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Yau: When Paris Was the Center of New York’s Art World; Americans in Paris at the Grey Art Museum highlights the vibrancy and openness of the Paris scene for Americans


Was Robert Rauschenberg’s Venice Biennale Victory Rigged? New documentary explores the scandals surrounding the 1964 show, illuminating the US government’s obsession with its international image

'Taking Venice' Trailer SIFF 2024; Cultural Weaponization; Rauschenberg and the First American to Win the Golden Lion International Grand Prize for Painting

Modern Art was CIA 'Weapon'; Revealed: How The Spy Agency Used Unwitting Artists Such As Pollock and De Kooning In A Cultural Cold War

NYT Review: America's Secret Weapon; A study of how the C.I.A. sponsored modern art exhibitions and literary journals during the cold war; "The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" (2000)

Excerpt: Chapter One: Exquisite Corpse "The Cultural Cold War; The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" By Frances Stonor Saunders

Podcast 'Theory of Everything': Not All Propaganda is Art

Rainey Knudson: Maiden and Matron: Simone Leigh in Texas

Kim Fay in Detroit: Diana Alva at Detroit Contemporary

Devin Osorio and Joaquín Stacey-Calle 'Delicadeza Óptica: Cada Vez Que Te Hablo Estamos Cocinando' at Charlie James Gallery

Jess Valice’s Blank-Eyed Figures Are Taking the Art World by Storm; The neuroscience student turned art world wunderkind's first of two solo shows with Almine Rech is currently on view in New York

Why Picasso Carried a Revolver? Picasso inherited a revolver from a famous playwright, loaded it with blanks, and used it on his admirers

Must Read! Hills Snyder Review: Georganne Deen’s “When I Was a Riot of Spring” at Bale Creek Allen Gallery, Fort Worth

Viral Pranksters MSCHF Secretly Replaced a Sink at the Met Museum; "Met’s Sink of Theseus" is one of the works now on view at the collective's new show at Perrotin L.A.

'MSCHF Stole a Sink from The Met, but Don't Worry, They Replaced it With Their Own!'

Rainey Knudson: Maiden and Matron: Simone Leigh in Texas

Kim Fay in Detroit: Diana Alva at Detroit Contemporary

Art Market Expert Magnus Resch "How to Collect Art" with Jerry Gogosian

Must Read! Meet Richard Eurich, Artist Who Inspired Ruscha's Fire Paintings

More on the Talented Richard Eurich (1903-1992)

Julia Friedman: A Freestyle Biennial; On What To Expect From The Upcoming Whitney Biennial

It’s Bye Boomers, Hello Millennials at This Year’s Whitney Biennial; 81st edition of the renowned exhibition is younger, more geographically diverse, and not so male anymore, Hyperallergic’s analysis shows

Richard Serra, Minimalist Sculptor Whose Steel Creations Awed Viewers, Dies at 85

Lemons Throughout Art History

CAT FIGHT! Style Against Style! Who was First? Artist Lynthia Edwards Fires Back at Deborah Roberts in Ongoing Copyright Dispute; Edwards alleges Roberts "used a barrage of social media posts and private messages to spread her false conspiracy theory"
... ... Artist Deborah Roberts, a Favorite of Beyoncé and Barack Obama, Gets Her Due (WSJ January 2021)

‘It’s Not a Soft Landing’: Contemporary Art Prices Come Crashing Down. Is This the End; Current market conditions challenge the popular belief that art always goes up

Banksy: Artist Confirms New London Tree Mural Is His Own Work
... ... Update: Banksy's Urban Tree Artwork Defaced With White Paint

From Zero to Hero: Meet 7 Artists With Serious Spikes in Artnet Price Database Searches in 2023; Meet the artists behind the headline-making prices

Kahlo Incorporated; How did Frida Kahlo go from being a little-known artist to a feminist icon to a global brand?

Refrigerator Magnets are Destroying Religious and Political Significance; Fight To Protect the Dignity of Michelangelo’s David Raises Questions About Freedom of Expression

Kim Fay in Detroit: Martyna Alexander at Playground Detroit

Artist Demonstration: Martyna Alexander

Seance? Celebration? Christeene and her Fukkn Band Presents a Risqué Tribute to Sinead O'Connor

‘Seeing the Whole’: The Fantasy Architecture of Julie Mehretu; New survey at Palazzo Grassi, Venice positions Mehretu amid a wider web of artists, musicians and theorists – including Paul Pfeiffer, Tacita Dean, Fred Moten, Pharaoh Sanders and Huma Bhabha

Videogames and the Puzzling Patterns of Abstract Art


Author Weschler Dives Back into a Project with Illustrator Drew Friedman on the Rich History of German Creatives who Fled from Hilter to Sunny Los Angeles; Russian Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff at the Garden of Allah; Thomas Mann Walks the Condom-filled Beach; German Emigré Writer Frederick Kohner was Father of Surfergirl 'Gidget' and More!

Broad Expands, Backed by Billion-Dollar Endowment; 70% More Gallery Space!

IN THE MUD WITH JUDD: Kim Kardashian Sued For Claiming 'Low-Grade' Knockoff Furniture Was Made By Artist Donald Judd; See the TMZ Video

Matt Stromberg: See the Artworks! LA Art Show Has Some Hidden Delights; Despite some out-of-touch-uncle vibes, LA’s longest-running fair has a robust non-commercial section, affordably priced prints, and other delights

Brian Eno’s New Illuminated Turntable Does More Than Spin Records; Record player doubles as an artwork and can be yours for a mere $25,000

Must See! Moonlight Etchings of the Forgotten Artist Martin Lewis who Taught Edward Hopper

Review: Abel Alejandre’s Chicano Cosmologies; Narrative unfolds in Alejandre’s recent paintings whereby the Chicano moon landing led to the creation of “Xicanoland.”


Hopper Horrors at The Whitney; On The Museum’s Suspicious Handling of the Hopper Estate

Exhibition Note: On “Edward Hopper & Cape Ann: Illuminating an American Landscape,” at the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts

How Edward Hopper Storyboarded ‘Nighthawks’

Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ Captures the Isolation of American Modernity. Here Are Three Things You Might Not Know About It; Hemingway short story may have inspired Hopper's iconic scene

'Hopper: An American Love Story' Official Trailer ... See the Entire Film on PBS, Click Here

Artist of ‘Loneliness,’ Edward Hopper Depended on His Wife, says Filmmaker

Unpacking Hopper's New York: First Impressions

New Yorker: Hilton Als: Two Views of New York, from Edward Hopper and a Historic Black Gallery; Museum shows capture the great realist painter’s vision of the city and, at Just Above Midtown, the work of artists of color from the seventies and eighties.

Edward Hopper's New York

The Arts Before Profits! The Chelsea Arts Ball, 1947: The Most Scandalous Party of New Year’s Eve

Chelsea Arts Ball (1954)

Performance Art Pioneer Pope.L Dies at 68; “I am a fisherman of social absurdity, if you will.”

An Appreciation: William Pope.L

Hayley Barker 'Laguna Castle' at Night Gallery

Sister Corita Kent's Rules for Students and Teachers; Composer John Cage was a Fan of the Rules

Sascha Braunig at François Ghebaly

Inside the 2023 LACMA Gala, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, and More of Hollywood’s Art-Loving Royalty; The Los Angeles museum’s annual fundraiser has become an A-list must-hit and this year was no different. So how did it get here?

Julia Rooney 'Blueprint' at Band of Vices

Yoko Ono and the Women of Fluxus Changed the Rules in Art and Life

The Man Behind 250 Masks; Inside The Sizable Collection Amassed By The Artist Marcel Dzama, Whose Work Plays With Disguise

Brice Marden: Larry Gagosian Celebrates the Unmatched Life and Legacy of Brice Marden

Julia Rooney 'Blueprint' at Band of Vices

The Landscape Painters Who Invented Norway

Radcliffe Bailey, Artist Who Found Black History in the Everyday, Dies at 55 of Brain Cancer

At Long Last: With Robert Irwin in Marfa, 2016 and Good Talk: Weschler and Irwin in Conversation at Chinati in Marfa, October 1, 2007

Joni Mitchell: "I'm a painter first, and a musician second..." Her paintings 1940's to the present

Kim Fay in Detroit: 'Curiosities' at Annex Gallery

Braving Oppression: Cuban Artist’s Message of Defiance From Prison: “There rises within me a rebellious spirit, that does not allow me to resign myself,” says Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara ahead of the third anniversary of the Cuban government’s crackdown on the San Isidro movement

Roy Lichtenstein: A Catalogue Raisonne

New Documentary Asks Whether The Pop Art Icon Appropriated The Work Of Comic Artists. If So, Who’s Truly To Blame?

Interview: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Time Machine

Polymath Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Time Machine; “I think the end is coming pretty soon”

Macabre Collection of Spooky Art Heads to Auction, Led by a Spine-Chilling Dürer Woodcut Print

Kay WalkingStick's Art Powerfully Asserts an Indigenous Presence in the American Landscape

Dana Goodyear: The Woman Restoring Basquiat’s Forgotten Ferris Wheel; Rosa Lowinger, an art conservator and the author of “Dwell Time,” is salvaging an artist-designed amusement park, owned by Drake, with attractions by Dalí, Hockney, and Lichtenstein

See Sharon Stone’s New Paintings—Daubed Abstractions That Reflect Her Inner World

Thin Strips of Colorful Vinyl Spill Over Derrick Velasquez’s Wooden Sculptures

Telmo Miel (Artist Duo Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann) Brings Collaborative Paintings to Thinkspace

‘Taxi Driver’: Martin Scorsese Says It’s Tragic How “Every Other Person Is Like Travis Bickle” Nowadays

'68/99' by Robby Herbst

Shana Nys Dambrot: Converge 45: Art and Politics Along Portland’s Parallel

French First Look Teaser for Quentin Dupieux's Amazing 'Daaaaaali!'

Chinese Artist Chen Ke Celebrates the Women of Bauhaus in a Colorful, Mixed-Media Paris Debut; Artist's Paris gallery debut "Bauhaus Gals—Theatre" is on view at Perrotin

L.A. Artist Lauren Halsey
’s ‘Afrofuturistic, Ancient, Funkified Space Ship’ Has Landed on the Met Roof; Monumental and ambitious installation references ancient Egypt and South Central Los Angeles

How Georgia O’Keeffe’s Brief Refuge in Bermuda May Have Inspired Her Fateful Move to New Mexico; O'Keeffe created 14 drawings during her stay on the island, two of which are in the collection of Masterworks Museum


Gar Is the Most Influential Modernist Artist You’ve Never Heard Of; Doug Meyer’s new show about a fictional artist includes an extensive backstory and a life’s worth of work. At what point does invention intersect with reality?

Painter David McGee Does Kehinde Wiley Better

'The Lightning Field' by Walter De Maria; Some Facts, Notes, Data, Information, Statistics and Statements: The Lightning Field is a permanent work

Remote Possibilities: A Roundtable Discussion On Land Art’s Changing Terrain; By Rirkrit Tiravanija, Pierre Huyghe, Pamela M. Lee, Lynne Cooke, Claire Bishop, Andrea Zittel

'Walter De Maria' By Michael Heizer

Duke Riley 'Tomorrow Is A Mystery' at Charlie James Gallery

New Yorker: Long, Petty Friendship That Changed Art; Manet and Degas were rich, competitive, and often unpleasant. They also discovered new ways of seeing the people around them

At the Getty, William Blake's "Ghost of a Flea"

Review: Filmmaker Jordan Strafer’s Psychodrama at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Everyday Activities Revolve Around Interiors in Cinta Vidal’s Dizzying Oil Paintings

Video Conversation: In Celebration Of The Centenary of Roy Lichtenstein’s Birth, Gallerist Irving Blum and Dorothy Lichtenstein Sat Down To Discuss The Artist’s Life And Legacy

Coked-Up Caped Crusader: How Hélio Oiticica Liberated The Art World With Drugs, Nests And Hammocks; Co-Founded Brazil’s Tropicália Movement, Fled Fascism, Pioneered Immersive Art In His Flat, Became A Drug Dealer And Then Died Aged 42

Turner Prize 2023 Review: Coming Out the Other End

WSJ: The All-American Perspective of Ed Ruscha, L.A.’s Coolest Artist; Artist paints words like ‘oof’ and uses unconventional materials like gunpowder and chocolate to capture an ever-changing world

Artist Jamian Juliano-Villani Says You Should Absolutely Never Sleep With Anyone Who Doesn’t Own a Clean Blazer; Painter offers guidance to those looking to attain her art-world success and deviant status ahead of a performance with Gelitin and show opening this week at Massimo De Carlo Pièce Unique in Paris

Into the Light: Robert Irwin (1928-2023)

Conversation: Robert Irwin and Lawrence Weschler

Robert Irwin, Pioneer of Light And Space Art Who Designed Getty's Central Garden, Dies At 95

Kim Fay in Detroit: Anita Bates At N’namdi Center For Contemporary Art

The Messy Energy of Turning Life into Art; Veteran performance artist Barbara T. Smith has a sweeping show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Dismembering Harry Smith; New Bio of One Of The Most Under-Recognized Geniuses of 20Th-Century Esoteric Spiritual Multimedia Collage

Harry Smith: Early Abstractions 1946-57

Artist and Urban Planner Charles Simonds Has Been Creating Miniature 'Dwellings' Around the World Since 1970

Yau: What to Do With Our Anger? In painting, Gandy Brodie could find moments of beauty and defenselessness, as well as the endurance and will to survive, despite a difficult life

Blown, Battered And Bottled: The Artists Who Catch The Wind

Review: Sexual Liberation From Pasolini to Bruce LaBruce; LaBruce’s 'The Visitor' shows that physical desire can lead the way to something more as his characters redefine themselves in new, potentially radical ways; Open Borders, Open Legs

Photographer William Eggleston’s New Album Bottles His Serene Piano-Playing, With Special Guest Brian Eno on Bells

Soumya Netrabile “Between Past and Present/ Between Appearance and Memory” at Anat Ebgi

Jesse Mockrin "The Venus Effect" at James Cohan

Analia Saban at Sprüth Magers and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Doug Aitken is creating a series of large-scale works will be moored off the coast of St Barts; Swim-through underwater sculptures in the Caribbean aim to draw attention to perilous state of the oceans

From Keith Haring to Gabriel Massan, Madonna Celebrates Art Stars At London Concert; Singer looked to the past and future at debut gig of Celebration tour

CNN: The ‘Compulsive’ Power of Sharon Stone’s Art

New ‘Banksy’ (Unconfirmed) Appears in The Middle of London; Fans Are Baffled Over Its Meaning

What Are the Odds That Banksy Is Jeff Koons? Sports Betting Websites Are Taking Bids on the Elusive Street Artist’s Real Identity; Artist is currently facing a lawsuit that could unmask him

Kim Fay in Detroit: In Other Words At Detroit Artists Market; Reimagining Writing Beyond Language

María Magdalena Campos-Pons and Raven Chacon Are Among the Artists Who Won the 2023 MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grants; Campos-Pons just opened a major solo show at the Brooklyn Museum

Extreme Measures: The Art of Walter De Maria

TikTok Star Devon Rodriguez Is Now the Most Famous Artist in the World. But What About His Work? "Underground," Rodriguez's show at UTA Artist Space, is a chance to observe the rise of Influencer Art

Ezrha Jean Black: “Hand Holding Scribble” by Karl Haendel 'Daily Act of Sustained Empathy' at Vielmetter Los Angeles

The Artist Who Embarked on a 52-Week Painting Challenge; Ethan Hoskins created new work every week and visually tracked his progress

Scientists Pry a Secret From The `Mona Lisa’ About How Leonardo Painted The Masterpiece

Opinion: How Far Should a Gallerist-Artist Relationship Go? How well gallerists manage ties with artists determines how successful we are in making an artist happy (assuming there’s such a thing as a happy artist)

Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola 'Sweet Tooth' at Night Gallery

Five-Minute Tours: Bethany Johnson at Moody Gallery, Houston

15 Art Shows to See in New York This October: Henry Taylor, Barkley L. Hendricks, Carlos Villa and Leo Valledor, Cecilia Paredes, and more

New 3D Documentary Tells The Multidimensional Story of American Artist H.C. Westermann; Hand-Carved Wooden Sculptures Pop Off Cinema Screens

New Doc! 'Westermann: Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea'

Info on the Doc: The Life and Work of Artist, Marine, and Acrobat H.C. (Cliff) Westermann, LA-based Artist; Wood Sculptor

Stromberg: The Made in LA Biennial Is All About Diaspora; 39 artists and collectives in the sixth edition of the Hammer Museum’s show call LA home but make visible legacies of migration that have built and shaped the city

Painter Emma Webster Uses the Art of Illusion to Transform Jeffrey Deitch’s L.A. Gallery Into a Theatrical Environment; Solo show, titled "Intermission"

Sasha Frere-Jones: Mr. Smith Came From Washington; Harry Smith’s “Fragments of a Faith Forgotten”

Kim Fay in Detroit: Scheherazade Washington Parrish at M Contemporary; Tools Of Redaction: Form

Aboudia, an Artist from Ivory Coast, Blindsides Market Experts As Bestselling Artist of 2022; Sold 75 artworks in auction, topping Damien Hirst’s 73; Style compared to Basquiat

Smee: Obsessed With The Obsessive Recluse Who Fathered Modern American Art, Albert Pinkham Ryder

Artist Calvin Marcus Makes Disquieting Paintings. The Music That Fuels Them Might Surprise You

Capturing the Elusive Magic of California’s Golden Light; Artists have long been drawn to California’s sun-cloaked landscapes. But now, this idyllic light might be fading against the backdrop of social inequalities and rising air pollution

Unfinished Haring

Interview with LA Artist Hayley Barker

New Show at MCA Denver Reins in the Myth of the Cowboy With Works by John Baldessari, Amy Sherald, and More; "Cowboy" deconstructs the long-held archetype of masculinity through works by 27 contemporary artists

Meet Suzanne Jackson, Art in America’s Fall 2023 Cover Artist

Interview with Elliott Hundley

Lee Krasner: Portrait in Green

Harmony Korine 'Aggro Dr1ft' at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles

The Reappearing Act of Puppies Puppies; Artist, who also goes by Jade Kuriki-Olivo, began her career as a solitary and mysterious figure. Now, with the support of her community, she’s become entirely herself

A Forgotten Pioneer of Surrealism: Alberto Martini and his Monde Macabre

Some of Earth’s Most Famous Art Started with Stardust; Astrophysics reminds us that earthly beauty has stellar origins; Carbon, Cobalt, Cadmium, Helium

10 Questions for an Artist Who Grows Her Own Pigments; Ellie Irons explains how she mindfully harvests plants and transforms them into paints, a labor of love detailed in her how-to guide Feral Hues

Nora Turato’s Emotional Outsourcing; At Sprüth Magers, the artist visually renders our hackneyed vocabularies around anxiety and care

'If the Sky Were Orange: Art in the Time of Climate Change’: Climate Change Author Jeff Goodell Curates Vital Exhibition; Acclaimed writer takes on a new challenge with his first art show, bringing together work and writing that tells a long history of environmental change

Gagosian Quarterly: Tetsuya Ishida 'My Anxious Self'; Largest exhibition of the Japanese artist's work ever mounted in the US; Essay by Curator Cecilia Alemani

Honolulu Artist Eduardo Joaquin Meets His Art Hero Salman Toor

Pace Tapped Painter Pam Evelyn as Its Youngest Talent; We spoke with Evelyn on the occasion of 'A Handful of Dust' the artist's debut solo exhibition at Pace London

Fiona Connor Continuous Sidewalk (2021–23) at Château Shatto

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Foundation Begins To Define Its Scope And Goals, Including Executing The Artists’ Final, Gargantuan Project

“It Took Me Two Years To Do These Paintings. You Only Spent 10 Minutes Looking At My Paintings?" Superstar Artist (And Terrifying Interviewee) Julian Schnabel; As The Irascible New Yorker Unveils His New Velvet Paintings, He Talks About Global Disasters, Sending Trump A Resignation Speech Via Ivanka – And Teaching Johnny Depp How To Paint

The Art World Loves to Hate Him. He’s Building an Empire Anyway; For years, dealer Stefan Simchowitz has been treated as a pariah by the establishment’s upper echelons. That’s not stopping him from building a vast art machine

The Dark Side of Beautiful Things, What's Problematic in This Picture?

Matt Stromberg: The “LA Fingers” Symbol Gets a Tribute in Bronze; Gesture popularized by Estevan Oriol’s iconic 1995 photo inspired two sculptures by Glenn Kaino to be installed on either end of the new 6th Street bridge

Rose Wylie “CLOSE, not too close” at David Zwirner

Broad Spotlights L.A. Artists

The Complex Stuff is the Best; Keith Haring at The Broad

Artforum Portfolio: Ed Ruscha

“Ed Ruscha and Photography”

Station To Station: David Platzker on the Art of Ed Ruscha

Read an Excerpt of Lucy Lippard’s Newest Book, 'Stuff: Instead of a Memoir’; Lippard muses on her early years in New York City, from discovering a love of art writing to encountering Marcel Duchamp when she worked at MoMA’s library

Ezrha Jean Black: Virginia Katz: Spent Lights and Passing Skies at Long Beach Museum of Art

Artist Avery Singer, Who Grew Up Blocks From the Twin Towers, Recalled Memories of 9/11 for Her New Museum Show at the ICA Miami, marks a semi-autobiographical turn for Singer

Christopher Knight: Steve Roden, a Vivaciously Inventive and Quintessential ‘Artist’s Artist,’ Dies at 59

Sprawling Retrospective of French Artist Pierre Soulages (1919–2022) Opens in Cologne, Bringing Lesser-Known Gems to Light

Artists Collect Interesting Things: A busy Chicago artist and collector Jason Pickleman has a selection of art and collectibles on the auction block. Worth a look

Must See! "Imprinting in Time—Chinese Printmaking at the Beginning of a New Era" at USC's Pacific Asia Museum; Kollwitz in China, Not many Westerners know of the significance of Käthe Kollwitz's work to Chinese modernism

Smee: The Mona Lisa of Modern Art Arrives In America For The First Time

Yau: The Infinite, Never-Released Scream; Asako Tabata Presents a Stark, Unsettling Vision of a Society In Which Women Have Little Chance To Achieve Autonomy

SoCal Fall Preview 2023

Boffo! Banksy Exhibition In Glasgow Attracts Record Crowds; Video; 180,000 visitors during its 10-week run; Ready to Travel: Where Will it Go?

Ezrha Jean Black: Virginia Katz: Spent Lights and Passing Skies at Long Beach Museum of Art

Artist Avery Singer, Who Grew Up Blocks From the Twin Towers, Recalled Memories of 9/11 for Her New Museum Show at the ICA Miami, marks a semi-autobiographical turn for Singer

Gego Is Finally Getting Her Due as an Innovator of Kinetic Art in a Guggenheim Retrospective. Here’s What You Need to Know About the Venezuelan Artist

Rejected by Sotheby’s, Mark Herman, a Dog Walker with the Early Chuck Close Painting, Finally Has His Day; Story of Herman’s painting involves a First Amendment lawsuit, a truculent retired professor, a dogged archivist, a New York Times article and a toy poodle named Philippe

New Yorker: Matthew Wong Turned Loneliness Into a Landscape; In “The Realm of Appearances,” the artist’s first museum retrospective, the distinction between inside and outside is slowly broken down

Rising Artist and Yale Grad Ronan Day-Lewis’s ‘Punk Romanticism’ Imbues Desolate American Landscapes With an Eerie, Cinematic Aura; Son of Actor Daniel; Grandson of Playwright Arthur Miller

Ed Ruscha’s Endlessly Amusing MoMA Mega-Retrospective Puts His Oddball Humor Front and Center

The Reappearing Act of Puppies Puppies; Artist, who also goes by Jade Kuriki-Olivo, began her career as a solitary and mysterious figure. Now, with the support of her community, she’s become entirely herself

Female Land artists come out of the shadows at Dallas's Nasher Sculpture Center; Exhibition sheds new light on lesser-known, often ephemeral, works by women

Scenes from the 2021 fatal shooting incident on Alec Baldwin’s film set reimagined at Marseille fair; Alex Margo Arden’s paintings at Art-o-rama raise questions about the responsibility of artists when depicting tragic real-life events

Anne Truitt’s Journals Strike a Proustian Note; Truitt was that rare artist whose words are regarded as highly as her works; "I saw perfectly plainly how an artist’s life folded into art, rather as air is folded into egg whites in a soufflé: spirit into the material”

NADA Online "Multipolar" Curated by Itzel Vargas Plata

Smee: This Poet of New York’s Streets Transplanted His Vision To Paris; Richard Estes based his dazzling paintings of city streets on photographs

Bruce Nauman Makes His Mark, Again and Again; With “His Mark,” Endless loop of Nauman inscribing an X becomes a body memory for the viewer at Site Santa Fe

Drunkard or Genius? Up Close and Personal With Dutch Painter Frans Hals

Sebastian Smee's Heresy! Kehinde Wiley is Selling Kitsch; Algorithm Of The Celebrated Painter Of Barack Obama’s Portrait Goes Haywire In This San Francisco Show

Cindy Sherman’s Baroque Beauties; At ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, an exhibition dedicated to tapestries continues the artist's interest in the construction of persona through social media

Decades Before Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party,’ Virginia Woolf’s Sister Made a Set of Dinner Plates Celebrating 50 Historic Women

From Crucifixion of Jesus to The Space Race, Vietnamese American Artist Tammy Nguyen’s Paintings Tackle Heaven, Hell and History

‘I Never Wanted to Be Avant-Garde’: Heji Shin Doesn’t Claim Her Provocative Photographs Are Intellectual, But Many of Her Biggest Fans Are; You won't find any naked bodies in “The Big Nudes” the artist's new show 52 Walker. Then again maybe you will

Victoria Cassinova 'Paradox' at Band of Vices

Waldemar Januszczak: Physician, Heal Thyself: Dear Earth Review: ‘A Thunderous Lack Of Self-Awareness’; Climate change is all the rage on the gallery circuit but I hate to think how many international crates on international flights it takes to keep the modern art world flashing

"Now I Will Live Forever" Venus Williams Shows Off Her New Portrait by Anna Weyant

Victoria Cassinova 'Paradox' at Band of Vices

'Southern/Modern' at the Georgia Museum of Art; Works created in the American South during the first half of the 20th century; Way Cool!

An Artist Grappling With Mexico’s Cultural Legacy; In her first solo museum exhibition, the painter Lucía Vidales subverts a muralist’s canonical work

Peter Hill: Pierre Bonnard and the Expanded Field of Lunacy

Hammer Collects: See Paintings by Jonas Wood, Laura Owens, Rashid Johnson and more!

Saltz: Brice Marden’s Infinitesimal Hinge

Artforum: Brice Marden and Chris Ofili in Conversation (2006)

Gagosian: Still Life, Still; Marcel Duchamp's Electrocardiogram, 1966

My, Myself and I: Campbell Addy’s Search For Identity

Kim Fay in Detroit: Bri Hayes At Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery; The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Yau: Painting Between the Machine and the Hand; For more than three decades, Lydia Dona has generated enigmatic abstractions that join together legible and indecipherable parts

See the Show! Jed Dunkerley 'Unfulfilling Places of Washington' at Koplin Del Rio, Seattle

Doing it in Style; When Harry Met Hockney; Click to Enlarge

New Yorker Profile: How Kingpin Larry Gagosian Reshaped the Art World; Dealer has been so successful selling art to masters of the universe that he has become one of them ... ... Classic: A Letter to the New Yorker Editor Responds to Patrick Radden Keefe’s Profile of the Art Dealer Larry Gagosian with a Tale of Castelli and Warhol “Take the money, Leo.”

Cai Guo-Qiang on Social Realities and His Ongoing Conversations With the Universe

50 Years After Robert Smithson’s Untimely Death, the Holt/Smithson Foundation Has Released Previously Unpublished Photos of ‘Spiral Jetty’; Mammoth work has become part of the ever-changing local landscape

MTV documentary 'Art & Krimes by Krimes' Official Trailer; Ex-Con artist Jesse Krimes

Artist Urs Fischer’s Towering Cube at Gagosian Beverly Hills Plays a Chaotic Loop of Deconstructed TV Ads, Curated by A.I.

Sea Change: How A Trip To The Riviera With Renoir Changed Monet's Painting; Summer Blockbuster At Monaco's Grimaldi Forum Will Examine A Pivotal Moment In The Impressionist's Career

How artists are redefining identity through painting in the 21st century; In Shanghai, a group show spotlights painters like Tunji Adeniyi-Jones, Michaela Yearwood-Dan, and Jonny Negron, whose canvases hold space for fluidity and transformation

Stars Aligning: When Art Meets Astrology; In Los Angeles, divination informs painterly practices, exhibition programs, and even art school curricula

Artist (and Marketing Genius) Devon Rodriguez Has 30 Million TikTok Followers; Upcoming first solo show at United Talent Agency Artist Space’s pop-up gallery in Chelsea

Actress Kate Capshaw’s Portraits Bring Homeless Youth Out of Dark and Into View

Shana Nys Dambrot: Penda Diakité and Her Show 'Penda Diakité' at the UTA Artist Space

Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines Series: An Exhausted Dream: America Faces Its Twilight; In Pictures; Influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the film Vertigo, Gregory Crewdson’s portraits of middle America have a dreamy, cinematic quality

Watching Niche Art Become Trad Art; What constitutes mainstream art is changing before our eyes

The Sensual Politics of Jochen Klein; In Klein’s work, the critical structure and the sheer pleasure of painting are inextricable

Step Inside Hernan Bas’s Little Havana Studio, a Converted Mechanical Shop, Home to His Warhol Drawings and Flamingo Magnet Collection; Currently at Lehmann Maupin, New York

Artist Duo DRIFT Embraces ‘Barbie Mania’ With Its New Sculpture Made Out of Deconstructed Doll Parts; The work forms part of the duo's ongoing 'Materialism' series
... ... Video: See DRIFT making art as Dua Lipa sings along!

New Show in Frankfurt Surveys How Famous Artists Explored the Power and Peril of Plastic. See the Works Here; Plastic was once an exciting, versatile material that revolutionized art movements in the 1960s

SVA’s MFA Students Want You to Unplug; An AI with eyeballs, an experiment in distraction, and “meme-ing academia” take center stage in the Photography, Video and Related Media thesis show

Ezrha Jean Black: Blair Saxon-Hill at Shrine

ArtReview: Doug Aitken’s ‘Howl’ Captures the Seductive Horror of Oil Extraction

50 Years After Robert Smithson’s Untimely Death, the Holt/Smithson Foundation Has Released Previously Unpublished Photos of ‘Spiral Jetty’; Mammoth work has become part of the ever-changing local landscape

New Yorker Profile: How Kingpin Larry Gagosian Reshaped the Art World; Dealer has been so successful selling art to masters of the universe that he has become one of them

Artist Duo DRIFT Embraces ‘Barbie Mania’ With Its New Sculpture Made Out of Deconstructed Doll Parts; The work forms part of the duo's ongoing 'Materialism' series
... ... Video: See DRIFT making art as Dua Lipa sings along!

Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines Series: An Exhausted Dream: America Faces Its Twilight; In Pictures; Influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the film Vertigo, Gregory Crewdson’s portraits of middle America have a dreamy, cinematic quality

Ezrha Jean Black: Blair Saxon-Hill at Shrine

From Punk Band to Portraits for a King to Gagosian: Honor Titus Breaks Out; In a new gallery show, “Advantage In,” in Los Angeles, the artist brings an undercurrent of social critique to a Gatsby sensibility

New Show in Frankfurt Surveys How Famous Artists Explored the Power and Peril of Plastic. See the Works Here; Plastic was once an exciting, versatile material that revolutionized art movements in the 1960s

Kim Fay in Detroit: Tony Rave at Norwest Gallery

Painter Leon Polk Smith Turned to Abstraction to Explore Notions of Identity and Race

She Checks All the Boxes! For Their First U.S. Museum Show, Artist Wynnie Mynerva Has Reimagined the Creation Myth as an Act of Rebellion Against the Patriarchy; On view at the New Museum is a 65-foot-long painting and the artist’s own surgically removed rib

Edward Hopper’s New England epiphany explored in Cape Ann Museum show; Exhibition in Gloucester, Massachusetts, examines how his wife Jo and the five summers spent in the town were pivotal in jumpstarting his career

Alexis Rockman Depicts the Ominous Beauty of Glaciers and Shipwrecks; Rockman renders crashing ships invisible behind clouds of snow

Interview: South Korean sculptor Mire Lee on the cannibalistic imagination

The Best Shows to See During Tokyo Gendai; From Nerhol’s impressionistic abstractions to Cai Guo-Qiang’s AI generated firework explosions

Yau: Kim Uchiyama Captures the Light of Sicily; Uchiyama’s question was how to capture the collision between nature and the manmade, the changing light and aging ruins she encountered in Sicily

Yau: Artist David Amico Brings LA’s Streets Into the Gallery; For years, Amico has driven around Los Angeles early in the morning and taken photographs in industrial neighborhoods of walls and surfaces

Artist Virgil Ortiz’s sci-fi retelling of the historic Pueblo Revolt of 1680 blends fact with the fantastic; Show is a departure for History Colorado, which prides itself on sticking to research and rigor

Large Group Show, 'Ahorita!', Curated By Ever Velasquez at Charlie James Gallery; See the Show!

A Painter to Watch: Kenrick McFarlane 'Meta' at M+B

Kim Fay in Detroit: Joshua Rainer at M Contemporary

Watching Over the Watchers; Beautifully Scribed Story by Sebastian Smee

Showing at Blue Chip Hauser & Wirth in Minorca, Artist Christina Quarles, Whose Language Is Painting, Discusses Representation, Trades and Protein Shakes

In Her Cinema-Inspired Paintings, Eunnam Hong Captures the Uneasiness of the Alternative Identities We All Put On

Yau: Can Geometric Abstraction Stay Fresh? What singles out artist Don Voisine is his ability to remain a restless painter, capable of surprising his most ardent fans

‘It’s the Snake Eating Its Own Tail’: Artist Jesse Draxler on His New Solo Show That Feeds Off His Dark and Enigmatic Inner World; 'U&I' encompasses Draxler's transformation from Tumblr star to cult fave

The World is Mine & I’m Thinking About You: A Look Into Jesse Draxler's World

In Conversation with Frank Bowling; "I started to get much more involved in pure painting. It was a liberation."

Georgia O’Keeffe and the Politics of Seeing

LACMA and the Explosive Mid-Sixties Art and Technology Program; Idealized Guests and Reluctant Collaborators; James Turrell, Robert Irwin, John Chamberlain, Hans Haacke, Bruce Nauman John McCracken and More!

Anthony Haden-Guest on the Watch World in the Art World

The Rules of the Game Called Contemporary Art

Pilvi Takala and the Art of Awkwardness; Finnish artist is quietly taking notes as the people around her lose their shit

Eric Nash “Night Drawings" at KP Projects

Artillery's Alex Garner: Tania Franco Klein "Break In Case Of Emergency" at Rosegallery

Dean Kissick on Painter Alex Carver

Step Inside Gajin Fujita’s Echo Park Studio, Where the Artist Blends Edo-Era Japanese Imagery With L.A. Street Art

Get Serious About Purpose; We have become a treatment-resistant Prozac Nation. But the practice of believing in something — anything — can pull us out

LACMA's Acquisition "New Abstracts"

‘It’s Okay to Fail’: Rising Market Star Doron Langberg on the Lesson of Letting Paintings Go; Artist's solo presentation at Frieze L.A. juxtaposes exuberant depictions of flowers with some very explicit paintings

Artillery: Judy Fiskin Enhances Your Fine Living

Fiskin's Re-Decorations at Marc Selwyn Fine Art

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