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Undercover Gallerist: Anonymous Reports From Behind The Scenes At Basel

The Best Monumental Works at Art Basel Unlimited, From an Animatronic Gorilla to a Wrapped Car

The Best Booths at Art Basel, From a Revisionist ‘Origine du Monde’ to Jellyfish-Like Creatures

The 10 Best Booths at Art Basel 2024


Bay Area Dealer Wendi Norris Who Rewrote the History of Surrealism Makes Her Art Basel Debut; Perspective on Leonora Carrington

What Was Leonora Carrington’s Surrealist Survival Kit? Painter proposed these kits to help anyone, artist or not, survive modern society

Retrospective “Judithe Hernández: Beyond Myself, Somewhere, I Wait for My Arrival” at Cheech Marin Center

Here Are 7 Masterworks of Land Art Hidden Across the United States; Our guide to some of the key works of the movement (and where to find them)

Lowriders at the Petersen Museum

A Lover's Gift, the Lens of Desire: Eye Miniatures (circa 1790–1810)

Where Did the Paris Salon Come From? Beginning in 1725, the French exhibition format was the ultimate arbiter of taste

‘It’s Her World:’ Ebecho Muslimova on Painting Her Uninhibited Alter Ego; Artist has split her new paintings across two shows in São Paolo and Zürich

The Radical, Ravishing Rebirth of Tracey Emin: "I Didn’t Want to Die as Some Mediocre YBA"

How Tamara de Lempicka’s Ashes Ended Up in a Volcano; Scattered over the crater of a Mexican volcano in 1980 per her final wishes, her star, once so commanding and rapturous, had faded

Maurizio and The Golden Plates; Elegance, Entertainment and Violence

Braving Oppression: Artist Detained on Eve of 35th Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Chu Teh-Chun’s Abstract Landscapes Dazzle at a Rare Retrospective in Venice; Exhibition 'In Nebula' is a rare treat that offers a poignant overview of the understated Franco-Chinese artist

Review: ‘Discover Degas & Miss La La’; Death-defying Trapeze Artist who Transfixed a Master Artist; Ingenious high-wire act of a show is a thrilling celebration of French impressionism, Black women and modernity – boasting an aerialist who could lift a cannon with her teeth

NPR: Listen to the Yowling, Ethereal Sounds a Joshua Tree Can Be Made To Make

Jasper Johns Drawings Catalogue Raisonne Driveby; Drawings in chronological order, seeing every wild, weird, and eye-popping thing they worked on for 60 years?

Review: In Norway, a Converted Grain Silo Contains a Bumper Crop of Nordic Art

Yau: Lothar Osterburg’s Inner Longings; Tension between optimism and yearning remains taut throughout the artist’s exhibition of photogravures and found-material sculptures

Review: Japanese Painter’s Cosmic Love Letters to Hawaiʻi; After moving to Honolulu in his early 70s, Gen’ichirō Inokuma drew inspiration from the rainbows, night sky, and other natural phenomena of his new home

New Works in the Fort Worth Iteration of “Soy de Tejas: A Statewide Survey of Latinx Art”

Ewa Juszkiewicz On What Hides Beneath the Veils of Her Faceless Portraits; Artist deconstructs social ideals of feminine beauty throughout art history

Simone Leigh in Los Angeles


Gordy Grundy on Eberhard Havekost: 1998-2015 at Roberts Projects

Eberhard Havekost: View 15 Works by the Late Painter

Some Eberhard Havekost Paintings

Artforum: American Painting During The Cold War

Martin Bailey: How Drinking Too Much Coffee Fuelled Van Gogh’s Work; Highly personal still-life painting featuring a pot, milk jug and cups offers an insight into daily life in the Yellow House

Step Into a World of Contemporary Japanese Art at New Exhibition in New York

Nathan Vincent Crochets Away Toxic Masculinity; Drawing on his knitting and crochet skills, Vincent softens hard surfaces, such as steel lockers and locks, porcelain urinals, guns, grenades, and bombs

‘We Pushed Each Other’: Yorgos Lanthimos’s Alternate View of 'Poor Things;' In Pictures

Trailer 'It's Not Me'; Filmmaker Leos Carax's New 'Free-Form' Film

Resounding Influence of John Coplans’s Artforum; Trailblazing publication helped to establish the Los Angeles scene before decamping for the brighter lights of New York. Incisive criticism, the championing of pop art, and distinctive square covers are just a tiny part of this cofounder’s legacy

The World's Largest Gallery; As Seen on ‘Melrose Place’: Mel Chin’s Guerilla Art Project; Conceptual artist Mel Chin was looking the perfect gallery space. He found it on "Melrose Place."

‘Scale Is About Visibility’: Zanele Muholi on Queering Bronze Sculpture; Visual activist reflects on the impact of their practice as they open shows at Southern Guild and Tate Modern

Could the Mysterious Indecipherable Voynich Manuscript Actually Be About Sex? New study posits that the ancient work encodes "women's secrets."

Saltz Sez: Maurizio Cattelan’s Enormous Wall of Kitsch

Pole Flags and Contentious Antartica

Dan Walsh, New Paintings, at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York


Review: Remedios Varo Thrives at the Edges of Perception; Varo’s drawings crack the cold flawlessness of her paintings, and it’s exciting to see the looser, simpler skeletons underneath the surface

Female Surrealists and the Artist Varo


Artists’ AI dilemma: can artificial intelligence make intelligent art? Pierre Huyghe’s uncanny machine-human hybrids in Venice are the latest attempt to find deeper meaning in a technology that leaves many creatives playing catch-up

In Berlin, Uncanny Exhibition Turns the Online World Into Artistic Material; Dark corners of the web inspired a group exhibition that became the site of political action

French Collective Obvious Has Created an A.I. Art Generator That Can Read Your Mind; Trio's new project explores how A.I., coupled with MRI, can visually reconstruct what's in the mind's eye

See the Show! James Hayward 'Monochromes' at Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach


After 34 Years, David Hockney’s Magnificent ‘Turandot’ Sets Get Resurrected in L.A.

Behind the Scenes of a Short-Lived Broadway Musical; Theatre director Rachel Chavkin is known for unconventional hits such as “Hadestown.” Why did her latest Broadway project fail to catch on?

In 'Dark Noon,' Hollywood Westerns Get a South African Reboot on Stage; Through New Eyes, Leaving No Triumphalist Cliche Unquestioned


The Ambiguities of Czech Novelist Milan Kundera; On His Novels and Beliefs

Jack Kerouac’s List of 30 Beliefs and Techniques for Writing and Life

Interview: Published in March, Cynthia Carr’s Latest Biography Recounts the Life and Work of The Warhol Superstar And Transgender Trailblazer Candy Darling

Short Fiction: David Sedaris: Small Talk; On his thoughts on the underappreciated joys of small talk

On the Penetrating Humanistic Insight of the Great Novelist: “Jane Austen: A Woman for the ’90s,” says the 1995 Everyman’s Library ad in Publishers Weekly. “She’s sensible, she’s persuasive, she’s proud. And she’s the hottest film property since E. M. Forster.”


Collector Alex Abedine Balances His Life in Law With the Joyful Chaos of Art

Why I collect: Amélie Huynh; Paris-based jewelry designer on her entrepreneurial endeavors and approach to collecting

Meet 6 Collectors Making Waves in the South Korean Art Scene


“The Art Was My Escape”: Lee Quiñones, Subway Graffiti Pioneer, Gets the Mega-Monograph Treatment; New book offers a full-color celebration of a five-decade career

Elfo Living La Vida Loca In Italy

Why Graffiti Legend Lee Quiñones Is a Draftsman at Heart; His current show, "Quinquagenary," marks 50 years since he painted his first subway car


Jesse Brillon’s Roaring Metalwork; Brillon (Haida) Breathes Life Into Each Piece Of Metal He Crafts, Conjuring Sacred Animals And Preserving The Legends Of His People

Amber Cowan Transforms Flameworked Vintage Glass into Lush Assemblages

Peter Hunt, Cape Cod's Famous Folk Artist


Dean Sameshima Shoots in the Dark; Series of monochrome photos at Soft Opening, London, allows viewers to peek into Berlin porn cinemas, offering only slight hints of the people inside

‘We Pushed Each Other’: Yorgos Lanthimos’s Alternate View Of 'Poor Things;' In Pictures

Milky Way Photographer of the Year 2024; Otherworldly Images


‘Am I A Poor Lover, Am I Ugly?’ Eric Clapton Letters Reveal Details of George Harrison Love Triangle; Auction of Items Owned by Pattie Boyd, Ex-Wife of Harrison Then Clapton, Reveals Passionate Overtures From Rock Star

‘It’s No Good if Gigs Become the Preserve of the Posh’; The Crisis Facing Live Music in Britain; Who Will Fill Britain’s Eight New Arenas Now Ticket Prices Are Soaring? Is It True Many Bands Would Earn More Stacking Shelves? And How Can Official Taylor Swift Tickets Cost £4,000? Our Writer Investigates

A Deeper Kind of Bait: Nina and the Creation of a New Music Platform

Why Don’t More American Maestros Lead American Orchestras? Leonard Bernstein blazed a trail for conductors from the United States nearly 70 years ago. But at top American orchestras these days, they’re scarce

“Directors Don’t Cry!” Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, and the Wild Birth of Desperately Seeking Susan; In an excerpt from her memoir, Susan Seidelman watches Madonna go from newcomer (“I’ll do anything to get this part”) to icon

Now Streaming on the Criterion Channel 'Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters' (1985) Directed by Paul Schrader; Starring Ken Ogata; Music by Philip Glass; Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas


Review: “Lucy Bull: Nacar” at The Warehouse, Dallas

The Endurance Test of Lucy Bull’s Visceral Abstractions; Bull creates psychedelic abstractions that collectors can't get enough of. Meanwhile, the artist is testing her own limits

Kim Fay in Detroit: General Rules Do Not Apply at M Contemporary Art


Culture Vultures Say Cheese: 60th Venice Biennale Fashion Report

Photo Essay: World of WearableArt 2023; Annual World of WearableArt International Design Competition in Wellington, New Zealand

Kim Fay in Detroit: 'Frock' at Next Step Studio; An exclusive look at 25 eponymous fashion masterpieces, from Halston to McQueen, Balenciaga to Dior, curated by Detroiter and creative entrepreneur Jeff Newsom


The Afterlife of the Bauhaus; Exhibition in Weimar, Germany, untangles the contradictory legacy of the modernist movement amid the rise of Nazism

New York Art Production Centers; Centers for art production—that is, one for thinking, and one for making

Hawaii House By Walker Warner Architects Designed To Be "Elegant But Spare"

Client-side Careers: Meet The Architects Who Jumped The Fence

How the World Could Have Looked: The Most Spectacular Buildings That Were Never Made

Artists Priced Out of Los Angeles Head To This Creative Hub In The High Desert; Workshops Sell Out at Artist Heidi Schwegler's Yucca Valley Material Lab

Words with Video: “Mami Wata Afrofuturism: 500 Years Back to the [Afro][F]uture”


Le Métro Parisien, Partie 3



‘I Use Spectacle to Comment on Spectacle’: Artist Marco Brambilla on His Times Square Takeover; "Approximations of Utopia" is on view now as part of Times Square Arts Midnight Moment

How Storm King Art Center Became One of the World’s Top Sculpture Parks; Museum's open-air art, made by artists including Alexander Calder and Maya Lin, has brought it international recognition

Paige Jiyoung Moon “Gen 3” at Steve Turner

Film School: Our Critic Justin Tanner Recommends You See This Classic!
‘Strange Cargo,’ Frank Borzage’s 1940, wackadoo romance-drama-action movie, plays like an unholy three-way marriage between “Rain,” “Lifeboat,” and “I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang.”
Joan Crawford has one of her finest roles as Julie, a tough-as-nails prostitute working her trade in a small town right outside the Devil’s Island Penal Colony.
Clark Gable is at his swaggering best as Verne, a sweaty and sexy escaped prisoner who tries to wheedle his way into Julie’s heart. If only she had one.
Peter Lorre is extra scuzzy as a leering stool pigeon named Pig and Paul Lukas applies his unctuous charms to the role of Hessler, a wife-murdering serial killer.
But it’s Ian Hunter as Cambreau, a blatantly Christ-like figure who offers the promise of spiritual redemption, that supplies the film its off-kilter strangeness.
Wholly unpredictable, full of unintentional laughs and sharp turns into maudlin piety, “Strange Cargo” shouldn’t work at all. But somehow the sheer energy of its stars, especially the smoldering heat between Crawford and Gable, allows this bonkers melodrama to transcend its goofy storyline and reach a genuinely moving finish.

Trailer: 'Strange Cargo' (1940)

Made for Each Other: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard’s Real Romance; A pair of biographical books paint a full picture of the legendary couple’s sweeping, tragically short-lived marriage


The Hidden House by Kerimov Architects in Lagos is Camouflaged by a Rising Cliff; The 1193 sqm residential project in Portugal by the Russian architecture firm sits as a cavernous structure with a minimalist appeal amidst mountainous terrain

When Is Architectural Symbolism Hypocrisy? Architecture mirrors the culture it is built from, while simultaneously aspiring to lead that culture.

PARTISANS’s Canvas House in Toronto Features A Facade Of Corbeled Brick

7 San Diego Projects by Architects of Woodbury School of Architecture

How Architects Designed This Gorgeous Oslo Building To Never Pay For Heat, Ac, Or Ventilation; hape of Snohetta’s new “triple-zero” office building helps air flow naturally


At Auction: Art Nouveau, Art Deco Glass & Lighting

She Spent her Life Hunting for Lost Wallpaper

Inside the Surreal Menagerie of Les Lalanne; 2024 is shaping up to be the year of the husband-and-wife French duo Les Lalanne


AI Artwork Projected on Historic Gaudí House Draws Nearly 100K People; Sofia Crespo’s Artwork For Casa Batlló In Barcelona Was A Rainbow Of Stimuli Alluding To A Narrative Of Searching, Awakening, And Religious Ecstasy

Going Big: Digital Artists Who Show On A Grand Scale At Immersive Institutions; Rise Of Huge Immersive Venues, With Giant, Wraparound Programmable Led Screens, Has Provided A New Canvas, And Potential New Audience, For Digital Artists. We Look At Four Of The Main Players, From Widely Varied Backgrounds

Sci-Fi/Psychedelic, Immersive and Interactive Art Firm Meow Wolf Has Revealed Its Los Angeles Exhibition Space Will Open In 2026 Inside A Portion Of The Current Cinemark Complex At Howard Hughes L.A., West Los Angeles. Some 10 Million Visitors Have Attended The Firm’s Four Other Us Venues Since 2016

Three Things You May Not Know About The Iconic and Remote Installation of Walter De Maria’s ‘The Lightning Field’

Review: Does Damien Hirst Dream of Expensive Sheep? Hirst’s first ever retrospective in Mexico City at Museo Jumex, feels like a blockbuster from another time, before the artist became the puppet – and puppeteer – of millionaires and their institutions

Brancusi Makes the Modern World Look Stale; In Paris, a rare retrospective shows that we still haven’t matched the sculptor’s grace, humor, and clear-eyed brilliance


Rommelmann on Writing: The Monstrousness of Empathy; When a private tragedy becomes public property

Douglas Murray: What It Means to Choose Life; The Free Press columnist received the Alexander Hamilton Award for his ‘unwavering defense of Western values.’ Watch and read his brilliant acceptance speech

Book Bans Are Surging in Florida. So Lauren Groff Opened a Bookstore

On Camus and 'The First Man'

Inside Reese Witherspoon's Literary Empire

Sex, Insomnia And Swimming Trunks: An Exclusive Extract From Kafka’s Uncensored Diaries

The Little Journal of Rejects (1896); Pitched itself as “the smallest and most extraordinary magazine in existence”; All manuscripts had to have been rejected from a “leading magazine”

Stupidity: A Reading List; You Get Smarter By Studying Foolishness, So Here's How I'd Teach A 12-Week Course On Stupidity


Modern Patrons: Nicolai Tangen; His new museum Kunstsilo in Norway foregrounds the world’s largest collection of Nordic modernism

The Ins and Outs of Commissioning a Work of Art; Requests for private commissions are not always granted, but those that are can deepen relationships between buyers, artists and galleries


Is the Art World Finally Ready to Embrace Craft? Loewe Foundation Craft Prize was awarded this week. The exhibition asks big questions

Video: How To Make a Tiffany Lamp. It's Fascinating!

Contemporary Glass at Auction


Fela Kuti and Afrika '70 "Zombie" (1976) Full Album


Angry Birds, and Beans, at the Getty Villa; "Picture Worlds: Greek, Maya, and Moche Pottery"; Decorated ceramics are near-universal, the three cultures shown—6th and 5th century BC Greece; 550 to 850 CE southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize; 200 to 850 CE Peru

Se Oh 'Little Deaths' at Stroll Garden


The Last Sleepover: Artist Farah Al Qasimi presents 'Desert Dreamscape,' a surreal portrait of contemporary anxiety

Live Video: Farah Al Qasimi’s Desert Dreamscape: Magical Mirage Cozy Bedroom, Sandstorm Ambience Day to Night; from Hyundai Artlab



New Yorker Cartoons for the Week!




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Glass Panes Interlock Between Concrete Slabs Residential Development In Athens' Suburbs

Skyhaven Residence / BLANKPAGE Architects

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Douglas Murray: The Fight to Recover What Has Been Lost; Between two world wars and a mental breakdown, T.S. Eliot still believed in the possibility of restoration

‘Bitter Crop’ Review: Billie Holiday’s Swan Song; In final year of her life, Holiday continued to perform in spite of fast-declining health; Turned to friends such as Elizabeth Hardwick, Sonny Rollins and Frank Sinatra; Spoke with them about her pride in her career—and her premonition of her own death

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Ezrha Jean Black: Acaye Kerunen Finds Purpose and Community in a Scarred Landscape; at Blum

Asher Liftin: 24-Year-Old Art World Darling, Whose Fans Include David Geffen, Stages His First Solo Show In New York City

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A Collection of Record Label Logos

Two Drawing Shows Dazzle at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

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Amazing Mother Nature, Click Here

20 New Impact-Driven Projects by Female Artists Have Been Funded by Anonymous Was a Woman’s $309,000 Environmental Art Grants; For the second year, the grants program is supporting work that addresses the climate crisis

More Fabric and Textile Arts, Click Here

Meet Basil Kincaid, the Artist-Quilter Making a Splash in Miami Beach; For the residency's twelfth year, the Rubell Museum leans into textile art

Aerial Embroidery by Victoria Rose Richards

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Backstory: How Gagosian’s Blockbuster LA Basquiat Show Happened; Stars and billionaire lenders had to align for the mega-gallery’s museum-quality show of the late artist’s work, currently on display in Los Angeles

I Speak for the Rainmaker; Performing the Fundraiser Role In The Nonprofit Art World

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Politics On a Plate: How Ceramics Became A Tool For Satire And Protest; New Exhibition Celebrates The ‘Trojan Horse’ Of The Decorative Arts

Ceramic Artist Toshiko Takaezu Is Getting A Posthumous Reappraisal, Thanks To Her Devoted Acolytes — And Major Shows Highlighting Her Poetic Forms

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Inside the Artist's Mind with Lee Ufan and His New Illy Design

Crafted in Wood

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The Gallery of the Future: Navigating the Evolving World of Digital Art; People will always crave a personal connection to art, and the value of in-person experiences will likely rise, not diminish, with digital access

The Prophets: Marshall McLuhan

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Investors and Banks Hoping to Cash in on the Success of ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ Are Pouring Funds Into Art Experiences for Klimt, Kahlo, and More; Immersive art experiences are proliferating around the globe, despite the often high price of tickets

Rihanna’s One-Time Cover Artist Is Opening an Immersive Museum in New York; Created by Roy Nachum, Mercer Labs occupies the former Century 21 building

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Incredible Maps Reveal Where In The Body Different Types Of Music Are Felt - From Sad Songs In Your Chest To Happy Tunes In Your Toes

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” Turns 100; Champion of the great American songbook reveals how Gershwin’s brother, Ira, shaped a musical masterpiece

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Here’s How to See Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli on Broadway

Review: John Douglas Thompson and Alfred Molina’s clash of titans transcends dated ‘Inherit the Wind’; Director Michael Michetti

Office’ star Steve Carell is headed to Broadway; Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”

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Speak, 'Muse;' Tell Us the History of the Brancusi; An Angry Widow, Unscrupulous Dealer, Rape and Murder

Andrew Crispo, Disgraced Manhattan Gallery Owner, Dies At 78; Long series of tabloid-worthy scandal; “It was a horror show”

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New Trailers, Film Reviews, News!

Official Trailer 'Chronicles of a Wandering Saint'; Wonder of all things in a tiny Argentinian town

Cultured Magazine: The Hollywood Portfolio; What Is Hollywood Obsessed With?

Official Trailer 'We Were Dangerous' New Zealnd film; Powerful story of female friendship, from director Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, winner of the SXSW Special Jury Award for Filmmaking

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We Celebrate the Engines of the Art World

How a fake Van Gogh Encouraged Barbra Streisand To Buy The Real Thing; Star's autobiography reveals her admiration for a “self-portrait” owned by a Hollywood producer; "This was the first time I realised that some people could actually buy a great painting and have it in their home. That was amazing to me.”

Inside a Family-Friendly, Art-Filled Manhattan Home; Yana Peel, the global head of arts and culture at Chanel, wanted something urban, sexy, arty, and design focused

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Ming Smith Moving Through Shadows; From Smith’s art, we glean a picture of an artist transformed by risk, by a willingness to wander toward obscurity

See the Show! 'Fraenkenstein' Jeffrey Fraenkel & Jordan Stein discuss Fraenkenstein’s creation; Works by Diane Arbus, Bruce Conner, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar, Christian Marclay, Hiroshi Sugimoto, John Waters and many others

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JR Punches a Tunnel Through Milan’s Central Railway Station In Latest Optical Illusion; The Street Artist’s New Public Art Commission Coincides With Milan Design Week

Graffiti ‘Takeover’ Roils Downtown Los Angeles

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Gordy Grundy