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NYC Cab Driver Ryan Weidman Spends 30 Years Photographing His Passengers

Francesca Woodman Was a Photographic Oracle of an Ancient World

It’s about Time we Reinvented the Autochrome, What Was It?

Landscape of a Pessimist: Houston’s Latest FotoFest

Touch the Future: Outstanding Student Photographers; These Five Emerging Talents Have Earned Recognition from the Photo London x Hahnemühle Student award

Reviews: FotoFest Houston’s Power Lies in What Remains Unseen; For some artists, erasure is a way to restore dignity

Carol Kino’s Forthcoming Biography of Frances McLaughlin-Gill and Kathryn Abbe, the Identical Twin Sisters Who Blazed New Trails in The World Of Photography

‘Russia’s Cartier-Bresson’: How Dmitry Markov Captured Beauty Amidst The Brutality Of Putin’s Regime; Photographer, Who Has Died Aged 41, Took The Nation’s Most Vulnerable People As His Subject, And His Soulful Images, Shared On Instagram, Earned Him Comparisons With The Greats

Lewis Tanner, prolific photographer and urban cowboy, has died at 72; California Institute of the Arts in the 1970s; Expert on architectural and landscape photography, and his images appeared for years in The Inquirer’s Sunday magazine. “He had the perfect word to describe every moment and capture them on film,” his son said

Bodily Invasions: Images Inspired By Mysophobia; In Pictures; Photographer Lean Lui’s boundary-pushing pictures examine her fear of contamination – be it around the body or in her romantic relationships

Portraits Found in the Attic: Black Women in the Gilded Age

Roger Deakins On Taking The Shot

'Chelsea Hotel Portraits' by Tony Notarberardino Opens at ACA Galleries
... ... See the Show

In Pictures: ‘We’re All Agog’ Behind the scenes at Welsh National Opera’s 'Death in Venice'; Britten’s atmospheric, strange and beautiful opera, the last he wrote, comes to life in this new production from Welsh National Opera in a collaboration with No Fit State Circus

Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and an Homage to His Collaborator and Bodybuilder Lisa Lyon

My Best Shot: Rocketgirl On Her Sixth Lockdown: Andrew Rovenko’s Best Photograph; ‘During Covid, we walked, did puzzles and made sourdough. But after five lockdowns, activities were scarce. Then our daughter’s obsession with space gave us an idea – and her papier-mache helmet was made from scratch’

Artists, Children, Sex Workers: Christer Strömholm’s Sympathetic Street Scenes; Influential photographer befriended the transgender people he shot in Paris – and found common ground with famed sculptors and young people in poverty

Hybrid Modernism: Photographers Haubitz + Zoche Capture Postcolonial Churches In South India

Incredible Youth and Student Finalists From the 2024 Sony World Photography Awards

New Insights Into Photographer Francesca Woodman (1958-1981) and her New Gagosian Show

Tim Hetherington's War Photographs Show Moments of Intimacy and Absurdity; The photographer, who died in the Libyan civil war in 2011, had a gift for putting people at ease. The biggest British exhibition of his work since his death

Sculptor Daniel Arsham’s Never-Before-Seen Photos Make Their Museum Debut; Photographs are now on view at Fotografiska New York

Photographer George Hurrell’s Moonlight Serenade to Hollywood; Movie icons shot by the legendary lensman are on view at Washington, DC’s National Portrait Gallery.

Doc: 'Hidden Master' Official Trailer; Pioneering Photographer George Platt Lynes, who Took Radically Explicit Photographs of the Male Nude in the 1930's

The Phantasmagoric Allure of Leonor Fini; As Surrealism's centennial nears, its dark star Leonor Fini's legend is peaking. Her life was as idiosyncratic as her daring, sensuous work

Introducing Richard Bernstein, Creator of the ‘Interview’ Covers; New Show Revels in the Celebrity-Studded Culture of the 1980s

Philanthropist Lisa Saltzman Is Launching an Annual Prize for Emerging Photographers; New award will recognize emerging photographers without restrictions on age or nationality

‘Poetic Glimpses of Postwar America’: Garry Winogrand’s Colourful Streets, In Pictures; nfluential street photographer was known for his black-and-white images, but a new book collects the dazzling colour slides he captured from the 1950s onwards

From Any Angle: A Selection of Photo-Multigraphs

Photo Essay: The Studio 54 Holiday Party That Got a Little Out of Hand

Photographer Wawi Navarroza’s US Debut Is a Feast of Maximalist Portraiture; Artist's tableaux are on view at Silverlens Gallery in New York

Wawi Navarroza’s Self-Portraits Contain Multitudes; With her self-portraits, photographer Wawi Navarroza gives us insight into the strong sense of self that can emerge from multiple identities and cultures

Upcoming Film on Photographer Peter Hujar Has Found Its Leading Man; Biopic will be directed by indie filmmaker Ira Sachs

In the World’s Largest Cypress Forest, Surf Durrani Captures Atmospheric Autumnal Colors

Harry Benson: When the Beatles Stormed America, I Was With Them; Sixty years on, a legendary photographer—and VF contributor—opens up about those hard days and uproarious nights

As Wars Rage in the Middle East, Anti-war Photographer Don McCullin, at 88, Discusses “How Futile Violence Is”; Dean of conflict photography assesses the power of images—and his fellow image makers

Photographer David LaChapelle On Photography, Worshiping Stevie Wonder and His Early East Village Days; Observer recently caught up with the star photographer to talk about the past and his life lately

These Spectacular Wildlife Images Won Big at a Top Photography Contest; Meet the photographers who clinched the People's Choice Awards for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Tattooed Parisians, Photographed in the 1950s by Robert Doisneau

The Political Lens of Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship; At the Barbican, a Double Bill Of Two Great Photographers Reveals Radically Different Approaches To Social Documentary

Witness Unseen Photos From the Day Spike Jonze Met Björk; Before His First Film, Famed Director Was About To Shoot The Video For The Icelandic Superstar’s Smash Hit “It’s Oh So Quiet”

Winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024: Photos

Seeing Photography as an African Art Form; Giulia Paoletti surveys the development of Senegalese photography along with more than a century of shattering historic events

Carol Kino’s Forthcoming Biography of Frances McLaughlin-Gill and Kathryn Abbe, the Identical Twin Sisters Who Blazed New Trails In The World Of Photography

Winners of the 2023 Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Ocean Photographer of the Year Contest Highlights the Stunning Sights Above and Below the Surface

Surreal Scenes Unfold in Sandy Skoglund’s Vibrant and Otherworldly Photographs

Mist Casts the Hudson Valley in a Mysterious Light in Andrew Moore’s Atmospheric Photographs

The Fairytale Charm of Soviet Country Dachas; Fyodor Savintsev’s photographs of the small wooden cottages capture the aesthetics and ethos of “a slower, more traditional pace of life”

Photographs at Auction, a Survey of Historical Greats

Legendary Music Photographer Val Wilmer’s Greatest Shoots; She ate fried chicken with BB King, gave Jimi Hendrix a lift home from a gig and accidentally worked for MI6. The pioneer recalls her favourite subjects – and the ones like Miles Davis she’d rather forget

Photos: The Growth of Solar-Power Stations

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Fascinating Read! Strange sightings in Port Talbot

New Doc of a Modernist Jewish Pre-War Photographer 'Vishniac'

Female Faces of Photography: Masterworks at Paris Photo

Winners of the 2023 Epson International Pano Awards

Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2023

Mangrove Photography Awards 2023

Polluted, Violent and Ablaze: The Real Brazilian Rainforest; In Pictures; Eco-Noir

Review: The South’s truth and reality blur in High Museum’s ‘A Long Arc’ exhibit

Pup Art: The 2023 Dog Photography Awards In Pictures

Former News Photographer Takes Up the Practice of Civil War Era Photography

Lessons from Nature: Embracing Differences in Photography

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 Winning Images Range From Fighting Goats To A Hippo Nursery

Striving for Indigenous Inclusion In Photography History

My Best Shot Photography: Madonna Throws a Riotous, Decadent Feast... Luigi & Iango’s Best Photograph

Dalí Or Not Dalí? The Uncanny Eye of Hiroshi Sugimoto – In Pictures

Photo Essay by Charles Fréger: The Pagan Wild Men of Europe

Sizzling Hunks, Street Smash-Ups And Kabuki Rebels: The Dazzling Photography of Daidō Moriyama

Major Daido Moriyama Retrospective In London Highlights His Early, Influential Experiments

LensCulture Competition Winners: Competition: Emerging Talent Awards 2023

Does Suffering Lead to a Masterpiece in Photography? Making the Best of Poor Conditions in Landscape Photography

For Annie Leibovitz, an Opportunity to Work and Build on the Past; After receiving a commission for new works, the photographer agreed to a show that she regards as a ‘classroom’ for those who want to follow in her path

Nadine Ijewere’s Disruptive Fashion Photography

The Magic of Mono: Tips For Creative Architecture B&W Shots (Part One)

Winners of the 2023 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

'Some Believe It To Be Conspiracy' and 'Imprints of Connection' Debut by Artist Emmanuel Massillon at UTA Artist Space, Atlanta

Wow! Beyond ‘The Rose’: A New Monograph Shines a Light on Abstract Expressionist Jay DeFeo’s Unseen Photography; Many never before seen by the public

The Miracle of Photography; Essays

Dorothea Lange Survey Reveals How Studio Apprenticeships Influenced How She Later Approached Documentary Photography; Exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, examines five decades of the pioneering photographer’s portraits

Photographer Eirik Johnson 'The Light That Gets Lost', an exhibition accompanied by a sound installation by the Seattle-based artist at Koplin del Rio, Seattle

‘It Has A Price’: War Photographer Corinne Dufka On Capturing Conflict; Steemed Photographer Has Spent More Then A Decade In Places Such As Bosnia And Liberia, Remembered In A Powerful New Book

Photographer Bella Newman's Career Took Off After Winning a 'Teen Vogue' Contest She Never Entered; Brooklyn-based photographer prefers to live in a fantastical world of her own creation, which also serves as the backdrop for her ethereal imagery

Winners of the 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year

How Low Can You Go? Cars And Chicano Culture

The Groundbreaking Pictures of the Black Photography Studio; At the Smithsonian American Art Museum, two exhibitions depict 19th-century art history through an updated lens

‘Our World Is Beautiful’: Winners Of The Largest Annual Photo Competition; 10 Winning Images From 509,612 Entries Have Been Announced By Photo Printing Firm Cewe

Winners of the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2023

Himalayan Tree-Huggers and a Landscape of Vulvas: The Eco-Show Where Women Call The Shots; Barbican’s new exhibition looks at the way ecofeminism has evolved – from anti-nuclear protests at Greenham Common to ‘multiple clitoris’ art

An Australian Photo Festival Has Inaugurated an A.I. Art Award, Recognizing ‘Prompt-ography’ as a Bona Fide Medium; Rather than reject images created with artificial intelligence, this competition created a separate category for them

Entrepreneur Charles Jin on How He Built a World-Class Photography Collection; His considerable collection ranges from 20th-century masters to contemporary stars

The Big Picture: Surreal Shadow Play With Maurice Tabard; French Photographer – ​Once Man Ray’s Assistant – Helped Pioneer Many Of The Signature Techniques of Surrealism

Would I Lie To You? Images That Speak the Truth

With His Debut Solo Show, Photographer Quil Lemons Holds Up a Mirror to Masculinity; at Hannah Traore Gallery in New York, “Quiladelphia” is an ode to creative kinship and an invitation into the young photographer’s taboo-breaking world

Photographer Jack Pierson, the Massachusetts-born artist known for his unflinchingly intimate male portraits, is entering fresh territory with a new job title and his first show with Lisson Gallery

Ancient Knights and Lonely Surfers: The Best of Photofairs NY

Two Become One: Dazzling Duos; The Diptyks of Nina Welch-Kling

LensCulture Street Photography Awards

Instagram Photos of Jarvis Cocker, Kamila Shamsie, Rachel Whiteread and Other Creatives; Surprising images from the Instagram accounts of various artists, writers and musicians are brilliantly captured in “Seeing Things”, published by The Redstone Press

Gagosian Quarterly: Jake Skeets Reflects On Richard Avedon’s Series 'In The American West', Focusing On The Portrait Of His Uncle, Benson James

Allen Ginsberg Photographs at Fahey/Klein Gallery

The City of Houston Exhibits Newly Acquired Lens-Based Artworks

Artforum Portfolio: Ed Ruscha

“Ed Ruscha and Photography”

Station To Station: David Platzker on the Art of Ed Ruscha

Market for Photography is on a Roll; Launch of Photofairs New York during Armory Week reflects a resurgent market for photographs and related media

Beats Connection: Allen Ginsberg’s Inner Circle – In Pictures; New exhibition of the Howl author’s intimate personal photographs finds him hanging out with Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Patti Smith

“I Have So Many Favorite Photos”: Photographer Eric Johnson on Creating Hip-Hop Iconography; In honor of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, Johnson looks back at the making of some of his most iconic photographs

Photographers Recreate Old Master Paintings in Witty and Profound Ways in a New Show at a Princeton University Art Gallery; Pictures by Ori Gersht, Nina Katchadourian, and Vik Muniz are on view in “Art about Art: Contemporary Photographers Look at Old Master Paintings”

Review: "Amy Winehouse: In Her Words"; Poignant vignettes of a fledgling superstar; Scrapbook of the late singer’s diary entries, notes, photos, teen poetry and lyrics leans heavily on her early life but offers a vivid snapshot of her personality

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023: Highly Commended!

Breaking Free from the Artifice of the Fashion Shoot; From whiteness to the male gaze, photographers Hanna Moon and Joyce Ng reflect on the conventions that underpin the fashion industry

Creating a Riot of Color, In a Studio of Her Own; British Photographer Yevonde

Photographic Study of 'Phasmid Eggs, Full Collection'; Commonly known as stick insect or stick bugs; by Levon Biss

Maine Media announces Craig Easton as the recipient of the 2023 Arnold Newman Prize

‘Like An Alien World’: The Banks of The River Thames And Beyond, In Pictures; Josh Edgoose spent a decade documenting the community around his home in south-west London

Frozen Moments in Soviet-Era Pools: Maria Svarbova’s Timeless Portraits

‘I Never Wanted to Be Avant-Garde’: Heji Shin Doesn’t Claim Her Provocative Photographs Are Intellectual, But Many of Her Biggest Fans Are; You won't find any naked bodies in “The Big Nudes” the artist's new show 52 Walker. Then again maybe you will

Who Gets to Tell a Love Story? 'Love Songs' at International Center of Photography, New York, suggests that queer art is inherently allergic to telling a representational story of intimacy

Frederick Eberstadt, photographer of socialites and artists, dies at 97

Vintage New York: Adventures On The Lower East Side; Tria Giovan Spent Six Years Photographing The Area of Downtown Manhattan’s Fights, Feasts and Family Gatherings Before Gentrification Changed It For Good

How Gösta Peterson, the Photographer’s Photographer, Kept a Low Profile While Making Fashion History; Lesser-known contemporary of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, Gösta Peterson is having a moment years after his death

Winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year

Kate Winslet Embodies an Unsung American Icon in 'Lee'; Winslet digs deep in her portrayal of fashion model and groundbreaking wartime photographer Lee Miller; Pals with Pablo Picasso and Paul Éluard and dated Man Ray;
Inside the biopic that was two decades in the making

Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines Series: An Exhausted Dream: America Faces Its Twilight; In Pictures; Influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the film Vertigo, Gregory Crewdson’s portraits of middle America have a dreamy, cinematic quality

See the Most Distant Star in the Universe—a Million Times Brighter Than the Sun—Thanks to Stunning Photos From NASA’s James Webb Telescope; Webb's first year of operation has proved game changing for astronomers studying the origins of the universe

SVA’s MFA Students Want You to Unplug; An AI with eyeballs, an experiment in distraction, and “meme-ing academia” take center stage in the Photography, Video and Related Media thesis show

Finnish Artist and Photographer Iiu Susiraja Tempers Humor With Honesty in Her Raw Self-Portraits, Now on View in a Star-Making Debut Show at MoMA PS1

Collection of Photos of Everyday Activities Reveal the Humor of Perspective and Serendipitous Alignments

Christian Tagliavini: The Photographic Craftsman at Camera Work, Berlin

Feather Report: Artists’ Images of Birds

2023 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Every Summer for a Decade, Photographer Mimi Plumb travelled to California’s Kings Canyon to befriend a band of horses and take these magical portraits

Lover To Lover: Photographers’ Most Intimate Images; In Pictures; New exhibition features photographic love stories

My, Myself and I: Campbell Addy’s Search For Identity

‘A Total Perfectionist’: The Understated, Underrated Photography of Evelyn Hofer

Remembering Amos Badertscher, a Self-Taught Photographer Who Chronicled Baltimore’s Street Heroes; Documented hustlers, performers, and others eking out a living in Baltimore

Legendary French Photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue and His Forgotten Muse on the French Riviera of the 1930s

'I Learn A Lot From These People’: Anton Corbijn Photographs Artists

Wild, The Weird and The Wonderful: The Extraordinary Show Capturing Diane Arbus’s Unsettling Genius

Manifesting Evanescence: Ming Smith’s Photography in Houston

A New Show of Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs Will Also Feature Poems Generated by an A.I. Trained on Those Same Images; Poems are billed as "written by Allen Ginsberg’s photographs"; Gathers such portraits of his Beat colleagues, including Kerouac, Peter Orlovsky, Neal Cassady, and Gregory Corso, captured candidly and spontaneously.

‘She’s hard to pin down’: the ‘avant-garde It girl’ who became a revolutionary photographer; Tina Modotti moved in the same circles as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo but, until now, little was known of the artist and activist whose work was galvanised by her politics

Review: “Don Netzer: The Lethal Beauty of Violence” at PDNB Gallery, Dallas; "I wanted the cartridges to be in the viewer’s face, overwhelming them"; 38 x 29-inch prints

Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines Series: An Exhausted Dream: America Faces Its Twilight; In Pictures; Influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the film Vertigo, Gregory Crewdson’s portraits of middle America have a dreamy, cinematic quality

Photographer Ethan James Green Prizes 20th-Century American Art, Handmade Gifts, and a Family Ring He Never Takes Off; We asked the photographer and founder New York Life Gallery about the things he values most—in art and in life

Nefarious Data Collection Masking as Public Art? An A.I. Company Worldcoin Has Placed Mirrored Spheres Around the World in a Massive Eye-Scanning Project; Worldcoin's effort has been criticized by the likes of Edward Snowden, who tweeted, "Don't catalogue eyeballs"

Australian Photographer Was Disqualified From a Photo Contest After Her Submission Was Mistakenly Deemed A.I.-Generated; Contest organizers were apologetic, but "paranoid about A.I.," said Suzi Dougherty.

Shana Nys Dambrot: Gordon Matta-Clark at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City

50 Years After Robert Smithson’s Untimely Death, the Holt/Smithson Foundation Has Released Previously Unpublished Photos of ‘Spiral Jetty’; Mammoth work has become part of the ever-changing local landscape

In ‘Microcosmos,’ Roberto de la Torre Photographs the Elaborate Masked Characters of Northern Spain’s Entroidos

"Becoming Van Leo" The invented name, Van Leo, a Turkey-born, Armenian-Egyptian glamor photographer Levon Boyadjian (1921–2002), Photos of himself in costume

Flash Photography For Portraits: One Light Easiest Method

From Dawn to Dusk and Back Again, Stephen Wilkes Pursues Natural Drama in Remarkably Detailed Panoramas

Yau: Artist David Amico Brings LA’s Streets Into the Gallery; For years, Amico has driven around Los Angeles early in the morning and taken photographs in industrial neighborhoods of walls and surfaces

With a Focus on Sustainability, the New Louis Roederer Photography Prize Is a ‘Party with a Purpose’; Darius Sanai, co-creator of Louis Roederer Photography Prize for Sustainability, shares his ambitions for the prize

Detroit-area photography dealer pleads guilty to $1.5m art fraud scheme; Wendy Halsted Beard was arrested last year after an FBI investigation

New Exhibition Reveals How Man Ray, the Enigmatic Surrealist Photographer, Bridged the Worlds of Art and Fashion; “Man Ray and Fashion” runs through August 13 at MoMu, the fashion museum of Antwerp, Belgium

Review: Carrie Mae Weems review – evil clowns, race riots and tense kitchen table dramas at Barbican, London; In this intriguing show, the photographer, film-maker and dancer explores the Black American experience from a wide range of angles

Specimens of Fancy Turning (1869); Early Photography Book Features Thirty Tipped-In Albumen Silver Prints Of Geometric Designs Created On “The Hand Or Foot Lathe

Peggy Levison Nolan’s 'Florida'

Erwin Olaf: Photography's Dutch Master – In Pictures; From nightlife-fuelled provocateur to Rembrandt-inspired portraitist, Erwin Olaf – 60 this year – continues to approach his subject with theatrical flair

One Fine Show: ‘Kinship: Photography and Connection’ at SFMOMA; Features the work of Farah Al Qasimi, Mercedes Dorame, Jarod Lew and others, explores connections of all kinds

‘You have to create a dream world’ Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt’s new solo exhibition offers up monochrome minimalism at its most striking

Selections From the Audubon Photography Awards Top 100

Underexposed: Women Photographers from the Collection at the High Museum of Art

'I Could Read the Sky' revisited: Haunting Memories of A Migrant’s Life – In Pictures; Hailed by Robert Macfarlane as a masterpiece, this 1997 novel of words and pictures has been reissued with previously unseen photographs

Must See! 10th Annual Prix Pictet Shortlist 2023: Human; In Pictures

The Elegant Minimalism of Michael Kenna’s Japanese Landscapes; In Pictures; Celebrated as one of the world’s most prominent landscape photographers, Kenna is known for his poetic black-and-white images from locations around the globe

Ben Geier 'Abandoned Theatres': In Pictures

Brothels, Bartenders and Film Stars: Eve Arnold’s Women – In Pictures; Pioneering photojournalist was headhunted by Magnum and became a personal favourite of Marilyn Monroe. A new retrospective tells her story

Rencontres D’arles: Can The Storied Photography Festival Recognise The Issues That Beset Its Homeland?

One of Photography’s Earliest Inventors Had an Ingenious Trick to Stop His Images From Over-Developing, Scholars Say; Scientists recently re-examined three of the oldest surviving photographic artifacts in the Americas

'The Treasure of His Youth: The Photographs of Paolo Di Paolo' Trailer

Photographer Harry Benson Captured Candid Images of the Stars, Including the Beatles and Liza Minnelli. Here Are the Stories Behind 6 of His Iconic Photos; 93-year-old Scottish photographer is getting due recognition for a lifetime spent capturing pop culture's biggest icons

Coral Slime, Burning Trees – And Hope: Earth Photo 2023 Shortlist – In Pictures

Explore Mars’ Craggy Topography in an Enormous 5.7 Terapixel Mosaic of the Red Planet’s Surface

Mobsters, Murder And Moments Of Resistance: Life Under The Sicilian Mafia – In Pictures

Light Up! The Best Of Photo Basel 2023 – In Pictures

Mystery Man: The Many Guises of Juan Pablo Echeverri – In Pictures

Chimp Cuddles and Clever Coyotes: The 10Th Bigpicture Natural World Photography Competition – In Pictures

At last, photography starts to make inroads into Art Basel; Collectors show greater interest in photographers but larger galleries still favour mid-career and older artists

Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto Has Unveiled His First Major Work in the U.S.: A Towering Sculpture That Pierces the San Francisco Sky; New Landmark Will Be The Crowing Glory Of Yerba Buena's New Infinity Point Park, Opening Later This Year

‘Sweetness and Solace’: Baldwin Lee’s Portrait of The Deep South

Mountains, a Lemon and 1930s China at Photofairs Shanghai

Photo Essay: Crossing the lines; Photography Without Frontiers at Kyotographie 2023

This Would've Changed Photography Forever; Smart Cameras Goes As Far Back As 1998

Three Recent Books From Texas Photographers

New Yorker: The Making of Photographer Jackie Kennedy; As a student in Paris and a photographer at the Washington Times-Herald, the future First Lady worked behind the lens to bring her own ideas into focus

Skateboarding Legend Ed Templeton Offers an Inside Look at the Subculture With a New Book and Show of His ‘Cantankerous’ Photography

Mexican Photographer Kati Horna Collaborated With the Biggest Surrealist Stars of Her Day. Why Don’t We Know Her Name? 'Kati Horna: In Motion,' the first New York gallery exhibition of her work, is currently on view at Ruiz-Healy Art

Winners of the 2023 Close-Up Photographer of the Year Challenge: Minimal

Issei Suda’s Theatrical Shots of Tokyo Street Life

Human Skulls and Grass Bums! Pioneering Female Photographers – In Pictures

William Waterworth’s Classically Beautiful Photos Capture the Joy of Travel

Western Photographer Steve Wrubel Makes A Career Out Of Immortalizing Rodeo's Most Iconic Moments With His Camera

How To Make Photography Backgrounds and Sets

7 Questions for Photographer Markus Klinko on His Era-Defining Images of Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and David Bowie

See Jaw-Dropping Portraits of Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, and Other Icons in Fotografiska’s Starry Terry O’Neill Retrospective; 'Stars' arrays six decades' worth of the legendary photographer's celebrity shots

Carrie Mae Weems: the photographer recreating and reframing famous historical moments; Ahead of her largest European show to date, the artist tells us why her early work focused on her family and how she grew to embrace large-scale installation

Sunlight Illuminates Undulating Kelp Forests in Underwater Photographs by Douglas Klug

Andy Warhol piloting John Denver’s experimental bi-plane: Christopher Makos’s best photograph

Yevonde: An Introduction to the Woman Who Pioneered Colour Photography

Celebrating England’s High Streets; The Rich Diversity of Modern English Towns; In Pictures

‘This is The Death Pit’: Adam Ferguson’s Stark And Brutal Photos of Australia’s Outback

Photo London X Hahnemühle Student Award; In Pictures

Club Culture In The 90s and 00s: In Pictures

Kwame Brathwaite, “Black Is Beautiful” Photographer, Dies at 85; Throughout his six-decade career, Brathwaite harnessed the power of photography to recalibrate the public understanding of Blackness

"The Whole Project is A Clock. It’s Managed by the Moon,” Said Darren Almond of His Fullmoon Photos

Amnesty International Faces an Outcry From Photographers Over Creating A.I.-Generated Images of Protestors; Human rights organization removed A.I.-generated images after photojournalists criticized their use in an era of fake news

Antoine Verglas On His Journey Of Being A Fashion Photographer

“Chronorama”: Photography as a Work of Art, From the Conde Nast Archives

Photographer Aaron Jenkin Travels to Darkest Place on Earth for Stunning Milky Way Shoot; See the Videos!

Fifteen Seconds of Fame: Hollywood Extras

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