographs? Strangers made his small-town portraits famous in the art world. Decades later, his heirs want control of the estate

Divine, Pacino, Jagger … and me: 50 years of Albert Watson’s portraits


Fear of Fairy Tales

“Fear lurks in everyone. The one who always asserts to not know fear is mentally damaged or a fool.” —Max Horkheimer

“Adults live in fear of one kind or another—fear of failure, poverty, isolation, fear of loss of soul in the destruction of the earth. Those fears create a mood of “being lost in the forest.” Men in their twenties and thirties respond to those fears by leaning on a corporation, or an addiction…” —Robert Bly


In the Studio with Hiba Schahbaz


Marcel Dzama on Artsy; Much to See!

Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner

Marcel Dzama on Artnet; Much to See!

Marcel Dzama: Organizing Chaos

Drawing with Raymond Pettibon and Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama at MoMA

Best Practices: Marcel Dzama’s Fantastical Visions Bring a Spirited World Alive

The Artist Marcel Dzama Is Collaborating With His Cat

Dzama: Lockdown!

Marcel Dzama at Richard Heller Gallery

Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner; April 23–May 28, 2020

Cult artist Marcel Dzama: 'I try not to censor myself'

Video: The Future of Art: Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama at Instagram

Way Cool! How To Paint a Bat with Marcel Dzama

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