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Angry Birds, and Beans, at the Getty Villa; "Picture Worlds: Greek, Maya, and Moche Pottery"; Decorated ceramics are near-universal, the three cultures shown—6th and 5th century BC Greece; 550 to 850 CE southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize; 200 to 850 CE Peru

On English Melancholy: An excerpt from Iris Moon’s “Melancholy Wedgwood,” an Experimental Biography of the Ceramics Entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood

Archaeologists Unearth the Oldest Aboriginal Pottery in Australia; The find refutes long-held beliefs that the Aboriginals did not make pottery

Se Oh 'Little Deaths' at Stroll Garden

How To Make a Tiffany Lamp. It's Fascinating!

Contemporary Glass at Auction

Jesse Brillon’s Roaring Metalwork; Brillon (Haida) Breathes Life Into Each Piece Of Metal He Crafts, Conjuring Sacred Animals And Preserving The Legends Of His People

Amber Cowan Transforms Flameworked Vintage Glass into Lush Assemblages

Peter Hunt, Cape Cod's Famous Folk Artist

Is the Art World Finally Ready to Embrace Craft? Loewe Foundation Craft Prize was awarded this week. The exhibition asks big questions


Evangeline AdaLioryn “Her Labyrinth” at Sebastian Gladstone

Politics On a Plate: How Ceramics Became A Tool For Satire And Protest; New Exhibition Celebrates The ‘Trojan Horse’ Of The Decorative Arts

Ceramic Artist Toshiko Takaezu Is Getting A Posthumous Reappraisal, Thanks To Her Devoted Acolytes — And Major Shows Highlighting Her Poetic Forms

Missouri artist Kahlil Robert Irving Explores Perception and Modern Life In Nerman Museum Exhibit

Maria & Modernism; The Heard Museum; Exhibition in Phoenix offers a reappraisal of the pioneering American potter

Eric Croes: Mix-n-Match; In Comme un vieux tatouage at Almine Rech, Paris, Croes pursues a cheerful exploration of the cultural-historical connotations of ceramic art

Review: “Belonging: Contemporary Native Ceramics from the Southern Plains” at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, Lubbock

‘Ceramics Are as Contemporary as a Smartphone:’ Chiara Camoni on Her Tactile Sculptures; Her new exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan features the largest body of work ever shown by the artist

Teetering On The Brink: Femininity, Inheritance, And Disaster – Claire Oliver Gallery, New York

Gravity-Defying Sculptures Shatter Traditional Notions of Pottery; Inspired by the Dutch tradition of Delft blue pottery that imitated Chinese porcelain, Patrick Bergsma incorporates handcrafted bonsai trees into his exploding works

Vorja Sánchez Brings the Past to Life in a Series of Uncanny ‘Ancient Pottery’ Illustrations

Neil Brownsword: Exploring Exchanges Between China And The West Through Ceramics

The Life Ceramic Collection of Terry & Ralph Kovel, at Auction

Many Faces of Guadalajara’s Famed Ceramics Studio; In the 1990s, Cerámica Suro began to seek out artists, offering its facility as the site for experimental collaborations in clay

Kasmin Gallery: 'Slip Tease' Features Ceramic Works By Sixteen International Contemporary Artists

Ceramicist Who Defied Art Hierarchies: Ruth Duckworth’s legacy is an unwavering commitment to clay as a medium that expanded beyond the potter’s craft

A Choir From Clay: Colorful Textures Swathe Carlos Cabo’s Ebullient Ceramic Figures

How Radical Can Ceramics Be? Artist Kahlil Robert Irving Is Here To Show Us

The Lee and Susan Stahl Collection of American Art Pottery; at Auction

Post War & Contemporary Ceramics, Beauty and Auction Results

See the Work in Sydnie & Haylie Jimenez 'Southern Hospitality' at Charlie James Gallery

Tiles & Trims Provides Exceptional Support to Ceramic Artist Carrie Reichardt ... Video

Objects of Nostalgia Recreated in Pixelated Ceramics by Toshiya Masuda

In ‘Blend In,’ Calvin Ma’s Ceramic Feathered Figures Yearn to Belong

Artist Brock DeBoer Painstakingly Recreates Ordinary Objects in Beautiful Porcelain

Early 20th Century Ceramic Design at Auction

African Ceramics Artist, Renowned Poet Ozioma Onuzulike Opens His First One-Person Exhibition With Marc Straus

Jennifer Ling Datchuk Interviewed; Ceramic Work That Addresses Third-Culture Experience

Roberto Lugo Is Using a Greco-Roman Pottery Tradition to Tell His Own Stories; In his first solo gallery show in New York, the Philadelphia ceramicist plays with ancient motifs to recount his childhood struggles and obsessions

Zen and the Art of Clay and Fire

Exhibition Honours Vietnam’s Traditional Ceramic Sculpture

Solemn stares, collaborative practice, in George Rodriguez’s ‘In Unison’ at the Magic Gardens, Philadelphia

Johan Creten: The Overflowing Heart at the Abbey of Beaulieu-en-Rouergue in France

Vibrant Geometric Vases That Speak the Language of Painting

Decades Before Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party,’ Virginia Woolf’s Sister Made a Set of Dinner Plates Celebrating 50 Historic Women

Relationships Carved From Clay Bring New Partners to Museums; In a sea change, artisans and leaders from Native communities were invited to be curators, offering a window onto the intangible and personal dimensions of Pueblo pottery

Faces, Flowers, and Fantasies: Ceramic creations of Abi Castillo

A Timelapse of “Naar Keizar,” a Steampunk Bust by Tomàs Barceló

'The Lost Emperor' in 10 minutes

Lisa Stevens’ Mesmerizing Ceramic Sculptures: Inspired by Nature’s Organic Forms

Drinking with Clay! Margate-based Ceramic Artist Lindsey Mendick: Sh*tfaced

Cincinnati Art Museum Acquires Two New Ceramics for its Decorative Art Collection; Artworks are part of the Roberto Lugo: Hi-Def Archives exhibition

A Trip Around the World in Five Pots; Seek out these ceramics traditions in your summer travels, or consider their contemporary alternatives, instead

Van Briggle Pottery is Known For Its Art Nouveau Vases Using Matte Glazes

Recent Works by Johannes Nagel at Jason Jacques

Klara Kristalova’s Ceramic Sculptures Tackle Climate Anxiety with Dark Humor at Lehmann Maupin

Grounded in Clay: The Spirit of Pueblo Pottery

Artist Renata Petersen Brings Her ‘Punk Pottery’ Aesthetic to a Daring New Collaboration With Fashion Line Celine; Sculptor and multimedia artist's aesthetic transgressions—subtle and blatant—pack a porcelain punch

They Hold Weeds, and an Artist’s Sublime Vision; Ceramist Doyle Lane created a universe of colors and shapes with his ‘weed pots,’ 100 of which form his first solo show in New York, at David Kordansky

Emotional Landscapes: Angel Oloshove aims for the sublime with meditative sculptural ceramics and pastel works at form & concept in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Boffo Big Show at Deitch Los Angeles, 'Clay Pop Los Angeles, Curated by Alia Dahl'; New generation of artists is reinventing the tradition of ceramic sculpture; 36 artists

Contemporary Ceramics! The Anderson Ranch Arts Center Fundraising Live Auction Features Very Contemporary Eye-Popping Ceramics

Celebratory and Mournful; Clay Biennial at Craft Contemporary

Designer Brian Peters and a Custom 3D Printer Weaves Two Colors of Clay into Elaborately Textured Sculptures

Exquisite Porcelain Figures by Vipoo Srivilasa Express the Ineffable Nature of Beauty and Connection

Artist Virgil Ortiz’s sci-fi retelling of the historic Pueblo Revolt of 1680 blends fact with the fantastic; Show is a departure for History Colorado, which prides itself on sticking to research and rigor

Lisa Stevens’ Ceramic Sculptures Capture Coral-Inspired Motifs in Vibrant Color

Eriko Inazaki wins the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize

Resistance Pottery: Two recent exhibitions of the work of Black potters find political acts in the placid history of nineteenth-century American stoneware

19th-century blue glaze pottery defines Jaipur’s art scene. This is how it’s made; Blue glaze pottery was promoted primarily under the aegis of the Jaipur School of Art, founded in 1866

Spikes, Interlocked Rings, and Bold Bulges Sprout from Megan Bogonovich’s Otherworldly Ceramic Botanicals

Milton Moon: the Australian artist who brought a Zen Buddhist, modernist and painterly sensibility to pottery

8 Women Artists Using Ceramics to Subvert Art Traditions

Inside The Unassuming Intricacy of Tosha Jagad's 'Block Cats' Ceramics Collection

El Paso Borderland Textile and Ceramic Artists Weave and Shape Community Connections

Finding Peace and Center in Ceramics Work

Hunterdon Art Museum celebrates diversity of U.S. Ceramics in new 'Claybash 2023' an exhibition exploring the innovation and diversity of contemporary ceramics

Sargent's Daughters, NY, now showing exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Alex Anderson it's 'Not Romantic'

Surreal “Stretchy” Ceramic Pots of Artist Jackson Shaner; Imagine Souls Trying To Escape From Within

Brooklyn Ceramicist Stephanie Temma Hier Crafts Vibrant, Sculptural Works Bursting With Wit, Humor, and Provocation

$8 Thrift Shop Find Really Picasso Plates Worth $40,000; Discovered in a New York Salvation Army store, the plates were part of Pablo Picasso’s “Visage Noir” series of hand-painted ceramics produced in France in the 1940s

Intricate and Organic Sculptures by Ceramicist Eriko Inazaki

Traditional Design Meets Modern Function in Natura Ceramica’s Elemental Earthenware Vessels

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