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The Gallery of the Future: Navigating the Evolving World of Digital Art; People will always crave a personal connection to art, and the value of in-person experiences will likely rise, not diminish, with digital access

Artist Duo Drift Will Open a Museum in Amsterdam to Showcase Their Epic Installations in Their ‘Full Glory’; The Drift Museum—featuring an indoor harbor, no less—is slated to open in 2024 or 2025

Scent of Eternity’: The Smell of Egyptian Mummies Is the Focus of a Denmark Museum Exhibition; To recreate the embalming scent

'Castle in the Sky' New, Live Immersive Show & Experience. Dare To Interact.

'Castle in the Sky' at the Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles; Choose your path in this dark prohibition era inspired show with live music & dance

The Short Shelf Life of Immersive Attractions

New Yorker: The Sphere and Our “Immersion” Complex; Concept has become ubiquitous in art and entertainment. But is it about capturing our attention—or deceiving it?

New Interactive Experience at New York’s Rockefeller Center Lets You Recreate This Iconic 1932 Photo; "The Beam" also offers unique views over the Manhattan skyline

How to Create an Immersive VR Experience in Outer Space

Elvis Show To Debut in London Featuring AI-generated Life-Size Projection of Iconic Artist

‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow’ Review: Thrilling and Immersive Theater

Investors and Banks Hoping to Cash in on the Success of ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ Are Pouring Funds Into Art Experiences for Klimt, Kahlo, and More; Immersive art experiences are proliferating around the globe, despite the often high price of tickets

Rihanna’s One-Time Cover Artist Is Opening an Immersive Museum in New York; Created by Roy Nachum, Mercer Labs occupies the former Century 21 building

The Chelsea Arts Ball, 1947: The Most Scandalous Party of New Year’s Eve

Art Collective MSCHF—Makers of the Viral ‘Big Red Boots’—Opens Its First Museum Retrospective; Group's antic-fueled art is now on view at Daelim Museum in Seoul, South Korea

Chelsea Arts Ball (1954)

Meow Wolf Golf; Santa Fe Art Company’s Latest Immersive Experience Is A Mini Golf Course You Strap To Your Face

Story Behind the Scene: Art Carny, Luna Luna Part 1: Hundred. Million. Dollars.; a Drake Joint

Art Carny, Part 2: Birch, Please...

Art Carny, Part 3: The Price of Frame

New Yorker: The Woman Restoring Basquiat’s Forgotten Ferris Wheel

Phaidon Has Revisited a Forgotten Art Carnival. See More Candid Pictures From the 1980s Edition of Luna Luna; See behind-the-scenes shots of Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein working on their projects for the 1987 artist fair

Drake Resurrects Artsy Amusement Park Filled With Major Artists’ Work; Luna Luna First Opened in 1987; $100M; Haring carousel, Lichtenstein, Dalí, Hockney...

'Beyond the Light', an exhibition developed in a collaboration between the Artechouse gallery in New York and NASA, explores the universe through immersive technology-driven art

In Los Angeles, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Opens a Bar That Transforms as the Night Wears On; With the help of advanced projection and audiovisual work, the whiskey brand has invented a new kind of night out

‘Scent of Eternity’ Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Tomb With ‘Noblewoman’ Who Died 3500 Years Ago; Four Key Ingredients

Contested Artifact Suggests Jesus Had a Brother. It’s Now at the Center of an Immersive Biblical Exhibition in Texas; Object's lender was previously tried and acquitted of forging artifacts

Artist and Engineer Xin Liu Generates a Digital Universe of Entrancing Flower-Like Forms for The Dalmore; In a prelude to Frieze London, the artist is unveiling her digital flora as part of the whisky maker’s new Masterpiece of Tomorrow platform

Lycorises Reverie - Xin Liu & Nan Zhao (2023)

Experiential Spaces Are Turning NYC Into An Immersive Playground

Wind Animates Vibrant Fabrics in Thomas Jackson’s Ephemeral Environmental Installations

Sandro Kereselidze’s Artechouse Will Merge Man and Machine With the Help of A.I.; Immersive art space's latest exhibition showcases the potential of A.I. when it's combined with human imagination

Coachella for the .01 Percent; Power Trip is a new heavy-metal music festival that descends upon the California desert. But with $4,000 tickets, whiskey tastings, and air-conditioned bars, it’s a vastly different experience

See Brambilla's Rad Video! Elvis returns to Las Vegas in Marco Brambilla’s new video for the Sphere, created with AI; The King reclaims his throne in an immersive video that will play during U2’s concerts at the city’s new $2.3bn entertainment complex

‘We’re Not Chasing Novelty at Any Price’: The Grand Palais’s New Director Didier Fusillier Reveals His Ambitious Vision for the Prestigious Paris Institution; Since taking on his role earlier this fall, Fusillier has been eager to revive the “magnificent memory” of the Grand Palais

Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip & Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

Carolina Miranda: The Excess — Aesthetic and Environmental — Of The Vegas Sphere

The Las Vegas Sphere Is a “Mind-Boggling” Vision of the Future of Entertainment; The venue — and largest spherical structure in the world — opens Sept. 29 with a series of performances by U2 and later, a custom film by Darren Aronofsky

Casa Batlló The House of Inspiration. A Gaudí masterpiece. A unique immersive experience.

Welcome to Van Gogh World!

First Look at The Incredible Screen To Be Used by U2 During Las Vegas Sphere Residency

Inside The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas: Darren Aronofsky Offers First Look At “Largest Screen On The Planet” In Action; See Video

Tinder in the Twenties! People in 1920's Berlin Nightclubs Flirted via Pneumatic Tubes

The Party Is Over! Burning Man Tickets Flood The Market For Less Than $575 Face Value After Nightmarish 2022 Conditions, Tech Firings And Influx Of Influencers Turned Longtime Attendees Sour

Company behind 'immersive' Van Gogh exhibitions files for bankruptcy; Canadian company is also responsible for projection-based Monet, Kahlo, Klimt and Disney displays

Podcast: How Meow Wolf Turned Into an Unlikely Art Juggernaut; CEO Jose Tolosa discusses the immersive art space's world-spanning universe

Inside the MSG Sphere in Vegas: ‘A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity’; 20,000 seats; Reportedly $2.2 billion; Specialized sound system that aims to change the future of live performances

More than a Park! Bounce and Caper Among the Trees at UPLA, Canada’s Biggest Trampoline Parks

See this Mesmerizing Video! When The Sky Blooms With Sakura by Cai Guo-Qiang

It’s a Spike Lee Joint: A Major Show at Brooklyn Museum Will Exhibit the Acclaimed Filmmaker’s Collection of Art and Objects; 'Spike Lee: Creative Sources' gathers more than 300 objects that capture the director's creative inspirations

An Immersive Tour of Tim Burton’s Spine-Tinglingly Surreal Cinematic Universe Just Opened in Paris. Peek Inside His ‘Weird Funhouse’ Here; "Labyrinth" presents around 150 artworks from Burton

Bernie Krause’s Revelatory Touring Sound Exhibition ‘The Great Animal Orchestra,’ Highlighting the Plight of Species, Touches Down in San Francisco

William Sarradet: Spotlights and New Media: Dispatch from the 2023 Currents New Media Festival; Meow Wolf in Santa Fe

Immersive 'Hip Hop Til Infinity' exhibition opening in New York City; 50 Years of Hip Hop

Mind-Blowing! Las Vegas Lights Up With Dome Billed As World’s Largest Video Screen; The Sphere’s fully programmable LED screen houses concert venue built to host tens of thousands of people; See the images and wild videos

‘Fight Between Control and Utter Freedom’: Artist Cai Guo-Qiang Reflects on His Mind-Blowing Fireworks ‘Paintings’; Legendary Chinese artist created a rapturous daytime fireworks display to herald his major new survey show in Tokyo

See the Highly Detailed Props, Costumes, and Sets From Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City,’ Now on View at a Pop-Up Show in London; Visitors can dine at a replica of the film's 1950s luncheonette

Taylor Mac’s 2016 Epic 24-Hour Theatrical Extravaganza Queered U.S. History With Song and Costumes; Now, It Gets the Documentary Treatment; Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize

Taylor Mac's "24-Decade History of Popular Music" Official Trailer

Artechouse’s New Immersive Show Weaves NASA Imagery Into a Psychedelic Journey Through the Cosmos. See the Eye-Popping Art Here; Experience includes never-before-seen images captured by the James Webb telescope

Dali Alive 360°: The Dalí to Launch A "Multisensory" Exhibit of The Artist's Work

Surprisingly Popular World Of Online Trainspotting: ‘Some People Keep It On 24 Hours A Day’; Aided by station-mounted cameras, fans are breathing new life into America’s forgotten railway towns – online and IRL

'Go outside and protect what already exists': AI-generated dawn chorus of songbirds has a sinister edge; Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg's immersive collaboration with Superblue highlights declining numbers of songbirds

An 'Asteroid City' exhibition is landing in London; Wes Anderson fans can tour original props and miniatures before catching a bite in a retro '50s-style diner

NASA Is Behind New York’s Newest Immersive Art Show; Federal space agency has a surprisingly long history of art collaborations

Prophetic San Francisco Pop-Up Art Show on the Possibilities and Dangers of A.I. Is Looking for a Permanent Home; Select pieces that explore technology's "power for destruction and good" remain on private display in the Mission District's Salesforce Tower

‘The Act of Opening a House Is So Beautiful’: Berlin’s Historic House of World Cultures Relaunches With an Ambitious Multisensory Weekend; Newly helmed by the visionary director Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, the building will be pulsing with new rhythms, views and tastes

The Late Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Final Concert Will Air at the Shed—in a World-First Mixed Reality Installation; Work was masterminded by Tin Drum, the studio behind Marina Abramović's 2019 mixed-reality show; Mixed reality glasses

Artists Petrit Halilaj and Álvaro Urbano Have Filled a 9th-Century Venetian Church With a Fantastical Menagerie—Crowned by a Giant Floating Egg; San Lorenzo di Venezia, burial place of Marco Polo, is currently home to the installation "Lunar Ensemble for Uprising Seas."

New Jersey’s Liberty Science Center Launches Its ‘Big Art’ Initiative With an Interactive Installation That Seems to Defy Gravity and Physics

Horses and Handbags: An Immersive Exhibition Exploring Gucci’s 102-Year History Kicks Off a World Tour in Shanghai; Brand has tapped artist Es Devlin to delve into its history in the cleverly curated traveling show

Experiential Salon? Immersive Gallery? Inside Luxuny, New York’s ‘Most Bizarre’ Secret Penthouse

Björk Teamed Up With DRIFT, the Experiential Artists, for Coachella Set

Google’s New Immersive Show, Created With Artist Lachlan Turczan, Uses Sound and Light to Reflect on Our Connection With Water; 'Shaped by Water' marks Google's third exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano

Give Me the Full Immersive! Submitting to the Maximalist Spectacles That Are Encroaching on Real Museums’ Turf

The Not-So-Lost Experiential World of the Parisian Salon; A History and Stunning Architectural Examples

Illuminating Remote Landscapes, Rune Guneriussen Tells a Story of Nature and Transformation

A Monumental Inflatable Installation by Pneuhaus Celebrates Interconnectivity in Vibrant Color

An Incredible Inflatable Pavilion by Pneuhaus

You Can Now 'Experience Death' In Virtual Reality With Disturbing New Simulation

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