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Why Christie’s CEO Guillaume Cerutti Is Still Bullish on NFTs; Auction-house executive talks about Beeple, changing luxury markets and how he prepares for triathlons

Review "Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age, 1952–1982": Computer-Generated Art, Decades Before Midjourney; Futuristically thrilling but aesthetically limited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

When Life Imitates a Wes Anderson Movie; Photographer Ava Williams’s TikTok video of an Anderson-style train ride unleashed a new cinematic subgenre on the platform

Self-Adjusting Netflix Shows? A.I. Prompts as Artworks? Three Artists Debate What Technology Has in Store for Creative Work; Sebastian Errazuriz, Khyati Trehan, and Trevor Paglen joined Artnet's Sonia Manalili talk, in partnership with Mortlach

Real child murder victims recreated by AI in sick true-crime TikTok trend

Louis Vuitton Is Selling Its Iconic Trunk as a $39k NFT; Digital trunks will leverage LVMH (LVMHF)'s Aura blockchain, which was created to crack down on counterfeits in the luxury world

Is it real or made by AI? Europe wants a label for that as it fights disinformation

Call John Waters! VR ‘Smell-O-Vision’ May Enable Users to Detect Dozens of Odors

Quilters of Gee’s Bend Head to the Blockchain, Collaborating With a Young Generative Artist on a Series of NFTs

The Digital: Consumer vs. Appreciator

Emily Dickinson’s Apple Computer House; The 19th-century poet, whose verse still resonates with its open-ended sense of how language produces meaning, is a model for a group of Brooklyn coders inventing a more humane computer

Is Crafting ‘Super Prompts’ for A.I. Generators the Art of the Future? Probably Not; A.I. Clement Greenberg would like to have a word

Harry Potter by Balenciaga Via AI

Star Wars by Balenciaga Via AI

The Office by Balenciaga Via AI

Molly Crabapple Has Posted an Open Letter by 1,000 Cultural Luminaries Urging Publishers to Restrict the Use of ‘Vampirical’ A.I.-Generated Images; Letter pulls no punches, saying generative A.I. 'sucks the lifeblood' from living artists’

‘Cool Time To Be Making Sh*t’: Why Artist Illma Gore Is Optimistic About The Rise of AI

The Andy Warhol Copyright Case That Could Transform Generative AI; US Supreme Court’s upcoming decision could shift the interpretation of fair use law—and all the people, and tools, that turn to it for protection

Bari Weiss: Is AI the End of the World? Or the Dawn of a New One? Bari Weiss converses with Sam Altman, the man behind ChatGPT, about the risks and responsibilities of the artificial intelligence revolution

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