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Illustration and Pictures Have Been Teaching Doctors Medicine For Centuries; A Medical Illustrator Explains How

Drawn to Scale : A Week in the Life of Medical Illustrator Val Altounian

Madeline and More: The Whimsical World of Ludwig Bemelmans

Unseen illustrations Show the Genius of Biba’s Barbara Hulanicki; In Pictures

How Gen AI Tools Like Lore Machine Revisualize Storyboarding

A Collection of Record Label Logos

Two Drawing Shows Dazzle at the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College

How Beatrix Potter Hopped Into Our Hearts; Exhibition at the Morgan Library pays tribute to the illustrator’s prowess as a naturalist, storyteller, mycologist, and sheep farmer

Tom Seidmann-Freud’s Book of Hare Stories (1924)

Robert Crumb: From American Counterculture to the French Countryside; As The Festival D’angoulême Throws Open Its Doors, Art Basel Meets The Legendary Cartoonist At His Home In Provence

Edel Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid to Live With the Consequences; Political artist drew some of the most provocative images of the Trump presidency. “Worm,” his new graphic memoir of emigrating from Cuba to the U.S., skewers the powerful once more

Sketches from Cartoonist Daniel Clowes’s Hit Graphic Novel ‘Monica’ Go On View in Paris; Galerie Martel will showcase the various materials the graphic novelist created for his latest book

Illustrator Caitlin Kuhwald’s Hand-Drawn Portraits Bring Iconic Faces to Life

An Inside Look at Brooklyn-Based Artist Juan Miguel Marin’s Meditative Process

Vorja Sánchez Brings the Past to Life in a Series of Uncanny ‘Ancient Pottery’ Illustrations

Halloween Postcards (1900–1920)

Read a Graphic Short Story: 'Dancing Queen' by Anna Readman, Winner of Observer/Faber Graphic Short Story Prize

Edel Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid to Live With the Consequences; Political artist drew some of the most provocative images of the Trump presidency. “Worm,” his new graphic memoir of emigrating from Cuba to the U.S., skewers the powerful once more

'The Seven Lady Godivas': Dr. Seuss’s Little-Known “Adult” Book of Nudes

50 Years Ago, She Broke Illustration’s Glass Ceiling; Exhibition of Barbara Nessim’s drawings contextualizes the artist’s graphic portraiture of women against the backdrop of shifting gender roles and equity in the US

Illustrator David Plunkert Shares His Passion for Color and Shape

Here’s How Many Books Most People Read A Year? According to a Poll; Sales Based on Cover Art

National Theatre at 60, from Hamlet to Dear England; In Posters!

Lithographs of Mushrooms, from M. E. Descourtilz’s Atlas des Champignons (1827)

Illustrator N.C. Wyeth Painting Purchased At A Thrift Shop For $4 Could Sell For $250,000 At Auction; Painting's whereabouts were unknown for 80 years, but a Facebook post led to its rediscovery

Candid Visual Storytelling of Deb JJ Lee; Through painstakingly rendered and expressive monochromatic drawings, the nonbinary comic artist processes some of their life’s darkest moments and hardest truth

This Japanese Artist’s Animated Paper Illustrations Are Mesmerizing

Texas Book Festival Announces Jon Flaming as its 2023 Festival Poster Artist

There Would Be No 'Star Wars' Without 'Valerian', the Wild French Comic From the '60s

Luc Besson's 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' Trailer No. 2 (2017)

Treat Yourself to a Moment with Artist Miena and her Moving GIF Illustrations

Tolerance Poster Show Debuts in Japan

Akiko Stehrenberger’s Explosive Movie Poster Art
; Stehrenberger’s ability to capture the essence of a film in a single image has made her one of the most sought-after poster designers in the industry

Lewis Carroll’s Illustrations for “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground” (1864)

The Comic Natural History of the Human Race (1851); Lampooning well-known local and national personalities of the mid-nineteenth century

The Peculiar Art of Over Complicating Things; The Art of William Heath Robinson

National Lampooner: On Illustrator James Gillray: A Revolution in Satire

The Music of Light: Emily Noyes Vanderpoel’s Colour Analysis Charts (1902)

Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851)

Full Documentary 'Sign Painters'

Drawings of Peking Opera Characters (ca. 1900)

Drawing Boards for the Ballets Russes

Drawings of Vintage Matchbooks from a Bygone Hollywood Era

Emerging into a New World, Small Figures Explore Seonna Hong’s Dreamlike Landscapes

The Unforgettable Landscapes of Ippan Nakamura’s World of Illustrations

Erotic Cameos from Antiquity (ca. 1771)

Yuki Ogura, Pioneering Feminist of Japanese Modernism; Whether she’s depicting herself or something else, the act of making a picture clearly brought Yuki Ogura a sense of completion and even joy

Looping Tendrils and Supple Petals Overflow From Lina Kusaite’s Ethereal Botanical Illustrations

Full Transparency: Artist Eunkyoung Son's Everyday Art of Glassware – In Pictures

Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations of Tokyo in Ruins from Japanese Illustrator Tokyo Genso

Artist Kayla Mahaffey Envisions the Self-Discovery of Adolescence Through Vibrantly Energetic Paintings in Acrylic; Fascinating References and Influences

A New Camera, Lucida Redesigns a Centuries-Old Artist’s Secret that Lets Users Draw What They See

Trans Designer Dumped By Target Explains How He Got Smeared as Satanist

Bruce McCall, Noted Humorist and Former Car and Driver Columnist, Has Died; His acerbic view of cars and the world entertained readers of the New Yorker, Car and Driver, and other magazines

See the Works of Bruce McCall!

The Fantastic City: Bruce McCall’s New York

Max Naylor’s Ethereal Landscapes in Ink and Oil Paint Defy Nature’s Rules

20th Century Japanese Poster Art; In Pictures

Remembered for bringing levity to Transcendentalism, C. P. Cranch’s Very Literal Illustrations of Emerson’s Nature (ca. 1837–39)

Kongkee Resurrects an Ancient Chinese Poet in an Energetic Cyberpunk Vision of Asian Futurism

'Sign Painters' Official Trailer (2014)

Martin Frobenius Ledermüller’s Microscopic Delights (1759–63)

Christoph Niemann On Wit, Distilling an Idea, and How the Internet Has Made Us Better Readers

Indulge in the Underrated Influence of Erté

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