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Oculi Mundi: Explore Old Maps of the Earth and Skies; Huge Resource

The Artificial Glacier Growing In The Desert

How The “Lost Cities” of The Amazon Were Finally Found

2,700-Year-Old Sculpture of Assyrian Deity Unearthed in Iraq; Since its first excavation in 1992, the remarkably well-preserved lamassu sculpture has survived multiple attacks on cultural heritage in the region

‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ to be Exhumed Off Colombia with $20B Sunken Treasure

Euclid Telescope Dazzles With Detailed First Images of Our Universe

Miranda: How A Digitized Colonial Codex Reveals Fresh Stories About Mexican Indigenous Life

Archaeologists stunned by 'astonishing' discovery of 2,000-year-old computer; Relic is believed to be the first and earliest example of an analogue computer made and used by humans

Tantalising Sign of Possible Life on Faraway World; Covered in Ocean?

See the Trove of Ancient Treasures, Including a Shrine to Aphrodite, Just Discovered in an Underwater City Off the Coast of Egypt; Finds include votives, jewelry, ritual instruments, and a duck-shaped pourer

13 of the Oldest Archaeological Sites in the Americas

Sexuality and Nudity in Ancient Mesoamerica; Hot Bed of Artistic Legacy

Some of Earth’s Most Famous Art Started with Stardust; Astrophysics reminds us that earthly beauty has stellar origins; Carbon, Cobalt, Cadmium, Helium

'Alien' objects recovered by Harvard physicist from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean could be from an interstellar planet, astronomer claims, but sceptics say they're waiting for 'convincing evidence'

Who Dug Them? What Are The Mystery ‘Perfectly Aligned’ Holes At The Bottom Of The Atlantic Ocean?

Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old Roman house in Rabat, Morocco; At its prime, the house was at the centre of ancient city of Melite; Complete with ith a waste disposal system

What Became of the Ancient Greek City they Found in Afghanistan?

Archaeologists Have Uncovered the Remains of Roman Emperor Nero’s Infamous Theater Beneath the Courtyard of an Italian Palazzo; An imperial structure that has been described in ancient Roman texts, but never located

Ruins of Ancient Nero’s Theater Discovered Near Vatican

See the Most Distant Star in the Universe—a Million Times Brighter Than the Sun—Thanks to Stunning Photos From NASA’s James Webb Telescope; Webb's first year of operation has proved game changing for astronomers studying the origins of the universe

‘Thunder floor’ found at ancient Andean site in Peru; Silence of pre-Hispanic past broken with discovery of dance platform that could imitate the rumbling of thunder

Astronomers reveal evidence of universe's 'background hum'; First predicted by Albert Einstein

‘Heart-stopping’: Censored pages of history of Elizabeth I reappear after 400 years; British Library uses new technique to uncover passages of Camden’s Annals, the first official account of Elizabeth’s reign

Complete Bronze Age town with elite tombs discovered in northern China; Site is one of the largest ever discovered dating from China's early Shang Dynasty

Archaeologists in China Have Unearthed Shang Dynasty Tombs Containing More Than 200 Precious Burial Objects. See Them Here; Artifacts include jades, golds, and carved bone

Researchers Plan to Lift 3,000-Year-Old Shipwreck From Sea Floor; Team embarking on the underwater mission next month says it is the oldest known hand-sewn shipwreck in the Mediterranean; Hand-sewn boats are wooden ships featuring planks connected via stitches, ties, and other flexible bindings

The ‘Stonehenge of the Netherlands,’ a 4,000-Year-Old Burial Site the Size of Four Football Fields, Has Just Been Uncovered by Dutch Archaeologists; Like Stonehenge, the site served as a solar calendar, as well as the final resting place of about 60 men, women, and children

Mysteries of the ‘Cave of Bones’; Discovery of the oldest-known burial site in the world

Norwegian Dad Hiking With His Family Discovered a Rock Face Covered With Bronze Age Paintings; It's the first time this type of painting has been found regionally

Ancient Underwater Temple Found Off Coast of Naples

A Roman-Era Vase, Once Considered a Cremation Vessel, Turns Out to Be an Early Form of Sports Memorabilia for a Gladiator Fan

Cool Visuals! "Mars and Beyond"; History and the Stars; Episode of Disneyland which aired on December 4, 1957; Directed by Ward Kimball

Maya Calendar Mystery Solved? Scientists Say They’ve Cracked Its Ancient Code

Using Google Earth Pro, Archaeologists Have Discovered Unusual Roman Military Camps in Saudi Arabia; There were previously just four known Roman camps across Jordan, making these a significant find

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans

A German Man Just Learning How to Use a Metal Detector Uncovered a Hoard of Buried Byzantine Jewelry and Silver Coins; Discovery was made in what once was a Viking Age trade settlement

‘Mona Lisa of the Deep’ and Hundreds of Other Treasures From a Gold Rush-Era Shipwreck Just Pulled In $1.1 Million at Auction; Ship sank in 1857 while hauling gold from San Francisco to New York

New Research Claims Leonardo Da Vinci Was Son of A Slave

Strange Meteorite That Crashed Into Earth Contains Two Never-Before-Seen Minerals

Up and Down? Marginalia Uncovered in Leonardo’s Famous Codex Arundel Suggests the Renaissance Polymath Theorized Gravity Before Galileo

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