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Fran Lebowitz: Pretend It’s a Museum; Fran goes behind-the-scenes to The Met’s Paintings Conservation Lab

10 Books That Every Surfer Should Read; On 'Wave Woman,' If this book had come out in 1963 it may have changed the entire direction of the sport

Your Local Newspaper Might Not Have a Single Reporter; Rise of ‘ghost newsrooms’ spawns effort by local news startups to fill the void

David Sedaris in the New Yorker: The Violence of the Rams, “I know you can't hold animals to human standards. That said, rams are assholes.”

This Is Your Brain on Books: People who love books "A Gentle Madness"; Saint Anselm, the 11th century Benedictine monk, treated reading as a form of communion

Book Review: 'Kubrick: An Odyssey'; The Perfectionist and His Craft; Stanley Kubrick’s 13 Feature Films Include Some Of The Most Celebrated—And Controversial—Movies of Their Times

The Low Down on the Greatest Dictionary Collection in the World; From “unabridged” to “slanguage,” Madeline Kripke’s library is a logophile’s heaven (or hell)

The Fight for the Future of Publishing; Ideological fanatics and fear have crippled the major houses. But new book publishers are rising up to take the risks they won’t.

‘Spirits Dancing In Private Rapture’: The Best Descriptions of Joy in Literature; The last word, our series about emotions and states of mind in books, focuses on depictions of happiness this month, from Austen’s Persuasion to a 21st-century sonnet

Sophomore Style: The Year In Literature: 2023 Was The Year of The Difficult Second Novel

Vanity Fair: Our 20 Favorite Books of 2023

Great Poets’ Brawl: In June 1968, a Who’s Who Of Poets Convened On Long Island. They Ate Lobster, Drank Vodka, and Brawled Of ‘68

Why Did Columnist Janet Malcolm, Late In Life, Confess To A Prolonged Extramarital Affair With Her New Yorker Editor, Decades After The Fact?

Review: The Dangerous and Hilarious Florida Novels of Charles Willeford; “Just tell the truth, and they’ll accuse you of writing black humor”

Louis Armstrong’s Sunny Side of the Street; In the Latest Installment of Old Hollywood Book Club, We Dig Into How The Jazz Great Channeled His Dickensian Childhood Into Art

What?! Patricia Highsmith’s Vanishing Panels: Few Know That The Acclaimed Novelist, Whose Cartoons Were Rejected By The New Yorker, Forged A Side Career As A Scriptwriter For Superhero Comics

When the New York Times Lost Its Way; America’s media should do more to equip readers to think for themselves

Very Relevant, Susan Sontag’s Funny! Sexy! Sad! Magnum Opus Threatens to Upend Our Democracy; ‘The Volcano Lover,’ Published In 1992, Celebrates Ideas Of Excellence And Intellectual Seriousness That Today Feel Ancient

Days of The Jackal: How Agent Andrew Wylie Turned Serious Literature Into Big Business; Andrew Wylie is agent to an extraordinary number of the planet’s biggest authors. His knack for making highbrow writers very rich helped to define a literary era – but is his reign now coming to an end?

Here’s How Many Books Most People Read A Year? According to a Poll; Sales Based on Cover Art

Wall Street Journal: In the Book World

Douglas Murray: The Singing Will Never Be Done

Book Painting: There might be a Secret Painting Hiding in that Old Book of Yours

Fore-edge Paintings, The Hidden Artworks Painted at the Edges of Books

Frieze: Editor’s Picks: Nobel-Prize Winning Literature; Highlights include the latest release from Jon Fosse, an Annie Ernaux classic and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s final art-house drama

Ed Ruscha's Iconic Artwork CBS Sunday Morning (1983)

Nathalie Olah’s ‘Bad Taste’ Is a Real Class Act' From sourdough to Princess Diana, the author's new book explores what happens when our aesthetic values meet a class ceiling

Writer Sigrid Nunez Spent Part of Lockdown Fantasizing About “Gorgeous Young Hunks.” Then She Wrote a Book About It

Ayaan Hirsi Ali : Why I am Now a Christian; 'Atheism Can't Equip Us For Civilisational War'

An Expert’s Guide to Lee Miller: Five must-read books on the American photographer; All you ever wanted to know about Miller, from a biography and collection of love letters to a book of her recipes—selected by the curator Martin Pel

The Critic as Storyteller: A review of 'Four Dubliners: Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett' by Richard Ellmann

Salman Rushdie: 'Literature Is Powerful, Writers Are Fragile' "If we can't trust ourselves as a culture to accommodate ideas we don't like," the novelist said at the Library of Congress, "then our ideas lose their value as well, because they become authoritarian."

Jerzy Kosinski’s Fall From Grace: Investigating a Literary Smear Campaign; Celebrated everywhere from Elaine’s to the Oscars, the Polish-born anti-Communist was the toast of Manhattan’s elite—until a swirl of questions about whether he wrote his own books sank his reputation

How To Write A Comic Book; from Film Courage

Interview: Samy Burch Wrote the Film ‘May December’ (Directed by Todd Haynes) To Get An Agent & May End Up An Oscar Nominee

A Dystopian Thriller, Political Deep Dives, and More Books to Read in November

Book Review: 10 Years Later – “Banksy in New York” at MCL in Berlin

Interview: ‘The Band, The Scene... I Put It All In There’: Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore On His Memoir of A Rock’n’roll Life; With cameos from William Burroughs and Iggy Pop, Sonic Life – the musician’s new autobiography – chronicles his long relationship with Kim Gordon and life at the vanguard of US indie-rock

'Charlie Chaplin vs. America: When Art, Sex, and Politics Collided' Review: The Detailed Chronicle Of A Real-Life Hollywood Rise And Fall

Memoir: 'Mere Belief' by Sallie Tisdale; Sliding down the curve of forgetting

The Final Debrief: Who was Spy Thriller Writer John le Carré? A New Documentary And Book Uncover Fresh Clues

Paul McCartney on Writing “Day Tripper”; In an excerpt from The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, the Grammy Award winner reminisces about the inspiration behind the Beatles hit.

Writer Colette in Her Parisian Apartment

Don’t Look to Writer Natasha Stagg for Answers; Author of Surveys and Sleeveless: Fashion, Image, Media, New York 2011-2019 opens up about her new collection, an incisive foray into our self-obsessed age

Noema: The Emptiness of Literature Written For The Market: To meet consumer demand for instant gratification, writers have increasingly adopted the neutered rhetoric of brand management

Book Reviews: Multi-Generational Gee’s Bend Story, Told by One Quilt; Stitching Love and Loss narrates the history of the Pettway family, the community of Gee’s Bend, and the entwined tragedies of slavery and Indigenous dispossession

How to Exclaim! The Textual Version Of Junk Food. The Selfie Of Grammar. The Exclamation Point Attracts Enormous (And Undue) Amounts of Flak

Douglas Murray: When the World Went Mad; World War I poet Edward Thomas symbolized the breakdown of stability

Speaking in Tongues: On Don DeLillo

Down and Out: A Woman Excised From Her Eminent Husband’s Story; 'Wifedom: Mrs. Orwell’s Invisible Life'

Sofia Coppola’s First Book Goes Behind the Scenes on Her Films From ‘Lost in Translation’ to ‘Priscilla.’ See Its Lush Photos Here

Interview with Author Dennis Cooper: ‘I’m Saddled With This Cult Writer Thing’

10 Art Books We’re Reading This November; Christina Sharpe’s Ordinary Notes, Nan Goldin’s new catalogue, a visual biography of Marina Abramovic, and more

Humanity 101: The Syllabus of Frankenstein's Monster; Examination of the three books that Frankenstein's monster reads to educate himself about human life

Werner Herzog’s Memoir Isn’t Very Personal

New Yorker Poetry Podcast: The Poet Dorothea Lasky joins Kevin Young to read and discuss “Three Songs,” by Louise Bogan, and her own poem “The Green Lake”

James Bond Was Created To Counter Some Real Life Anxiety; Carefree Long Time Bachelor Ian Fleming Was About to Get Wed

Behind Enemy Lines: A Look At The Mysterious Story of Journalist Ernie Pyle’s Death During The U.S. Army’s Invasion of a Japanese Island

WSJ: Books of the Week!

Graham Greene Was ‘Ready To Go To Jail For Lolita’, Says Véra Nabokov’s Diary; Newly Published Record Of The Struggle To Get The Controversial 1955 Novel Past Censors Adds ‘There Could Be No Better Reason’

A Piece of Paradise; Lost short story handwritten by the acclaimed author Truman Capote is published for the first time; Capote was not “like some of the pulp writers … who have 100 stories, 200 stories.”

The 8 New Art Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall; From an ambitious survey of Indigenous contemporary art to, Ed Ruscha, to a lively account of the Prince of Chintz, here’s what you should be reading

New Book: 13 Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Palaces From Around the World; From Belgian castles to British estates, these decadent structures show how, even in decay, they still hold a certain allure

Why Silicon Valley’s Biggest AI Developers Are Hiring Poets; Training data companies are grabbing writers of fiction, drama, poetry, and also general humanities experts to improve AI creative writing

The Early Days of American English; How English words evolved on a foreign continent; “timber” became “lumber,” “autumn” became “fall,” and “shop” became “store”

Clarice Lispector’s Vortex of Meaning; New translation of the writer’s rarest novel 'The Apple in the Dark' is a revelation

Book Review: What Did Home Mean to Leonora Carrington? New book explores the many places the artist lived in and how they shaped how she made art

Truth through Vulnerability: RuPaul’s Upcoming Memoir Is a Powerful Tale of Sex, Sobriety, and Radical Self-Acceptance

Review: 'Time for My Generation to Die' Poet E. D. Evans

What Emily Dickinson Left Behind; Winding Story of How A Trove Of 8,000 Of The Poet’s Family Objects Were Saved

Memoir Revue: In Art Conservation, There Is No Perfect Solution; Conservator Rosa Lowinger reflects on her time working at LACMA in the 1980s in an excerpt from her new memoir, Dwell Time

James Bond Is Getting A 'Darker' Graphic Novel Makeover From The Creator Of 'The Boys'

Reno Navales Discusses “Renowned,” a New Austin Art Magazine

New Yorker Podcast: Spies, Sex, and John le Carré

Douglas Murray and Kevin Spacey: What Shakespeare can teach us about cancel culture?

A 21-Year-Old Just Solved a 2,000-Year-Old Mystery In 'World-Historical' Breakthrough; 21-year-old Luke Farritor became the first person in millennia to read the text on an ancient scroll using machine learning

Excerpts From a New Book "Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s 'Dune'; An Oral History"

Quiet Quitting: Franz Kafka’s Work-Life Imbalance; New! 'The Diaries of Franz Kafka'

Chuck D on His New Graphic Novel and the ‘Madness’ of US Gun Culture; Public Enemy frontman talks about why he returned to his first love of art to create a book about the violence dividing his country

Actor and Arts Activist Joe Gordon-Levitt Wants You To Write! Red-faced Confession: Monologue exposing a shocking secret; Revealing an embarrassing, shocking, funny or sad confession was the inspiration; Give this a read, then go contribute your own confession

Girl’s Worst Friend: James Ellroy returns with a novel 'The Enchanters' about Marilyn Monroe and the people who betrayed her

Shocks to the System: Don DeLillo’s Novels Of The Cold War And Its Aftermath

Douglas Murray: Oscar Wilde’s Final Masterpiece; Three years before his death, the famous wit penned a poem to a doomed prisoner that became his own epitaph

New Criterion: Isn’t it Romantic; A Review of Biography 'Mary Shelley' by Muriel Spark

Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s lyricist, Would Like To Have a Word; New Book; Music Scene of the 1970s, ’80s and ‘90s

Interview: Author Mick Herron: ‘I’d have made an awful spy. I don’t have a Smartphone or Wifi’; He’s a master of the espionage story, whose spy series was made into the hit TV drama Slow Horses; Spotlight-shunning author talks about politics, time travel and identity-swapping

‘She was chatty, seemingly untroubled’: Jeffrey Eugenides on the babysitter who inspired 'The Virgin Suicides'; He was going nowhere as a writer. Then a shocking chat with a teenage girl in Detroit changed everything. Here, the author reveals the astonishing story behind his explosive debut

The Virgin Suicides (1999) Trailer; Directed by Sofia Coppola

The Biographer's Dilemma: Manic Moods and 3 A.M. Texts: How Walter Isaacson Navigated Elon Musk And His Demons

Shana Nys Dambrot: Fall Books, a Backpack Full of Poetry and History

Gagosian Quarterly: A Vera Tatum Novel; The first installment of a short story by Percival Everett

Gagosian Quarterly: A Vera Tatum Novel; The second installment of a short story by Percival Everett

‘Larry McMurtry’ Review: A Prairie Boy and a Book Man; Restlessness of the novelist was evident in his abiding passion for long book-collecting trips across America

Writing the Artist's Profile: Jann Wenner Defends His Legacy — and His Generation’s

Why Are There So Many Books About Artists’ Wives?

Wall Street Journal: Books

A Wolfe in Chic Clothing and the Literary Feud: My Father, Tom Wolfe, was a Perfect Southern Gentleman who Always Seemed to be Butting Heads with the Literary Establishment

Must Read! Working Writer: Gay Talese, Assignment: Sinatra; A legendary editor. A recalcitrant writer. And a subject that was both man and myth. The story behind the writing of what became known as the greatest magazine profile ever; "I knew from experience that few [celebrities] had much respect for writers."

Film Auteur Wes Anderson says Roald Dahl’s Works Shouldn’t be Woke Edited: “He’s Dead”

How Almost Meeting Alberto Giacometti The Week He Died Inspired A New Biography; 60-year “obsession” began when Michael Peppiatt set out for Paris with a letter of introduction from Francis Bacon

Martin Scorsese Rewrote ‘Flower Moon’ Because ‘I Was Making a Movie About All the White Guys’ and It ‘Concerned Me,’; Calls Cinema Culture ‘Broken Up’

Editor v. Publisher: Crackdown on ‘Woke’ Coverage Is Tearing Atlanta Magazine Apart


Ben Davis: Part I: Is Art Criticism Today Too Affirmative? That’s the Wrong Question to Be Asking

Ben Davis: Part II: The ‘Quasi-Theological’ Turn in Art Criticism Is a Mirage Leading Us the Wrong Way; "Negative Reviews?

New Criterion: The Rape of The Masters; On The Trend Away From Art In Art History

What Should Art Criticism Do? Selections from Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism

‘The Pigeon Tunnel’: Errol Morris Crafts A Riveting Doc Portrait of Spymaster Author John le Carré; His Final Interview

'The Pigeon Tunnel' Official Trailer, Apple TV+

Fifty Shades of Hay! Amish community up in arms over 'tame' romance novel where characters' 'lips meet in mutual consent'

Douglas Murray: Things Worth Remembering: Hope That the Road Is a Long One; Constantine Cavafy’s poem ‘Ithaca’ reminds us that life should be about the journey, not the destination

Poetry from The Drift: 'Californian' S. Brook Corfman

'The Mysteries of Pittsburgh': In this excerpt from his new memoir, Werner Herzog on finding material, and family in Sixties Pittsburgh "I was searching for truth. Instead, I found a family"

Douglas Murray: An Ode to Forbidden Passion; Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s love poem is famous. But her own love story is just as legendary

Arts and Crafts Era: Beautiful Books and Elegant Reading Accessories at Auction: Here ... and ... Here

Adobe Systems Cofounder Aand Developer of The PDF John Warnock Has Passed. With His Wife Marva Collins, They Collected Native American Art And Rare Books. See Their Collection Here

Short Fiction from the Drift: 'Have You Heard This One Before' by Mariah Kreutter

‘Radical Wolfe’ Trailer: Documentary About Legendary Iconic Writer & Journalist Tom Wolfe

LA’s Art Book Fair Is Back With a Bang; This year’s edition, the first in the city since 2019, suggests a publishing landscape as quirky and diffuse as Los Angeles itself

Douglas Murray: Beauty out of the Bleakness; In his famously dark masterpiece, T. S. Eliot evokes a moment of ecstasy

TikToker makes author a bestseller overnight with viral video: ‘I’m trying to wrap my head around it’; Rose to the top of the Amazon retail site’s best seller’s list

New Short Fiction 'The End Is Only a Beginning' by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Noema: What AI Teaches Us About Good Writing; While AI can speed up the writing process, it doesn’t optimize quality — and it endangers our sense of connection to ourselves and others

New Doc on the Writer! 'Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind' Official Trailer

August Book Bag: From a new book of Lee Miller photographs to a ‘sexy’ publication of contemporary Indigenous art; Our roundup of the latest art publications

New Criterion: The Good German; A review of Thomas Mann: Life as a Work of Art: a Biography, by Hermann Kurzke

Douglas Murray: ‘I Would Have Died for You, But I Never Had the Luck!’; A. E. Housman spent his life pining for a man who refused him. It was sad, lonely—bleak. But, my God, it was poetry

Short Fiction 'My Prince' by J Petersen; Road Trip Goes Awry

Picking up the Shards​; Why You Should Listen to Bret Easton Ellis

From Beautiful Publications To An Impressive Selection Of Bookends, And An Assortment Of Furniture, Roycroft: Life in Abundance, The Collection of Richard Blacher, Part I

Gagosian Gallery Launches an Advisory Service for Rare Books; Led by Gagosian's rare books expert Douglas Flamm, the new service expands its surprising array of book-related operations

Douglas Murray: What Will Survive of Us Is Love; Poet Philip Larkin led a miserable life. Yet he conjured the divine

Review: 'The Visionaries' by Wolfram Eilenberger; Four Women Who Changed The World; complicated lives and questing minds of Ayn Rand, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir and Simone Weil

Eight Books We Can’t Stop Talking About This Month; Novels about rich people behaving badly, a self-professed scammer’s memoir, and more delicious summer reads recommended by the staff of Vanity Fair

Podcast: On Poet and Arts Writer John Yau’s Book “Please Wait By the Coatroom: Reconsidering Race and Identity in American Art”

Looking for a Smart Beach Read? Here Are 15 of the Most Gripping New Art-World Books to Crack Open This Summer; From the stranger-than-fiction tale of the world's biggest art theft to an ambitious meta-fiction of an enigmatic art star with a secret history, here is what we are reading this season

Douglas Murray: The Days of Wine and Roses; Ernest Dowson is a little-remembered poet whose language of love and loss we will never forget

Book Review 'Thunderclap: A Memoir of Art and Life and Sudden Death' by Laura Cumming; Visionary examination of Dutch golden age art; With time-stopping attention to detail, the Observer’s art critic searches for redemption in the rubble of the catastrophic Delft explosion of 1654 – to miraculous effect

Book Review: 'The Trackers' by Charles Frazier review; On the run in Depression-era US; Implausible tale of a painter turned detective does little to free the famed novelist from the shadow of his 'Cold Mountain'

Artist Leonora Carrington, the Comic Book Superhero, of Her Graphic Novel Biography

WSJ Books: 'The Fourth Turning' '1964: Eyes of the Storm' and More!

New Book: London Tube Stations: 1924-1961; London Tube Stations 1924–1961 presents each period of development, Line by Line, with contemporary photos of all the surviving stations

Three Late Poems: On The Poetry of Jorge Luis Borges

The Indie Publishing Mavericks Shaking Up The UK Books World; Last year, all of literature’s big prizes went to small publishers. In a risk‑averse climate, edgy debuts and ‘tricky-to-sell’ foreign titles have found a home at the likes of Fitzcarraldo Editions and Sort Of Books – and the gamble has paid off

Douglas Murray: The Joy of Requited Love; Few poets write about happiness. Constantine Cavafy did it with panache

Michael Bracewell Looks Back on a Lost London; Dan Fox reviews the writer’s memoir of a twilight capital of art, fashion and music

Borges Dealt With His Anxiety About Going Blind by Learning a New Language

Glasstire's Bucky Miller: Reviewing Three Books

Drummer Charlie Watts’ Sizable Rare Book Collection Heads to Auction; Signed copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" will lead the two-part sale; Memorabilia dedicated to Charlie Parker

Writer Wars! Video: The feud between Susan Sontag and Camille Paglia captured on camera here in 1993 (on public TV) is so painfully entertaining it's impossible to look away

Noam Chomsky, Lorrie Moore, and More; Tyler Cowen sits down with Noam Chomsky and gets to the bottom of a longstanding mystery...

Frieze: What to Read This Summer! From new fiction by Isabel Allende to the first Bulgarian novel to win the Man Booker International, the frieze team recommend new favourites and future classics

Review: Another Story of Disaffected Young Women; Nicole Flattery’s 'Nothing Special' is a story of a lost girl, washed up in Warhol’s Factory, which could, for all its peculiarities, be pretty much anywhere

The Transactional Dynamics Between Art and Sex in ‘Working Girl’; In her new book, Sophia Giovannitti reflects on sex work as labour and its parallels to the art market

The Old Man and the PC! Woke warnings on ‘language and attitudes’ of Ernest Hemingway books

"Printed in 1085: The Chinese Buddhist Canon from the Song Dynasty"

'Dr. McLuhan, Do You Want to Be Famous?' Article on how fame is rarely an accident and the rise of McLuhan

Meet the Real-Life Rockette Who Inspired A Glittering New Novel

Wall Street Journal Books: Bogie and Bacall, Nature Books, Mysteries, Our Fear Conspiracy Theories and Democracy

Book Review: Michelangelo Who? "The Story of Art Without Men" by Katy Hessel

Reese Witherspoon’s Acclaimed Book Club’s July 2023 pick and all others on her list

Radioactive Fictions: Marie Corelli and the Omnipotence of Thoughts; Outselling books by Arthur Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells in their day, Marie Corelli’s occult romance novels brim with fantasies of telepathy, mesmerism, and radioactivity

How Samuel R. Delany Reimagined Sci-Fi, Sex, and the City; Visionary novelist and a revolutionary chronicler of gay life, he’s taken American letters to uncharted realms

Book Review: Genocide and Genius; "Bruno Schulz: An Artist, a Murder, and the Hijacking of History" by Benjamin Balint

Book Review: Environment Making and Collaboration; 'Everything Is a Self-Portrait' by Artists Francis Kanai and Malaya Malandro

The Guardian View On Spoken Word Poets: Powerful Voices That Are Needed Today

All a Conversation: Reviewing Three Books: 'Manga Dan Graham Story', 'Catalógo Astronómico' and 'Corot to Fishman: Photographic Portraits of Writers and Artists From Books In Our Library In Chronological Order By Birthdate'

New Yorker: What We’re Reading This Summer; Writers recommend books featuring a sixteenth-century tennis match, old Hollywood, a society wedding gone wrong, and the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Cormac McCarthy Had a Remarkable Literary Career. It Could Never Happen Now.

Douglas Murray: Shelley’s Enduring Heart; The poet’s body exited this world in a white-hot funeral pyre, save for a remnant of his soul

‘I Haven’t Been So Gripped By A Podcast, Ever’: Your Favourite Listens Of 2023 So Far; From riotously funny dating tales to jaw-dropping journalism, Guardian readers think it’s been an incredible year for podcasts. Here is their pick of the best

The Writer's Life Just Got Harder! How Review-Bombing Can Tank a Book Before It’s Published

Hyperallergic: 11 Art Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer

Chance and Writer Dashiell Hammett's Philosophy of Life

Aristotle’s Rules for Living Well; Nicomachean Ethics is an unexampled work by a paragon of classical thought. How does it hold up as a self-help manual?

How Thomas Lanier Williams Became Tennessee; Collection of previously unpublished stories offers a portrait of the playwright as a young artist

12 Architecture and Design Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Surfing is Art: Mindy Eun Soo Pennybacker’s “Surfing Sisterhood Hawai‘i” Is a Literary Tidal Wave; A blend of interviews, history, Hawaiian legends and memoir, the book offers insight into women surfers while inspiring a new generation

Heidi Gustafson’s ‘Book of Earth’ Embarks on a Visual Voyage Through the World of Natural Pigments

Literary icon Cormac McCarthy, the author of ‘No Country for Old Men,’ dies of natural causes at age 89 at his home in Sante Fe

Cormac McCarthy Conjured Beauty Out of the Abyss; The late American novelist transformed blood and horror into sublime visions of the American West through the prophetic power of language

Douglas Murray: An Ode to a Delicate Soul: John Keats, who died tragically with little renown at 25, wrote poignant poems that eventually gave him everlasting life

Review: 'On Women' By Susan Sontag, Some Sister She Was... New Collection Of 70's Journalism Exposes A Sexist And Wrongheaded Essayist With An Unwarranted Reputation

Thriller: Murder in a Moneyed Fire Island Enclave; Gossips, cheaters and hypocrites strut through Emma Rosenblum’s delicious thriller of manners, “Bad Summer People”

5 New Mysteries And Thrillers For The Start of Summer

Review: 'Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies' – In Search Of The Bard'; Diligent scholarship meets provocation and irreverence in Elizabeth Winkler’s highly entertaining quest to uncover the ‘real’ Shakespeare

14 New Books to Read in June; Lush Americana coffee-table books, thoughtful nonfiction, and page-turning novels pave the way to a summer of great reading

The Hazy Outlines of Brian Dillon’s Affinities; The thorny question of personal taste is unfolded by the Irish art critic in an exploration of what it means to be drawn to one artwork over another

Graphic Novel: 'Thomas Girtin: The Forgotten Painter' by Oscar Zarate review – enriching tale of the power of art

Goodreads: Readers' 54 Most Anticipated Books of Summer

The 100 Best Books of The 21st Century

Clockwork Reader: I Keep Buying Books and I Can't Be Stopped, 17 Reviews

Reese Witherspoon June Pick: The Search for Love is Universal; After a lifetime of searching for someone like herself in a book, Holly Smale wrote one herself; "Cassandra in Reverse"

The 100 Best Novels Written In English: The Full List

The 100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time: The Full List

Jack Edwards: I Read The Most Popular Celebrity Memoirs (To Tell You Which Ones Are Worth Your Time)

New Doc: 'Mad About the Boy: The Noël Coward Story'

'Mad About The Boy, The Noël Coward Story' Official Trailer

‘Yellowface’ Takes Aim at the Exploitation of Diversity in the Creative Industry; Rebecca Kuang’s satirical psychological thriller cleverly captures the frustrations that many BIPOC have when white people occupy and appropriate nonwhite spaces

Douglas Murray: Lord Byron’s Zest for Life; Great Romantic poet lived fast, died young, and scorched it all onto the page

The Time Billionaires: A concept that changed my life; Central point: time is our most precious asset.

The Extraordinary Courage of Tatiana Gnedich; Condemned to ten years in the gulag, the scholar sat in her cell and translated an epic poem—all 16,000 lines—from memory

British Writer Martin Amis Dies Aged 73; His death announced as the Cannes festival showing of a film based on his 2014 book "The Zone of Interest"

The Trials and Triumphs of Writing While Woman: From Mary Wollstonecraft to Toni Morrison, getting a start meant starting over

Edison’s Ghosts: The Untold Weirdness of History’s Greatest Geniuses

Salman Rushdie Makes First Public Appearance Since Attack, Praising ‘Heroes’ Who Saved Him; Surprise Speaker At The Pen America Gala, The Author Said ‘If It Had Not Been For These People, I Most Certainly Would Not Be Standing Here’

Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter; Collaborating on his memoir, “Spare,” meant spending hours together on Zoom, meeting his inner circle, and gaining a new perspective on the tabloids

Paris Review: Distinctly Emasculated; Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Sexual Anxiety

'Loving Highsmith' Trailer

Douglas Murray: Shakespeare’s Lesser Known Masterpiece; The Song From The Poet’s Play ‘Cymbeline’ Inspires Both Joy—And Sorrow

How The Poet Jorie Graham — Living With Cancer, Reeling From Her Mother’s Death — Wrote The Best Book Of Her Long Career

The Oddballs and Odysseys of Charles Portis; In “True Grit,” and other novels, Portis displayed a genius that went beyond character in the strictly literary sense

Congrats Jason Farago and Andrea Long Chu! 2023 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism

A Brief (and Fading) History of Literary Cohorts; Granta’s 'Best of Young British Novelists'

Short Fiction from Nobel Laureate Annie Ernaux: ‘The Young Man of Venice’ A thirty-year-old memory, a one-night stand and an art exhibition featuring this newly translated piece by the prize-winning author

Emily Dickinson’s Bowl of Gemstones; For most of her life, the great American poet lived a life of solitude in Massachusetts. It was only after she died, at the age of 55, that the world discovered her.

'Shepard & Dark' Official Trailer; New Doc of the Playwright Sam Shepard and His Old Friend

The Gutsy Gusto of Shelley Winters; In two extremely dishy memoirs, the Oscar winner doesn’t hold anything back

William Blake’s 'The Lamb'; The holy poem that inspired a haunting piece of music

Blights of the Bookish: An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Literary and Sedentary Persons (1768)

An Expert’s Guide to Jean-Michel Basquiat: Four Must-Read Books on the American Artist

Chaos Bewitched! In 'Moby-Dick' (1851), Herman Melville described a painting on the wall of the “Spouter-Inn”, a very dark bar. How did AI visualize that text?

Two Sides to a Story: Why Feminist Retellings Are Filling Our Bookshelves

Artists Peter Hujar and Steven Lawrence's ‘Newspaper’ Demands to be Seen and Not Read; How the artists used their underground photographic magazine to map New York’s mid-century myths

New Yorker: Shape-Shifting Short-Story Collection Defies Categorization; Kelly Link’s postmodern fairy tales make the case for enchantment

‘This Is Her Reality’: The First-Ever Biography on Hilma af Klint Unearths How the Swedish Artist Lived, Worked, and Communed With Spirits

Pound’s Depreciation; On whether Ezra Pound will stand the tests of time

Downhill from Here: The Slant Book (1910); Baby careens on his baby carriage with so much momentum that he disrupts all aspects of society

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